ZENworks Configuration Management 11.1 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 08-Jun-2011
  • 04-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks 11 Asset Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Patch Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Endpoint Security Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management
Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Support Pack 1 - ZCM 11 SP1


21 November 12 - ZENworks Imaging Driver Update for November 2012
This can be downloaded from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=YBYTWwsq9po~

19 September 2011 - ZENworks 11 SP1a (11.1a)

This is downloadable from https://download.novell.com/index.jsp?product_id=&search=Search&families=10109 and the readme is at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks11 - look at this very carefully, especially regarding pre-requisites and upgrade methods.

This ISO replaces the original, and contains fixes for six agent-side problems which have been seen on several sites.
See TID 7009257 Agent update 1 for ZENworks 11.1 for details of this update: what it contains, how to obtain it and how to deploy it.
For new zones, or zones being newly upgraded to ZENworks 11 Support Pack 1, this ISO should be used - for any zone that has been installed with 11.1, or upgraded to 11.1, read TID 7009257 Agent update 1 for ZENworks 11.1 before attempting to deploy the 11.1a ISO

August 8 2011 -  ZENworks 11 SP1 (11.1)

Note: upgrading to ZENworks 11.1 must be done with media, not via System Update, and with ZENworks services on all but one Primary server shut down.

 If the zone is being upgraded from 10.x, ZCM 11.1 will require new License Keys, which are found in the Novell Customer Center portal

Version Information:
Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

To verify that a device has been updated to ZENworks 11.1, check the following versions on the managed devices:
ZENworks Configuration Management Version11.1.0.0
ZENworks Asset Management Version11.1.0.10525
ZENworks EndPoint Security Management Version11.1.0.10525
ZENworks Agent Version11.1.0.10447
All fixes that are in Cumulative Agent Patch 2/2a are included in ZENworks 11.1.


TID 7008190 - ZCM 11 'View Inventory Details' from ZCC gets error: 'Details: String index out of range: -1'
TID 7007038 - Agent refresh failure, "Failed to connect to an IPC Port"
TID 7007853 - High CPU Utilization caused when downloading Linux subscriptions
TID 7008356 - ZCM 10.3.x Slow database performance with Asset Management queries
TID 7007879 - High database utilization
TID 7008512 - DLU does not change existing user password
TID 7007180 - High device CPU usage during interactive Windows logon and/or Agent refresh
TID 7008945 - ZAM Inventory-only agent error: "BUNDLE.UnknownExceptionOccurred"
TID 7008379 - Nalshell crash on managed devices after update to 10.3.2 or 10.3.3 or 11
TID 7008805 - After installing ZCM 11 agent on a DSfW server, kerberos fails to start
TID 7007872 - IE randomly freezes with ZEN 11 agent and Antivirus
TID 7008376 - Managed devices or servers show duplicated IP addresses in ZCC summary page
TID 7008570 - ZENworks Explorer Folder Path field value not retained when bundle is copied
TID 7006418 - Error when performing a insserv or chkconfig on sybase-asa
TID 7007846 - Not able to patch from ZCM YUM repository
TID 7006967 - ZENworks Control Center unresponsive with excessive network traffic
TID 7008152 - ZCM "ZENworks progress" appears randomly in taskbar and the user is not able to close it
TID 7008184 - ZCM 10.3 deadlock errors showing on ZRS server caused by reporting loader module
TID 7007321 - Security Vulnerability with Imaging Remote Code Execution
TID 7007776 - Authentication Mechanism in user source username/password checkbox is being unchecked
TID 7008275 - error: -2147220421 The task reported failure on execution
TID 7008415 - Unable to create a new Local Product
TID 7008370 - Linux satellite server registration via proxy failed
TID 7000753 - ZCM on Windows 7 ignores workstation only login
TID 7007929 - Windows devices with ZCM 11 Agents become unstable
TID 7008449 - Printer error when refreshing ZCM device
TID 7008515 - User is prompted to logoff after running 'zac pr' command.
TID 7007319 - Many "Bundle.RunOnceWarning" Warnings are displayed in ZCC
TID 7007036 - Auth Satellites fail and "Unable to create the user source object" when adding a second user source connection with SSL and LDAP Certificate has empty subject
TID 7008105 - Replace user source container not working to replace at higher level
TID 7005779 - Modifying an install action to remove content causes lost content errors on devices
TID 7007189 - Linux authentication satellite errors after 10.3.1 update
TID 7004615 - RDP does not pass the remote credentials to the desktop with ZCM agent installed
TID 7007640 - ZENworks 11 NCC link does not allow proxy
TID 7007917 - After reboot, zicon servers show default rule servers instead of location servers
TID 7007906 - L4 switch rule causes inaccessible content
TID 7008252 - Network environment not getting matched with onboard NIC
TID 7008503 - Sandisk USB thumbdrive content unavailable and slow access
TID 7007838 - ZENworks 11 error restarting services SEVERE: There was an error starting CASA Authentication Token Service.
TID 7008298 - Errors when installing Bundles after 10.3.3 update
TID 7008611 - Excessive QuickTasks are being created for refreshing satellite servers
TID 7008735 - Exception when searching on discovered printers in ZCC
TID 7008582 - After update to ZENworks 11 external CASA fails
TID 7008858 - Wake On LAN Proxy not used if device is on different segment
TID 7007211 - ZCM11: Cannot monitor ZENworks System Update Content Replication
TID 7007888 - ZCM on Windows 7 ignores workstation only login
TID 7007806 - After upgrading ZCM agent, "Error: Failed to apply ZENworks Remote Management Settings"
TID 7007834 - Null value for multi_sz is not stored correctly when imported via ZCC
TID 7007896 - ZCM TFTPD Remote Code Execution Security Vulnerability
TID 7007083 - ZDM7 NAL and Remote Management functions do not work after uninstalling ZCM 11 (ZAM/ZAI) agent
TID 7007864 - ZRS install fails after long installation process
TID 7008171 - Advanced search is missing on the System Message Log panel
TID 7007963 - Cannot select all Operating Systems in search for Inventoried Devices
TID 7007900 - Imaging scripts fail with variable substitution errors
TID 7007841 - ZAM File Overwrite Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
TID 7006776 - Imaging fails on Lenovo R61 since June imaging update
TID 7007892 - Endpoint Security
TID 7007711 - Cannot login via ZENworks icon to a zone upgraded to ZCM 11
TID 7007627 - Dependent package error when installing ZENworks 11 on SLES 10 SP3 64-bit
TID 7007709 - HTTPStatus 404 -- "AnalyticalReporting/WebiReporting.do"
TID 7008317 - Unable to use Roxio Creator DE 10.3 after ZCM 11.0 agent is installed
TID 7007867 - Configuring a L4 switch only for Authentication Role causes login failure
TID 7007835 - Communication with ZESService has failed.Please do check whether ZESService is running or not.
TID 7007952 - Registration Error -21 for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 managed devices
TID 7008848 - ZCM 11.0 Imaging will not use a hardware-based imaging rule if the workstation object already exists
TID 7007965 - Cannot set time with NTP on ZCM 11 Appliance
TID 7007582 - RHEL 3.x servers are not being inventoried by the Inventory Only agent
TID 7008847 - ZCM-provided icons do not display on the desktop
TID 7008316 - Random Reboots after installing ZCM 11 agent
TID 7008320 - Bundles that have a reboot action, and are set to launch on user login, go into a loop
TID 7008841 - Unexpected results when running a bundle that uses scripting
TID 7008565 - Initial user login slow or not possible at all after device start-up
TID 7008380 - Cannot use System Variables as values for System Requirements filters
TID 7005927 - IP Address filter for Dynamic Workstation Group contains wrong IP Address
TID 7008547 - PC with ZCM 11 agent will not complete the shutdown process
TID 7008599 - ZCM Agent and HP Mobile Data Protection Sensor
TID 7008839 - Slow logins with complex Group Policies
TID 7008899 - Cannot PXE boot some devices that use the Intel e1000e driver
TID 7008838 - Uninstalling agent disables HP 3D Driveguard
TID 7008842 - Bundle data downloaded to device as an add-on image, but the install process reads from content-repo
TID 7008801 - Install Directory
TID 7008778 - Web Application Usage with over 1000 records displays an error
TID 7007511 - Devices do not update to the latest Product Recognition Update (PRU)
TID 7007985 - Unable to view properties of system or PRU bundles in ZCC
TID 7008120 - Bundle script commands are not processed correctly
TID 7009047 - "Install Directory" action is slow if many files are to be downloaded
TID 7009089 - Bundle uninstall fails for Copy Directory action when the target is a mapped drive
TID 7009090 - Garbage characters are shown in the mail subject and attachment filename of SMTP-delivered report that uses Traditional Chinese language
TID 7009092 - Group Policies for 32-bit devices can be applied to a 64-bit device
TID 7009179 - The serial number is always set to the GUID of the registering device in ZCM
TID 7009226 - Unable to uninstall ZCM 11 from Primary Server
TID 7009165 - Unable to order custom fields and how the Fields are displayed in inventory
TID 7009166 - Admin Users delegated all rights is not able to assign roles to sub-admin users, these are not Super-Admins
TID 7009039 - When Group Policy "Run only allowed Windows applications" is in force, cannot launch Windows bundles unless the executable is "allowed"
TID 7009159 - Segmentation fault restoring image to Windows 7 when system partition is not the first partition
TID 7009180 - Content fails to sync to other primaries
TID 7009181 - Third Party Imaging using MDT WinPE causes imaging loop
TID 7009168 - NAL window hangs when connecting to external network
TID 7009170 - Unable to set report notification when Firefox CurrentLocale is set to 'hu'
TID 7009182 - Bundle error when adding filter for bundle requirements when running ZCC in French
TID 7009184 - Remediate.exe kills multiple bundle launches error 200
TID 7009136 - zac reestablish-trust fails on Linux
TID 7009137 - Bundle shortcut truncates filename when using NetWare mapped drive
TID 7009138 - Random failures with WOL Proxy
TID 7009139 - ZCM 11 Agent install does not automatically uninstall ZDM 7.1 hot patch 4
TID 7008347 - Iprint printer deletion fails at logoff and fill up eventlog
TID 7005779 - Modifying an install action to remove content causes lost content errors on devices
TID 7009598 - prebootlookup.log file size on ZENworks servers grows without limit
TID 7009767 - Scheduled ZCC Reports are missing "Device Create Date" and "Last Scan Date"
TID 7009065 - Bundles that run at ZENlogin event no longer work after applying CAP2a update
TID 7009751 - zman rpsv fails to save Custom reports
TID 7009336 - NAL Start Menu and Desktop icons become unresponsive
TID 3707032 - ZCM does not process AD nested groups for bundles
TID 7008255 - Uninstalling Linux satellite hangs if the server is not connected to the network
TID 7007801 - Image Explorer always adds registry files to "C:\program files"
TID 7007802 - Upgrading the Migration utility wipes out migration history
TID 7007899 - ZCM inventory recognises Athlon processor as generic "AMD 80486"
TID 7009996 - Link to GTK# runtime library fails when launching CASA Manager
TID 7009997 - Default distribution action is removed when using zman bundle-remove-action
TID 7009998 - Promotion of Linux device to authentication satellite role fails
TID 7010001 - Cannot reschedule report if output format is Excel or PDF
TID 7010002 - "Unable to determine the registration status" when trying to uninstall the agent on the Appliance
TID 7010003 - Cannot use "Apply" or "Reset" buttons when amending Monthly Schedule
TID 7010004 - Download percentage shown in "Cache Status" is incorrect
TID 7010005 - "Hidden" files transferred using "File Transfer" become read-only as well
TID 7007819 - Prompted Shutdown/Reboot action hangs
TID 7000168 - High utilization during Windows satellite content replication repeat interval
TID 7000169 - Inventory-only agent not installing on x86_64 Linux platforms
TID 7000170 - Related object information field empty when moving between messages
TID 7000216 - Linux subscription process fails
TID 7000612 - Device shows red slash to indicate errors even after all errors have been cleared from a device
TID 7007503 - Inventory-Only Device stops updating 30 days after agent install
TID 7007506 - Multiple AIX LPARs on same hardware show as single device in Inventory
TID 7007813 - A "+" in the name of a bundle is shown as "_" on the desktop
TID 7007816 - Bundle icon will not display on the desktop if the name contains a colon ":"
TID 7008920 - After applying Cumulative Agent Patch 2, "Launch Executable" actions that have parameters fail
TID 7009084 - ZCM 10x to 11 upgrade fails if ZLM agent is installed
TID 7009140 - After update to 11 NullPointerExceptions in loader-messages and server becomes slow and unresponsive
TID 7009782 - ZCM Content web services causing database high utilization and slowness for the zone.
TID 7009868 - Reports do not correctly use DD/MM/YYYY date format
TID 7010223 - On Linux, ZRS doesn't open firewall port 6430
TID 7006501 - ZCM Agent is unable to start if no value is returned while checking firewall status
TID 7007590 - ZCM System Update Agent Deployment generating java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
TID 7007597 - Java Out Of memory Errors when viewing migrated bundles
TID 7008277 - ZCM Inventory Only Agent on Linux not inventoried with correct version/build information
TID 7009048 - Users with device rights cannot edit device inventory
TID 7009869 - "Is Leased" field on a device does not stay set to Yes after a scan
TID 7010554 - ZCM 11 Deployments Erroring due to DNS reference and not IP deployment
TID 7010624 - ZCC Dynamic Workstation Group Error MessageUtil..........85 :Error: Unable to preview members
TID 7010627 - ZCM SID changer isn't being disabled after following the documentation
TID 7010987 - Cannot save document with correct extension
TID 7008127 - Errors in server logs for cleaning up non existent queue job
TID 7007811 - Failed to read from Preboot Server - See Documentation
TID 7007666 - Slow ZCC, high db activity for Oracle ZCM setup
TID 7007588 - ZCM Registration Keys are open to users
TID 7008047 - Very slow logins when full refresh is slow
TID 7011924 - ZPM Patch deployment error: 'Le format de la chaîne d'entrée est incorrect' (Input string was not in a correct format)
TID 7007657 - Syntax error when viewing inventoried properties of network card
TID 7007659 - Fields in the "run script" quick task are greyed out when using Internet Explorer
TID 7009077 - ZCC performance is slow when editing user source configuration
TID 7007079 - Group Policies not applied for users in terminal server session
TID 7007164 - ZCM LDAP User Sources are not fault tolerant
TID 7007610 - ZEN imaging setting partitions in random order
TID 7007799 - Randomly, status messages stop being processed
TID 7007804 - Migration of ZDM application fails "Could not access path"
TID 7007815 - Default Content Replication interval of 5 minutes causes performance issues when there are many satellites
TID 7007821 - Cannot launch bundles via their icon
TID 7008291 - "ZMAN DB" command used with an External Sybase Database may crash the Primary Server
TID 7008841 - Unexpected results when running a bundle that uses scripting
TID 7009754 - Patch Management constantly showing as In Progress or Resetting

Fixes (TID Pending):
Bug 678431 Unable to set full Inventoried Device Rights for admin users
Bug 688367 Migration Utility does not recognise Login Script Macros
Bug 688696 Copy' and 'Import' should be disabled for users having View/Execute rights
Bug 691203 Error message logged on DLU user exclusion
Bug 573837 NullPointerException when importing unpackaged content
Bug 667651 Locations can't add the characters “-� in the Client DNS Settings in Network Environment
Bug 671777 W2K3R2SP2 64bit with Terminal services enabled ZCM 11 agent install never finishes 100% no reboot
Bug 673248 Security Settings are overwritten when they should not
Bug 682617 Installing a new primary server in the zone error comes up “You must specify Primary Server that has a CA role�
Bug 675541 Unable to enter a SPACE (ASCII 32) in ZCC setup command line
Bug 680719 Non-Super Admins have difficulty deleting Software Subscriptions
Bug 680953 "zac in" does not allow PLATFORM to be specificed no say which PLATFORM is being installed
Bug 702244 Specified Primary User Not Migrated - Need Method to mass enable "Automatic Calculation"
Bug 647770 incorrect agent uninstall message on linux
Bug 679000 Custom Reports taking over 5 mins to load in ZCC
Bug 682836 Linux Management 11 bundles do not fully install and report bundle status for RHEL 5 Updates
Bug 684306 Inventory scan doesnt finish on RHEL 4 ZCM11
Bug 685601 Setting Subscription Replication schedule to reoccuring causes duplicate bundle packages
Bug 634573 External Certificates on Satellite server have to be reimported evertime  the Sate configuration is touched.
Bug 687730 DLU fails on Win 7 agents part of AD domain after update to 10.3.3
Bug 665058 ZCC assigned right not effective
Bug 682356 Offline [passive]authentication failure
Bug 639540 Renewing a Contract does not increase the Total Cost