GroupWise 2012 current information and Issues

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  • 20-Aug-2012
  • 12-Jun-2017


Novell GroupWise 2012


Here is a current list of known issues with, and information for, GroupWise 2012


TID 3347260 - Doing a Top Down Rebuild on GroupWise 5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8, or 2012
TID 3751964 - GroupWise and Viruses, possible solutions
TID 7000037 - Removing frequent contact that was formally a group with GWCheck
TID 7000069 - GroupWise 2012 in WebAccess plain text messages lose all line breaks
TID 7000123 - GroupWise 2012 all day events in Calendar Publishing Host are Off by one day in all Views
TID 7000142 - Open Folder rule will not trigger unless folder name is specified
TID 7000143 - Cannot always admin/edit or save changes to Distribution List (DL)
TID 7000215 - WebAccess calendar shows appointments off by one hour
TID 7000600 - GW2012 Calendar takes anywhere from 50 seconds to more than a minute to load
TID 7001372 - GroupWise & Database Corruption
TID 7003175 - B-Tree and C013 errors in POA logs on server user databases
TID 7003718 - Custom email views are missing when upgrading to GW2012 client
TID 7003838 - Sharer and sharee cannot move folders which are 2 levels deep in folder structure
TID 7003915 - Setting the default calendar view causes calendar to become unstable
TID 7004017 - GroupWise login failed via IMAP/POP protocol
TID 7004151 - GroupWise mailbox are sometimes not cleaned from a mobile device
TID 7004506 - Mails from shared folders shown as Received Items in the "Mailbox Storage Size Limitation" window
TID 7004519 - Garbled / Blank header and message body for internal emails in IMAP account
TID 7004520 - Unable to drag and drop emails to shared folders in WebAccess
TID 7004553 - Unable to create posted appointment on proxied account from GroupWise 2012 WebAccess
TID 7004556 - Notes added to contacts are not correctly syncing between GroupWise and devices
TID 7004565 - WebAccess will not display contents of shared folders
TID 7004777 - GroupWise Message ID
TID 7004785 - Incorrect timezone detection when accessing GW 2012 WebAccess via Access Manager 3.1.4
TID 7005943 - Unable to open attachments from GroupWise 2012 WebAccess
TID 7005403 - WebAccess is unable to view document properties
TID 7005414 - WebAccess is unable to view/download documents within shared folders
TID 7006185 - Post office not getting admin updates
TID 7006807 - Calendar changes made on phone are not reflected in GroupWise
TID 7006814 - After an update of webaccess, the old version is still being displayed
TID 7006840 - Incorrect time stamp for TEXT.htm shown in WebAccess.
TID 7006890 - Junk mail delivered to inbox
TID 7007109 - Getting Phone Factor and NAM to pass authentication to WebAccess and login
TID 7007162 - Unable to log in to WebAdmin as admin
TID 7007353 - Unable to download attachment, please try again later
TID 7007410 - ERROR: "Error: Opening log file" "failed" while running dbcopy from Linux
TID 7007770 - 420 TCP Error Sending to Specific Domains
TID 7007784 -  Recurring appointments sent to Exchange are received as email
TID 7008644 - Constant Address Book Modifications after migrating the users from GroupWise 8 POA to GroupWise 2012 POA
TID 7008936 - Volume loses disk space rapidly when delivering to a message database that is 2 GB on Linux
TID 7009031 - DBCopy fails on a 2 GB message database
TID 7009105 - Contacts created on the device don't show up in GroupWise
TID 7009196 - Emails get strangely retracted
TID 7009343 - Starting the first sentence in a message with a month name adds an additional space
TID 7009491 - Backing up GroupWise on OES leveraging TSAFS with EnableGW
TID 7009505 - GroupWise WebAccess Users Unable to Login with IIS 6.0 Backend
TID 7009506 - Unable to see folders in WebAccess while these are visible in a native client
TID 7009512 - IMAP deleted items with strikeout markup still displayed in the Online mailbox
TID 7009519 - Deleting items from GroupWise Trash folder deletes more than what is selected for deletion
TID 7009520 - List of Ports use by GroupWise, Data Synchronizer, Vibe and Novell Messenger
TID 7009524 - 404 Object not found when clicking on Vibe folders from a GroupWise client 
TID 7009606 - Unable to create trusted key with 3rd party utility
TID 7009647 - IMPORTANT: Upgrading from a version of GroupWise earlier than GW8 to GW2012
TID 7009727 - Recurring posted appointments do not prompt to change all when modified
TID 7010055 - How to set a different language for GroupWise WebAccess in browser
TID 7010085 - Remote documents migration procedure
TID 7010088 - How to configure Novell Access Manager to proxy Novell GroupWise WebAccess 2012
TID 7010089 - Problems with WebAccess after upgrade from OES2 in OES11
TID 7010095 - TSAFSGW No Longer Ships with GroupWise 2012
TID 7010108 - Appointments created in the multi-user calendar do not show up in creating users calendar
TID 7010118 - Attachment Save and Open options are missing in 2012 WebAccess
TID 7010124 - Fake sender using displayed name when running GroupWise in caching mode
TID 7010163 - Language files are not copied into software distribution directory
TID 7010164 - Phone numbers missing from GroupWise Contacts on LG Revolution
TID 7010167 - Column display issues on larger monitors
TID 7010174 - Blackberry Playbook is not able to take advantage of the WebAccess Mobile template
TID 7010176 - Unable to log in in a specific PO via WebAccess
TID 7010190 - All Day Appointment created on Blackberry becomes a Reminder Note in GroupWise
TID 7010202 - Only 100 trash items move when moving a GroupWise user
TID 7010213 - Steps for resolving the 255 library issue
TID 7010214 - ColsoneOne pop-ups are hidden
TID 7010234 - Using the Time Zone setting with appointments in GroupWise 2012
TID 7010235 - AVG detected Trojan horse Generic27.AABH on GroupWise 2012 client .exe download
TID 7010236 - Shared subfolders are not automatically created from shared parent folders
TID 7010239 - Error 1067 starting Tomcat6 on Windows 2003
TID 7010248 - GroupWise client displays any number in a message body as a hyperlink to dial the number
TID 7010257 - SSL Settings on GWIA, how they work
TID 7010270 - Securing outbound SMTP communications of Vibe with GWIA
TID 7010274  - ConsoleOne Fails to Run or Runs Badly after eDirectory Update on Linux servers
TID 7010277 - Unable to load GroupWise agents on SLES 11 SP2
TID 7010278 - Users are unable to delete messages or empty trash
TID 7010290 - Unable to change Sent Items behavior in any language but English
TID 7010306 - GroupWise Monitor not starting agents
TID 7010336 - GroupWise Custom Dictionary (Speller) loses saved additions after upgrading to GroupWise 2012
TID 7010338 - Unable to view properties of GroupWise Message
TID 7010340 - Bad field number in record being added
TID 7010353 - GroupWise DVA Fails to Start on Windows Servers
TID 7010355 - GroupWise MTA Fails to Start After a Brand New Install on Windows 2008
TID 7010356 - CROSS_PROTOCOL_LOCKS is Enabled but ConsoleOne still warns on OES11
TID 7010366 - Administering GroupWise system on a Linux server with Windows and Linux ConsoleOne
TID 7010367 - Can I install GroupWise snapins manually for a Linux ConsoleOne
TID 7010391 - No notifications for Proxy users in GroupWise Client for Windows
TID 7010392 - Modifying a Task in Vibe sends a Decline Message for Task in GroupWise client
TID 7010402 - Sending a document using Mail recipient always shows Times New Roman
TID 7010403 - Attachments not getting deleted from temporary location even after GroupWise is closed
TID 7010404 - Nightly User Upkeep does not remove the values from the Frequent Contact
TID 7010451 - WebAccess add folder column headings are misleading in the Hungarian language
TID 7010458 - Reply rule is having a different signature then when replying on mail from client
TID 7010474 - MTA, POA, GWIA, DBCOPY fails to work on NSS Volume on OES
TID 7010483 - No communication between MTA and POA or MTA and MTA (B300 error in log file)
TID 7010506 - Proxy calendar not visible in WebAccess
TID 7010525 - How to delete a secondary domain when it is no longer needed
TID 7010547 - WebAccess deletes wrong item from Find window
TID 7010569 - Novell GroupWise and the July 2012 Oracle "Outside In" Security Vulnerabilities
TID 7010601 - How to edit GroupWise Speller or custom dictionary in GroupWise 2012
TID 7010604 -  GroupWise Speller or custom dictionary in GroupWise 2012
TID 7010606 - Comments and Notes in GroupWise client and iPhone
TID 7010608 - Subject line is change to "FWD: File"
TID 7010609 - Post Office restore area returns D069 error when accessed from Windows client
TID 7010615 - GWPOA crashes after updating to GW 8.0.3 on Windows
TID 7010620 - Bad parameter passed to a NCSP function
TID 7010625 - Modified appointment in WebAccess changes current month
TID 7010630 - Users stop receiving mails, calendars and contacts on device
TID 7010644 - dbcopy fails when using an NCPFS mount from SLES11 to NetWare 6.5
TID 7010661 - Blank Appointments accepted from Samsung Galaxy SII do get reflected in GroupWise client
TID 7010662 - User stops syncing with Mobility
TID 7010664 - GWIA high utilization
TID 7010668 - Client getting C067 opening archive
TID 7010669 - When creating a new appointment in a sub-calendar, the appointment is always created in the main calendar
TID 7010696 - The number of characters in QuickCorrect is lower than the previous clients
TID 7010710 - Editing contact notes on iPhone messes up the carriage return in contact comments