Unable to create trusted key with 3rd party utility

  • 7009606
  • 20-Oct-2011
  • 05-Aug-2013


Novell GroupWise 2012
Blackberry Enterprise Server
Lightspeed Antivirus


Using either the Lightspeed trust.exe utility or the Blackberry Key Generator to create a trusted key for their applications returns an error with GW 2012.  Both utilities work fine using any release of GW8.  The error returned by both is "unable to connect to GroupWise Server (CONNECT_ERROR)


This has been reported to engineering.  At this time, BES has a workaround in that they will let the administrator edit the trusted key field in their program.  Create the trusted key through ConsoleOne and then past that into the BES console.
However, Lightspeed is hard coded to use the key generated by their utility so we do not have a workaround at this moment.

Additional Information

The documentation on creating a trusted key via ConsoleOne can be found here:

Information on creating a trusted key with a third party product will need to come from that company.