Steps for resolving the 255 library issue

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  • 24-Feb-2012
  • 03-Sep-2013


Novell GroupWise Document Management
Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5


255 library directories created after rebuilding a post office.
Gwcheck Analyze\Fix Libraries "Verify Library" will generate problem 70 error.
Error: "C06A" Error in the POA log.
Error: "F103" Error when starting the POA or in the POA log.
GWCheck reports:
Problem 91- Database dmdd010c.db in Store Catalog(ngwguard.db) but not found on disk.
GWCheck reports:
Checking Document QF index files
  Checking library lib0009
        - checking area /mail/pc_po1/gwdms/lib0009


This operation requires the use of the "STOREDROP" switch. This needs to be added to the Misc Tab of GWCheck and can be run from either the POA (initiated via ConsoleOne) or the standalone GWCheck. 

Perform the following steps:
1-        Open an incident with support.
2-        Schedule a time for them to modify your database.
3-        Backup your system.
4-        Verify that all databases are where they are supposed to be.
5-        Delete the library directories that are INVALID.
6-        Using GWCHK32.EXE, run an Analyze/Fix Databases, Structure and Fix problems check on the Post Office, with only documents checked, and  with the text "STOREDROP" (in all caps) in the config file. This operations removes references to the invalid library databases from NGWGUARD.DB.

Note: You will know the GWCheck operation was successful if you have around 5,000 of the following entries in the log file:

 Checking DocDb= dmdd002f.db   (   )  47/5356 -        0 bytes,  
     Database not found- g:\po\gwdms\lib002F\dmdd002f.db
         Error 26- DbRebuild error STORE_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0xC05D)
         - Store will be dropped from guardian catalog so it can be recreated

 Checking DocDb= dmdd0030.db   (   )  48/5356 -        0 bytes,  
     Database not found- g:\po\gwdms\lib0030\dmdd0030.db
         Error 26- DbRebuild error STORE_FILE_NOT_FOUND (0xC05D)
         - Store will be dropped from guardian catalog so it can be recreated

7-        Send your WPHOST.DB, NGWGUARD.DB and DMSH.DB to the Novell technician. Include a list of valid libraries and document storage areas. It should look something like the following:

"The following are the valid libraries under this post office, with there corresponding directories:

Accounting        \\FS1\VOL1\PO\GWDMS\LIB0001
Legal                \\FS1\VOL1\PO\GWDMS\LIB0002
Marketing        \\FS1\VOL1\PO\GWDMS\LIB0004

Marketing        \\FS2\DOCS\Market\
Note: The accounting and Legal libraries store their documents underneath the post office."


8-        The Novell technician will remove the invalid libraries from the NGWGUARD.DB, correct the cause of the problem in the DMSH.DB and send these two databases back to you.
9-        Put the new NGWGUARD.DB in place and restart your POA.

You don't want a big space of time between when you run GWCheck and when you copy in the new NGWGUARD.DB. There may be certain operations that would cause the library database to be recreated and you would have to start over..

Additional Information

In early versions of GroupWise 5.5 the "Verify Library" check would sometimes cause the post office agent to go into a loop--creating 255 libraries. The directory name range was LIB0001 to LIB00FF found under the post office\GWDMS directory. This can be spawned by a top down rebuild in a system in which document management has never been implemented.  The cause of this problem has been fixed in 5.5.2 and beyond.  However, additional steps are required to remove the 255 directories.
Formerly known as TID# 10063572