HTTPStatus 404 -- "AnalyticalReporting/"

  • 7007709
  • 27-Jan-2011
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Appliance


Attempting to launch any report in ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView
ERROR: HTTPStatus 404 -- "AnalyticalReporting/"


This is fixed in version 11.1 - see KB 7008746 "ZENworks Configuration Management 11.1 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at

  1. Run the following command from the /opt/novell/zenworks/share/boe/deployment folder:
    ./ tomcat6 -Das_dir="/opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat" -Das_instance=localhost -DAPP=AnalyticalReporting deploy
  2. Make sure that the output of the command does not have any errors and reports "Build Successful".
  3. Verify that the directory /opt/novell/zenworks/share/tomcat/webapps/AnalyticalReporting is not empty.