Unable to open attachments from GroupWise 2012 WebAccess

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  • 30-Apr-2012
  • 11-May-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012 (unpatched)
Novell GroupWise 2012 WebAccess


Users unable to open attachments from GroupWise 2012 WebAccess

Attachments are corrupted when opening from GroupWise 2012 WebAccess.   For example, when you try to open an attached .xls (spreadsheet file), Excel will pop up an error that it can't find certain *.css files, or when you open a PDF file from WebAccess, Adobe Reader will say that the file is not a supported file type or that the file has been damaged.

Error in WebAccess Application log file: "<SOAP>, -, INFO, test, An ERROR occurred in the SOAP request while attempting to  get a streaming attachment."

Downloading multiple attachments from WebAccess as a *.zip file works correctly


Novell expects to resolve this problem with the first update for GroupWise 2012. 


The problem with corrupt attachments from 2012 WebAccess happens only for users whose Domain and/or Post Office has a space in the name.

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