Fake sender using displayed name when running GroupWise in caching mode

  • 7010124
  • 07-Feb-2012
  • 20-Aug-2012


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8


When modifying the displayed name (from name) in the properties of the account option, which is possible when working in caching mode only, the receiver running GroupWise reads the displayed name only and not the real sender name. The same is true when opening or printing the email.
To see the real sender of the email the receiver needs to look at its properties.

The expected behavior is that also the real name is shown in parenthesis, just like when modifying the displayed name (from field) when composing a new email.
Due to this behavior a user could easily be able to impersonating other users and trying to get personal and sensible information (phishing).


The engineering is currently working to change this behavior for GroupWise 2012 so that also the real name of sender is shown in parenthesis.

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Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

This depends totally on the way the GroupWise client is designed which in this case does not take in consideration the real name but the displayed name of the sender in order to present information about emails to the users. In fact, non-GroupWise Users will most likely see the real sender name.