Unable to see folders in WebAccess while these are visible in a native client.

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  • 15-Jun-2012
  • 15-Jun-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012


When using native GroupWise 2012 client you can see all folders and their subfolders.
However, when you login in the same mailbox via WebAccess (GW2012), you do not see some of the folders.
The same like for WebAccess case applies when you use GW8 client to login in this mailbox. 
This might affect also Datasync users due to the SOAP protocol involved for both, WebAccess and Datasync products.


This has been reported to the development.

Additional Information

There is a workaround to "fix" this folder issue. You will need two workstations, one running GW8 client and other GW2012:
1. You will need again 2 WS - one running GW8 client and other GW2012.
2. You login in the mailbox with both clients so you can compare what needs to be fixed as it is not visible in GW8 client and is fine in GW2012.
3. Now, you pick a folder that is not visible in GW8 client but it is fine in GW2012. Use GW2012 and highlight the folder. Go into Edit | Move/Link to Folders option.
4. This comes out with a dialog box that lets you select a folder where to move (do not select "link" option). For fixing it, select the Home folder - activate a check-box and click on Move.This will move the troubled folder under the "Home"system folder. This will become visible also in GW8 client so you "start seeing" the folder in GW8 client.
5. In GW2012 client - click on any other, for instance Mailbox, folder to avoid later problems with the GW2012 client that would otherwise "freeze" later by moving the folder back.
6. Now comes a trick. You naturally do not want this folder being in this temp position. You use GW8 client (that is important otherwise it will not work properly !) and highlight the folder you want to move back to its original location / position. Go into Edit | Move/Link to Folders option again and select a check-box of the folder where you want to move it back. It is important to move it by GW8 client and not by GW2012 as then it will not work. Once you move back the folder by GW8 client, it stays "visible". And you will see it naturally also in GW2012 WebAccess.