GroupWise Webaccess Users Unable to Login with IIS 6.0 Backend

  • 7009505
  • 14-Jun-2012
  • 14-Jun-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8


Going to the URL that normally would produce a GroupWise Webaccess Login Screen using IIS 6.0 as the backend produces an error "Login not Current" and fails to login when credentials are inserted.
After credentials are entered, a blank screen is produced.


ASP.Net 4.0 was enabled for the GroupWise Virtual directory in IIS Manager.  After changing to version 2.0 of the ASP.Net and restarting the WorldWide Web Publishing Service the users were then able to login successfully to GroupWise Webaccess.
The change will need to be made by going to the "jakarta" virtual directory in IIS Mangaer and then choosing Properties.  An ASP.NET tab will be available if it is installed and the change can be made in a drop down menu for the version to use. 


ASP.Net is intercepting the URL passed to Tomcat and adding information to the URL that is passed to the GroupWise Webaccess Application.