IMAP deleted items with strikeout markup still displayed in the Online mailbox

  • 7009512
  • 18-Jun-2012
  • 15-Aug-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012


After deleting items from the remote GroupWise IMAP client, the same items 
still appear in the Online client with the strikeout markup displayed.
The following option has been enabled by using ConsoleOne to right click the Post Office |
GroupWise Utilities | Client Options | General

According to the documentation: IMAP Copy Results in a GroupWise Move

By default, when you move an item from one folder to another in an IMAP email client, the IMAP email client creates a copy of the item in the new location and marks the original item for deletion. The IMAP email client might display the original item with strikeout markup, to indicate that it will be deleted according to the cleanup schedule you have selected, or the IMAP email client might hide such items until they are automatically cleaned up. When this IMAP behavior synchronizes to your GroupWise mailbox, GroupWise by default displays the original items with the strikeout markup, and you might have been manually deleting those items from your GroupWise mailbox. Select this option so that items with strikeout markup no longer display in GroupWise.

Since the items with strikeout markup are still displayed in the Online client,
this option is not working according to the documentation.


Reported to engineering.