Appointments created in the multi-user calendar do not show up in creating users calendar

  • 7010108
  • 03-Feb-2012
  • 27-Aug-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012


Steps to duplicate:

1) User1 has calendar proxy access to User2 & User3.
2) While logged into the client as User1, open the Multi-User calendar view from the Full Folder.
3) Select an open time to schedule an appointment.
4) Send a test appointment to all 3 users.
5) Notice the appointment shows up in the Multi-User calendar view.
6) Next open the properties of the appointment and verified User1 accepted it.
7) Now switch to User1's calendar view
8) Notice the scheduled appointment does not show up for User1 on the date/time specified. (The appointment will show up on User2 & User3's calendar)
9) Another test can be done with User1 by creating a posted-appointment from the Multi-User view and it will not appear in User1's calendar either.


When creating an appointment in a sub calendar, the appointment gets automatically moved into that sub calendar. So, in the above case, the appointment created was moved into the Multi-User sub calendar. The fact that Multi-User is unchecked means don't include its contents when viewing the main calendar. That's why it's not showing up on all calendars.

Additional Information

There are a few options to work around this issue:

1) Select the check box next to Multi-User to have its contents displayed in the main calendar. NOTE this will have the side effect of including any calendar data from sub folders which are checked too.

2) Move the appointment into the main calendar. But then it won't show up when selecting the Multi-User sub calendar.

3) Link the appointment to the main calendar. Right click drag the item and drop it on the main calendar. Then choose Link To instead of the default Move Into.