History of Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 ( Novell Client 2 for Windows) patches and fixes

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  • 25-Mar-2015
  • 06-Nov-2020


Client for Open Enterprise Server 2
Novell Client 2 for Windows


The following is a list of published fixes for Client for Open Enterprise Server 2, most recent to oldest:

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP5

1. Possible memory corruption if the NCP Encryption initialization failed unexpectedly. (Bug 1173526)
2. Unlock workstation may require entering old password if expired eDirectory password was changed during logon. (Bug 1173022)
3. Secure Login unable to learn new Windows account password during password change. (Bug 1172634)
4. Remote Desktop login could cause "invalid parameter" to be shown during subsequent non-RDP unlock attempts. (Bug 1172238)
5. Unable to delete folder after creating and closing Microsoft Office documents within folder. (Bug 1153584)
6. The "S R W E C M F A" labels above the Trustee Rights checkboxes could become mis-aligned on some displays. (Bug 1013270)

1. Possible bugcheck in NCIOM.SYS using eDirectory-based UNC path. (Bug 1172610)
2. Cryptic error message provided when user is not allowed to change password. (Bug 1172489)
3. Possible bugcheck during an unexpected failure to load NCFSD. See TID 7024688. (Bug 1172307)
4. Cryptic error message provided when password does not meet password policy. (Bug 1171929)
5. Password expiration on non-English workstations could show blank prompts. (Bug 1171855)
6. Once enabled in Client Properties, Force Password Change could not be disabled. (Bug 1171573)
7. Using Refresh button or F5 key in Salvage Files list could create duplicate entries. (Bug 1151476)
8. Using Run Logon Scripts Synchronously policy could cause long delays if script execution required prompting. See TID 7023452. (Bug 1105790)

1. NCP Encryption Support
NCP Encryption on OES is a security feature that increases the security of data transmitted across networks between the NCP server and clients.
The Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP5 and later provides support for NCP Encryption capability on the OES 2018 SP2 or later server. The following are the new parameters introduced in the Client Properties to support this functionality:
- NCP Encryption
- Cipher Strength
For more information on the parameters, see Advanced Settings in the Client for Open Enterprise Server Administration Guide.
For information on the NCP server side configuration for NCP Encryption, see Managing NCP Security Configurations in the OES 2018 SP2: NCP Server for Linux Administration Guide.
2. Multi Factor Authentication Enhancement
The Advanced Authentication capability on the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP5 is enhanced to support the Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on the OES 2018 SP2 server. For more information on the NCP server side configuration for MFA, see Managing NCP Security Configurations in the OES 2018 SP2: NCP Server for Linux Administration Guide.
3. Server Platform Support
The Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP5 supports the Open Enterprise Server (OES) 2018 SP2 release.

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4

1. Files copied from USB-connected mobile device could become incorrectly sized or corrupt. (Bug 1156022)
2. Add support in LDAP Contextless Login for negotiation of TLS v 1.1 and TLS v 1.2. (Bug 1153793)
3. Presence of third-party pre-login services could cause eDirectory login scripts to not run. (Bug 1141326)
4. eDirectory login status message could remain displayed after selecting Windows-only logon. (Bug 1131992)
5. NICI error 0xFFFFA27 could occur on machines with Intel SHA CPU instruction support. See TID 7024410. (Bug 1119363)

1. Duplicate Advanced Authentication tab may become created in login profile. (Bug 1131927)
2. Presence of the Advanced Authentication Device-Services MSI is no longer mandatory, unless Device-Services is currently installed. (Bug 1131825)
3. eDirectory login failure was not reported before re-prompting for Advanced Authentication enrollment. (Bug 1131812)
4. Advanced Authentication could force logout even when Login with Third-Party Credential Provider is not enabled. (Bug 1129091)
5. Advanced Authentication Offline Logon and Custom Messages not supported by Client for Open Enterprise Server integration. (Bug 1127995)
6. Set Directory Quota was not enabled for all scenarios where Supervisor rights were assigned. (Bug 1121575)
7. Possible kernel mode exception during large sequential file read. (Bug 1119238)
8. STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED could be returned when an application specified FILE_APPEND_DATA permission. (Bug 1111057)
9. Possible kernel mode exception when mapping a network drive. (Bug 1109121)
10. Purge Subdirectories did not display progress status during processing. (Bug 1101345)
11. Permit opt-out configuration for network adapter power-down being treated as IPv4 address removal. (Bug 1100551)

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR11) now provides the ability to utilize Advanced Authentication when performing eDirectory + Windows logon using the Client for Open Enterprise Server credential provider, and also when performing eDirectory-only logins from the Windows desktop. Previously, in IR6 through IR10, the NetIQ Advanced Authentication credential provider performed a Windows-only logon, followed by a secondary eDirectory-only login through the Client for Open Enterprise Server in a manner similar to "Login with Third-Party Credential Provider". Now, in Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR11), although continuing to use the NetIQ Advanced Authentication credential provider to manage the logon experience is also an option, it is now also possible to use the Client for Open Enterprise Server native login experience while also employing Advanced Authentication.

Known Issues:

1. Additional eDirectory logins created during eDirectory login script processing will not prompt for additional Advanced Authentication logins.  The password of the primary eDirectory login being performed with Advanced Authentication will be used for the additional eDirectory logins attempted during login script processing.
2. Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR11) does not support 1:N authentication, or the specifying of chains during Advanced Authentication login.  These features are targeted for inclusion in a future release.

1. eDirectory password change could fail against eDirectory 9 replicas after upgrading to Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR9). See TID 7023235. (Bug 1101666)
2. Remote Desktop Connection could fail on Windows 10 1803 due to a new SetSerialization call. See TID 7023188. (Bug 1101432)
3. Provide an option to suppress the workstation reboot when uninstalling via command line. See TID 7023330. (Bug 1005418)

1. Attempting to change attributes on the root directory of a volume would fail.  (Bug 1099672)
2. XTSVCMGR service process could crash when a high number of SLP multicast query responses were received. (Bug 1093576)
3. Correction to the Inherited Rights Filter behavior to reflect that Supervisor trustee right cannot be blocked. (Bug 1091511)
4. Copying small files could encounter 0.5-second delay if "File Caching" is set to "Read and Write" and "Lazy Close" is "Off". (Bug 1090412)
5. "Delayed write failed" error could be displayed when browsing directories if "File Caching" is set to "Read and Write". (Bug 1088920)
6. Updated from NICI 2.7.x and NMAS 8.x to now deliver NICI 3.x and NMAS 9.x client components. (Bug 1080497)
7. Compression attributes could not be set on individual files, and were available even when volume does not support compression. (Bug 901410)
8. A file with the Read Only attribute set could not be deleted in some cases. (Bug 1090544)

Note if NMAS support is installed using the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR9) or later, the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 will be installed in addition to the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2010.  This additional component is a required dependency of the NMAS 9.x client software.

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR8a) (16May2018)

1. Resolved potential security vulnerability ZDI-CAN-547. See TID 7022983. (Bug 1093607)

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR8) (02Apr2018)

1. Supervisors could not manage the Supervisor file system trustee in rights management. (Bug 1079805)
2. Network Provider Order issues and error message after Windows 10 1709 (RS3) upgrade. See TID 7022598. (Bug 1077482)
3. File handle to memory mapped executable may remain open when certain third-party software is present. See TID 7022710. (Bug 1074862)
4. File time stamps may not be preserved when copying files with File Caching set to "Read and Write". See TID 7022803. (Bug 1074290)
5. eDirectory login scripts and drive connections unavailable after logon when certain third-party software is present. See TID 7022243. (Bug 1065113)

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR7a) (24Oct2017)

1. An issue existed where setting "Read and Write" for the "File Caching" parameter in Client Properties might not result in write caching actually becoming enabled.
2. The Client for Open Enterprise Server was re-tested against the now-released Windows 10 1709 "Fall Creators Update".

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR7) (28Sep2017)

1. Windows Automatic Restart Sign On (ARSO) prevents eDirectory login script execution. See TID 7021904. (Bug 1058159)
2. Slow performance copying large files from OES server. See TID 7021903. (Bug 1056823)
3. Possible blue screen when editing eDirectory login script with File Caching enabled. See TID 7021902. (Bug 1056672)
4. Login may hang when CTRL-ALT-DEL is required and a Legal Notice is displayed. See TID 7021907. (Bug 1049745)
5. Client for OES 2 SP4 (IR5) and (IR6) fail to save file if NCP Erase permission is not granted. (Bug 1030741)
6. Provide better French translation for "OES Login" and "OES Connections" menu options. (Bug 1013742)
7. Provide "UNCPathFilterBehavior" workaround for servers with OES 2015 SP1 and later CIFS. See TID 7021906. (Bug 1003945)

New features included in the Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR7):

1 File Caching now offers "Read and Write" setting in Client Properties, to improve performance of applications that issue small writes.
2. Added Purge & Salvage support for 64-bit ZID file entries available through NCP on Open Enterprise Server 2018.
3. Windows Server 2016 is now declared as a supported platform.

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR6) (31Mar2017):
1. Potential data corruption when a file is truncated at a non-zero offset. (Bug 1015861)
2. Change Password failure when NESCM is set as default NMAS method in eDirectory. (Bug 994517)
3. Oplock Break request could fail to process when NCP server has multiple IP addresses. (Bug 979767)
4. Provide "LogRecordLockTimeout" registry policy for NCP-level lock timeout. See TID 7018764. (Bug 766757)
5. Added integration with Advanced Authentication 5.5 Windows Client. See TID 7018762.

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR5) (12Dec2016):
1. eDirectory AutoAdminLogon could fail on Windows 10 platforms. (Bug 1006564)
2. Potential crash if Inherited Rights or Purge Subdirectories is invoked for a long path. (Bug 1005071)
3. Applications may create temporary files that cannot be immediately deleted. See TID 7018086. (Bug 998876)
4. Windows 10 upgrade can cause "802.1x Authentication" to stop working. (Bug 997645)
5. Volume handle metadata could potentially become corrupt when File Caching is enabled. (Bug 994805)
6. When unlocking a workstation, the input focus might not be set on the password field. (Bug 993534)
7. File deletion could potentially fail without errors reported when File Caching is enabled. (Bug 992542)
8. Applications requesting FileInternalInformation or FileAllInformation could fail unexpectedly. (Bug 991759)
9. Applications requesting DELETE permission could potentially succeed even when NCP-level ERASE permission is not granted. (Bug 989502)
10. An otherwise successful interactive user logon could stop and re-prompt user for credentials on Windows 10 platforms. See TID 7017966. (Bug 979572)
11. Password change options could still be shown for a Windows account associated to a Microsoft Account (LiveID). (Bug 977709)
12. Configuration of "DefaultLocationProfile" still being used in some cases instead of "DefaultLoginProfile". (Bug 966288)
13. eDirectory AutoAdminQueryNDS could fail on Windows 10 platforms. See TID 7017628. (Bug 963491)
14. Potential crash in NCCACHE.SYS when opening login scripts or other eDirectory stream attributes. (Bug 920986)
15. Added support for credential provider wrappers that do not handle IConnectableCredentialProviderCredential. (Bug 720076)

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR4) (16Sep2016):

1. Applications may not see a truncated file as 0 bytes in length when File Caching is enabled. (Bug 994451)
2. Unused portions of the application's read buffer could be written to when reading sizes greater than 64KB. SeeTID 7017908. (Bug 991544)
3. Applications enumerating folders with a large number of files or subdirectories may omit some entries. See TID 7017895.  (Bug 990529)
4. Updated the Micro Focus logo mark and images to reflect updated corporate branding.(Bug 989796)
5. Provided customization for system tray and shell extension icon using INSTALL.INI. See TID 7018057. (Bug 989780)
6. Windows 10 Build 10240 (July 2015 TH1) or Build 14393 (July 2016 RS1) Secure Boot configurations fail to boot. See TID 7017838. (Bug 988795)
7. After reboot, the system default login script may run instead of the eDirectory login script during the first login. See TID 7017864. (Bug 988283)
8. Potential handle leak on the XTSVCMGR.EXE process can cause a workstation hang. (Bug 988227)
9. Potential "NMAS.DLL is missing from the computer" error after enabling Password Expiry Warning feature. SeeTID 7017831. (Bug 988206)
10. Show Advanced Options dialog may incorrectly appear after a wrong password is entered. (Bug 986661)
11. Truncated purge and salvage message dialogs may appear after installing IR3. See TID 7017777. (Bug 986412)
12. Possible "You require permission from S-1-1-0 to make changes to this folder" error when deleting files. (Bug 985738)
13. STATUS_DELETE_PENDING might not be returned when deletion has already been successfully requested. (Bug 985566)
14. Pre-Windows 10-compatible versions of iPrint can cause eDirectory login scripts to not execute or crash. SeeTID 7016915. (Bug 985221)
15. Potential kernel memory leak when information is requested about a file or directory that does not exist. SeeTID 7017783. (Bug 979345)
16. Possible kernel-mode bugcheck in NDS4.SYS when eDirectory background authentication returns -669. (Bug 973840)
17. State of the "Change your Windows password to match your network password" checkbox can become out of sync. (Bug 972037)
18. After successful deletion is reported by an application, the file or folder may actually still exist. (Bug 968482)
19. Changing the username in the "Login Profile Administration" dialog does not refresh the available profiles. (Bug 963129)
20. Potential crash in XTSVCMGR.EXE when handling multicast or lengthy unicast responses. See TID 7016867. (Bug 842633)

Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR3) (10Jun2016)

1. Re-branded "Novell Client for Windows" by Novell to "Client for Open Enterprise Server" by Microfocus. (Bug 972327)
2. Sending a broadcast message to multiple users would potentially crash while showing the results window. (Bug 918222)
3. Using an equal "=" sign or other delimiters in the username field could cause login to fail. (Bug 905616)
4. Unused portions of the application's read buffer could still be written to when reading less than 64KB. (Bug 956734)
5. Directory space restriction drop-down selection of KB/MB/GB/TB is not always visible in Windows 10. (Bug 977217)
6. On 64-bit versions of Windows, 64-bit NICI is always being installed even when not selected for installation. (Bug 979875)
7. On 64-bit versions of Windows, a 32-bit application accessing a DFS-involved path or eDirectory-based UNC can potentially blue screen. See TID 7017531. (Bug 960769)
8. When other products wrap our Credential Provider (such as ZENworks FDE), the "Novell Logon" could be shown even when set to "Off". See TID 7017243. (Bug 963238)
9. Possible deadlock when handling an NCP oplock break notification while an application operation for the same file is in progress. See TID 7017439. (Bug 968514)
10. "Sharing violation" and "insufficient rights" conditions were not always correctly handled in file Delete and File Caching scenarios. (Bug 966923)
11. Cryptic error messages could be shown when a password change failed to meet complexity requirements. (Bug 968494)
12. The login profile field and drop-down list can be empty after applying the Windows 10 KB 3147458 update. See TID 7017584. (Bug 975344)
13. Login scripts may fail to run when another network provider (such as non-Windows 10-compatible versions of iPrint) crashes. See TID 7016915. (Bug 950183)
14. Messages related to password expiration were not correctly worded in French. (Bug 954638)
15. NCIMAN may fail to read or write all settings depending on which Windows user is running NCIMAN. (Bug 875991)
16. Ampersand "&" character in eDirectory object names could fail to display properly in system tray menu and shell extension displays. (Bug 861787)
17. Added optional support for synchronizing the Windows and eDirectory passwords during "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 934385)
18. "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" presented unexpected eDirectory logon when Windows failed to identify the connected network. (Bug 947790)

Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR2) (22 Jan 2016)

1. "Novell Password Administration" menu now shows Universal Password policy instead of only eDirectory policy. (Bug 954310)
2. "Administrator's Message" as part of Universal Password policy display now uses more room to display when necessary. See TID 7017014. (Bug 954305)
3. Potential delay during MAP commands due to applications not processing the WM_DEVICECHANGE notification. (Bug 953384)
4. Ensure Novell Client installation displays "unsupported operating system" warning for Windows Server 2016 technical previews. (Bug 952864)
5. Added optional client-side work-around for OES NCP 87,72 issue if server-side fix cannot be applied. See TID 7016978. (Bug 950726)
6. Novell Client credential provider may comes up showing "Error Recovery Mode" after Windows upgrade. (Bug 948251)
7. Failure to load custom credential provider bitmap could prevent successful login. (Bug 942037)
8. NWParsePath API could return error 0x8866 due to buffer validation. (Bug 939468)
9. Application could hang due to byte range lock request returning STATUS_CANCELLED after lock is denied by server. (Bug 934597)
10. Unable to set "last access time" or "last modification time" on a directory using Windows APIs. (Bug 913127)
11. Using an equal "=" sign or other delimiters in the username field could cause login to fail. (Bug 905616)
12. Login dialog that appears in response to UNC path access could hang before being displayed. See TID 7015828. (Bug 901052)
13. Some NCP connections would not be marked as unauthenticated, leading to failed file system access attempts. (Bug 893161)
14. Setting "Last Logged On User" to "Off" did not hide logged-on users during "Switch User". (Bug 836473)
15. Windows logon can hang for VDI-based login when UNC Path Filter is enabled. See TID 7012982. (Bug 821037)
16. Improve "Computer Only Logon if Not Connected" behavior when user mis-types password. (Bug 813556)
17. Attempting to Remote Control a Windows terminal session failed when UNC Path Filter is enabled. (Bug 803319)
18. Password change attempt can incorrectly measure password length when Unicode characters are present. (Bug 738038).

Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR1) (01 Oct 2015) Includes support for Microsoft Windows 10

1. Application can hang when a DFS junction target is to a folder that the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access. (Bug 940022)
2. Using the "Context:" field drop-down history selection during login could fail to override the use of "<DHCP>" in that field. (Bug 939137)
3. Whenever data has been manually entered into a DHCP-enabled field on the login dialog, DHCP will become diabled for that field if the login attempt is successful. (Bug 938947)
4. Invoking "Uninstall" for Novell Client from the new Windows 10 "Settings" apps list could fail, even though legacy Add/Remove Programs control panel still works. (Bug 937927)
5. "Novell DFS Junction Information" tab does not show in the Windows Explorer properties if DFS junction target is a folder rather than volume root. (Bug 937160)
6. Registeration of Novell Client shell extensions could fail during installation on Windows 10. (Bug 936791)
7. Installation of a network client on Windows 10 may not automatically add the new network provider to the Windows network provider order. (Bug 936329)
8. Windows 10 no longer presents the "Connecting..." status page during credential provider logon. (Bug 936328)
9. Potential deadlock when concurrent NET USE / WNetAddConnection operations were being performed. (Bug 934436)
10. Desktop task bar may become unresponsive when using a Windows Explorer tool bar shortcut to a Novell Client-based network location. (Bug 932854)
11. If the crypto key container becomes corrupt for any reason, NCCredProvider initialization fails and never recovers. (Bug 930481)
12. Potential kernel-mode bugcheck due to deferred special kernel mode APCs when co-existing with additional filter drivers. (Bug 928227)
13. Potential deadlock in NCP oplock break processing which allows a workstation to become unresponsive to future oplock break notifications. (Bug 924017)
14. IP Address Costing can now be enabled in Novell Client Properties ("IP Address Costing" under the "Advanced Settings" tab) to provide TCP-based costing. Subnet matching and ICMP Echo-based costing are not yet implemented. (Bug 615005)

Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (30 June 2015)

1. Possible crash during rename if the target file is opened while rename is in progress. (Bug 934729)
2. Possible deadlock when NCP oplock break request is received while file is being closed. (Bug 932390)
3. Unable to upgrade from SP3 IR10 to IR10a, IR10b or SP4 using NCP-based UNC path when Windows UAC is turned off.  See TID 7016470. (Bug 929707)
4. Crash in NWTRAY.EXE when attempting to change the password for a connected Windows share resource. (Bug 926471)
5. Novell Client can fail to respond to an NCP oplock break request after specific sequence of operations. (Bug 924017)
6. The NCP-level DENY_WRITE permission can be omitted if the Windows-level FILE_SHARE_DELETE was requested. (Bug 923541)
7. Support OES 2015 feature of NCP 87,72 and NCP 87,73 supporting reads and writes larger than 64KB for increased performance. See TID 7016266. (Bug 919150)
8. When FILE_NO_INTERMEDIATE_BUFFERING is requested, NCP oplock can be requested even though it is already acquired. (Bug 918008)
9. When an application truncates a currently-cached file, the previously-cached memory was not being released. (Bug 917965)
10. Drive mappings or directories could show errors or display as empty, over time or with very busy NCP servers. (Bug 913226)
11. Failed NCP rename attempt may be reported back to Windows as though rename was successful. (Bug 912437)
12. Novell Client LDAP Contextless Login dialogs or prompts may appear behind Novell or Windows login. See TID 7016084 (Bug 912127)
13. Performance loss because Novell Client may give up a Level 2 oplock in attempt to acquire Level 1, but ends up without any oplock. (Bug 911548)
14. FILE_SHARE permissions could be incorrectly tracked when multiple instances of the same file are opened. (Bug 911542)
15. FILE_SHARE permissions could be incorrectly tracked when FILE_READ_ATTRIBUTES was the only desired access requested. (Bug 911540)
16. Possible kernel-mode crashes in multiple drivers due to object manager not accurately returning indication of new object creation. (Bug 910518)
17. Possible kernel-mode crash in NCCACHE.SYS when closing one of multiple handles open to the same file. (Bug 910152)
18. Update LDAP Contextless Login LDAPSSL library to use TLS and disable SSLv3 (POODLE; CVE-2014-3566). (Bug 909416)
19, Possible kernel-mode crashes in multiple drivers due to object manager not maintaining exclusive access as intended. See TID 7016137. (Bugs 908929,903450)
20. Possible kernel-mode crash in Windows Offline Files (CSC.SYS) driver during failed open of NCP-based file. (Bug 908697)
21. Addition of "Unlock Workstation Credentials" setting in the Novell Client Properties. (Bug 908106)
22. Password confirmation message for updating NMAS Challenge/Response questions was confusing in all languages. (Bug 906933)
23. Unnecessary additional prompt could occur when changing expired eDirectory password. See TID 7016138. (Bug 906172)
24. Possible deadlock during file rename if another process is trying to open the same file. (Bug 904443)
25. Possible crash in XTSVCMGR.EXE due to thread creation & termination race condition. (Bug 903541)
26. Addition of "Bad Address Cache Enabled" setting in the Novell Client Properties. See TID 7016298. (Bug 902427)
27. Kernel-mode software examining Windows FSRTL_ADVANCED_FCB_HEADER file sizes could see stale values for NCP-based files. (Bug 896868)
28. Parent folder allowed to be renamed while file is open, which prevents the file from being successfully saved. (Bug 895060)
29. Updated BadNameCacheList functionality to support both "whitelist" and "blacklist" usage. See TID 7015227. (Bug 888382)
30. Implemented Novell Client "Lazy Close" feature for increased performance when caching is enabled. See TID 7016596. (Bug 885911)
31. Support OES 2015 feature of NCP 89,20 supporting directory enumeration responses up to 64KB for increased performance. See TID 7016645. (Bug 881313)
32. Improved rejection and handling when entering invalid username such as "." or "=" which are also eDirectory delimiters. See TID 7015763. (Bug 879496)
33. Added "Windows 8.1" and "Windows Server 2012 R2" as Novell Client product names that will be displayed. (Bug 832584)
34. Hovering mouse over Windows credential provider "Submit" button would show "No Label" on Windows 8 and later. (Bug 792001)
35. Added "Make Script tab read-only during login" in Novell Client Properties, to disable Script tab while still running scripts. See TID 7006508. (Bug 677441) 
36. Support OES 2015 feature for multiple NCPs to support NCP volumes and restrictions of 16TB or more. See TID 7011529. (Bug 516101) 
37. Deleting a file may report success but not actually be deleted, if file is sill open on another NCP connection. See TID 7006579. (Bug: 477793)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR10b) (01 May 2015)
1. Intruder lockout after changing password after applying MS15-011 / KB 3000483. See TID 7016254. (Bug 920558)
2. Performance issues after applying MS15-011 / KB 3000483. See TID 7016249. (Bug 919801)
3. Mapped drives become invalid over time due to changed entry ID on the server. (Bug 913226)
4. Cannot access volume in Windows Explorer using syntax: "\\server\volume". See TID 7016140. (Bug 908052)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR10a) (19 Mar 2015)
1. .MSI installer package fails when launched from UNC path. See TID 7016044. (Bug 908842)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR10) (01 Dec 2014)
1. Driver load failure at Windows startup could create infinite Novell Broadcast Message windows on desktop. (Bug 900018)
2. Moving a file or directory wrongly reports success when the destination is a non-existent directory. (Bug 898524)
3. Renaming or moving a directory could fail when including a trailing backslash in the path. (Bug 897911)
4. Abnormal termination of LogonUI.exe could cause wrong NCP connections to be shown on a random future process. See TID 7015960. (Bug 897331)
5. STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED can be incorrectly returned when application requests FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH. (Bug 893629)
6. Changed the red 'N' login to automatically trigger LDAP Contextless Login as all other login scenarios already do. (Bug 887618)
7. Added caching of byte-range file lock requests when File Caching is active on an OES Linux NCP connection. (Bug 887595)
8. Added a more aggressive refresh for detecting when volume names or IDs may have changed. (Bug 881267)
9. Possible delay during MAP commands due to applications not processing WM_DEVICECHANGE notification. See TID 7005953. (Bug 878340)
10. NMAS methods unable to enforce a non-password-based workstation unlock. (Bug 863239)
11. Login script results window hangs or never displays with multiple monitor configuration. (Bug 815964)
12. Novell Client 2 SP3 and later incorrectly stretches custom bitmap on Novell Login dialog. (Bug 806485)
13. Drives mapped to a specific directory could fail or show wrong contents after NCP reconnect. (Bug 789679)
14. Novell Client for Windows 7 and later does not support "Simple Unlock" configuration available on XP/2003. See TID 7015943. (Bug 346066)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR9) (09 Sep 2014)
1. Possible bugcheck in NCPL.SYS when multiple users mapping or unmapping drives at the same time. (Bug 889993)
2. Correctly configured "Service Account eDirectory Login" fails when NMAS not installed. (Bug 888002)
3. Password that does not meet NMAS password complexity policy aborts password change operation. (Bug 887615)
4. Application failing to close thousands of NCP connection handles causes drive mappings and NCP connection usage to fail. (Bug 880113)
5. NCP connections for logged-out Windows user could remain outstanding on Citrix server. (Bug 859899)
6. Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 upgrade from Microsoft Store removes Novell Client from Windows network provider order. See TID 7015643. (Bug 846508)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR8) (03 Jul 2014)
1. Some wildcard patterns fail to enumerate the expected files after installing Novell Client 2 SP3 (IR7a). See TID 7015331. (Bug 881087)
2. User is Already Logged On warning may be given even when terminal server allows multiple connections. (Bug 878450)
3. Drive mapping to a Traditional File System (TFS) volume can be empty after server restart or reconnect. See TID 7015330. (Bug 876788)
4. Potential blue screen in VLS.SYS if a previously working VLDB service later fails to respond. See TID 7015329. (Bug 875963)
5. Delete Inhibit attribute can remain set when Read Only attribute is removed, preventing deletion or saving of file. See TID 7015328. (Bug 866755)
6. Invalid volume space values returned by NCP server after volume size expansion could cause zero bytes free to be reported. See TID 7015327. (Bug 861880)
7. Calling the XPLAT NWSetDriveBase() API with a long path could produce an application error. (Bug 780528)
8. Needed the ability to pre-populate Bad Name Cache with a list of servers Novell Client should not try and connect to. See TID 7015227. (Bug 724973)
9. APC_INDEX_MISMATCH blue screen could occur in NCFSD.SYS during file system access. See TID 7015326. (Bug 540206)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR7a) (06 May 2014)
1. XCOPY and some other applications fail to enumerate directories after installing SP3 IR7.  (Bug 875919)
2. Setting a directory space restriction could show duplicate items in drop-down selection list.  (Bug 850977)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR7) (29 Apr 2014)
1. LDAP Contextless Login failed in login dialog initiated by accessing unauthenticated UNC path. See TID 7014978. (Bug 868014)
2. Application attempting 2000+ character filename causes blue screen in NCFSD.SYS instead of proper error. (Bug 865892)
3. Possible blue screen in NCPL.SYS when network interfaces are enabled or disabled by Windows. See TID 7014748. (Bug 861266)
4. File names could display as folders in DOS-mode application. (Bug 858691)
5. Directory space restriction does not display properly for quotas greater than 2TB. See TID 7014975. (Bug 850977)
6. File time stamps do not reflect Daylight Savings Time change until logout and re-login. See TID 7014974. (Bug 849041)
7. Possible hang when preventing concurrent NCP connections from being created. (Bug 845268)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR6) (26 Feb 2014)
1. Attempting to truncate an already-open file could return STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION when File Caching enabled. (Bug 858536)
2. Drive mapped with Windows "Reconnect at logon" option warns about open files when attempting to unmap. See TID 7014568. (Bug 856871)
3. Internal error 0xC7E5001 could occur when connecting to an NCP server which has a large number of bound network interfaces. (Bug 856807)
4. Performance of file system directory enumeration was improved by requesting more entries per iteration. (Bug 856162)
5. DOS application could display duplicate entries when enumerating a file system directory. See TID 7014566. (Bug 853457)
6. After mistyping the password during expiration, eDirectory password doesn't change even after retyping correctly. See TID 7014565. (Bug 850946)
7. Support the undocumented ".\username" format for logging into a local Windows user account instead of domain. See TID 7014075. (Bug 849398)
8. Novell Client installation encounters unexpected failures if a file named "C:\Program" exists. See TID 7014564. (Bug 814435)
9. Blue screen citing NCPL.SYS could occur due to NSCM.SYS synchronization problem. See TID 7014563. (Bug 791739)
10. Incomplete or invalid AutoAdminLogon configuration could cause NCP connections to be missing. (Bug 764831)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR5) (20 Dec 2013)
1. Applications report "path not found" when creating new directories after installing Novell Client 2 SP3 (IR4). See TID 7014269. (Bug 853122)
2. Possible exception or memory corruption when TCP connection attempt for NCP timed out. (Bug 849409)
3. "Save profile after successful login" not working in conjunction with "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". See TID 7014285. (Bug 844978)
4. Potential denial of service attack when requesting intentionally unsupported IOCTL. See TID 7014276 and CVE-2013-3705. (Bug 844766)
5. Volume serial number on Novell mapped drives is 0 or not displayed after installing Novell Client 2 SP3. See TID 7013397. (Bug 843704)
6. Address potential NCNetProvider hang which prevented Citrix session logoff from completing. See TID 7014271. (Bug 841102)
7. Address DORIS32.EXE application expectations by creating application-specific override of file and directory info cache timeout. See TID 7014264. (Bug 839519)
8. Address potential NCNetProvider hang which prevented Microsoft Excel from showing network-based data sources. See TID 7013373. (Bug 834312)
9. Windows Explorer high CPU utilization due to RPC failure on XTSVCMGR.EXE service. See TID 7014274. (Bug 801765)
10. Unexpected ZENworks logon prompting when performing Switch User or Remote Desktop to existing user session. (Bug 801159)
11. Mapped drive may not disappear from non-elevated Windows Explorer when drive is unmapped from elevated session. (Bug 785858)
12. Preserve existing Novell-specific file and directory attributes that do not translate into Windows platform attributes. (Bug 747049)
13. eDirectory user's "Network Address" attribute potentially not updated in a timely manner after workstation resume or reconnect. See TID 7013371. (Bug 737552)
14. Updated bundled Novell SPMNWCC library to
15. Updated bundled Novell NMAS Client to
16. Updated bundled Novell NICI to 2.77.2.

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR4) (15 Oct 2013)
1. Incorrect Windows error reported when byte range lock conflict encountered by ReadFile or WriteFile. (Bug 836809)
2. Cached LDAP Contextless Login result not being invalidated for moved user object during "Logon with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 836435)
3. Possible "tree or server not found" due to rare delay checking for local OpenSLP DA. (Bug 835323)
4. Possible "tree or server not found" due to delay when unicasting known SLP DA  addresses. (Bug 832809)
5. NCCACHE read-ahead logic not engaging quickly enough; multiple small reads may hit wire before full cache page read. (Bug 818917)
6. "Novell Volume Statistics" display is wrong, negative and/or truncated numbers on volumes larger than 2TB. (Bug 800264, Bug 780871, Bug 668075)
Note: While issues with Novell Client correctly displaying volumes with >2TB have been resolved, there are still known issues with displaying volumes with >16TB, which are still under investigation.
7. Provide optional "ForceLastUserName" policy allowing a specific username which should always come up as default in Novell Client login. See TID 7013447. (Bug 798805)
8. Desktop shortcuts or applications running from eDirectory Directory Map object may fail. (Bug 794105, Bug 757641)
9. Possible STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION incorrectly reported in scenarios where sharing should have been allowed. (Bug 777152)
10. Incorrect Windows error reported when opening a file for which an intermediate subdirectory level doesn't exist. (Bug 721927)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR3) (08 Aug 2013)
1. Garbage text being displayed in "Personal Information" and "Work Information" dialogs. (Bug 830768)
2. Potential kernel-mode crash due to NCIOM concurrent initialization of FSP interface. (Bug 828517)
3. User-specific login profile being saved even though "Save profile on successful login" disabled. (Bug 828060)
4. Garbage text being displayed in "Configure System Tray Icon..." dialog. (Bug 825398)
5. LDAP Contextless Login causing NMAS Sequence selection to become reset. (Bug 823402)
6. Provide functionality equivalent to "PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent" on Windows XP. See TID 7013013. (Bug 818226)
7. Change "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" to use flat Windows account name instead of UPN. See TID 7013011. (Bug 815493)
8. Slow "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" on terminal server can cause NCP connections to be cleared. (Bug 812734)
9. Windows Photo Viewer unable to save changes to photo on network volume. (Bug 812025)
10. Drive mappings and NCP connections can randomly disappear on terminal server. (Bug 811019)
11. eDirectory AutoAdminLogin may hang after applying Novell Client 2 SP3. (Bug 806521)
12. Slow performance using Windows Explorer to browse mapped drive. (Bug 801982)
13. Handle creation of "Default" login profile in NCIMAN for English and non-English languages. (Bug 801938)
14. Drive mappings and NCP connections can randomly disappear on terminal server. (Bug 800174)
15. Attempting to delete a directory on a Novell volume could fail. (Bug 728061)
16. Optionally allow OpenSLP Directory Agent discovery to use DHCP before local registry list. See TID 7013008. (Bug 710729)
17. Remove obsolete Novell Client User Guide option from Configure System Tray Icon. (Bug 412881)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR2) (03 Jun 2013)
1. Address security vulnerabilities reported in TID 7012497 and CVE-2013-3697. (Bug 821841)
2. Trustee dialog can be slow to display; unable to set [Root] or [Public] as trustee. (Bug 820870)
3. "Login Profile List = Automatic" profile list may disappear even with multiple profiles. (Bug 817997)
4. "File Caching = On" read-ahead logic could re-read the page containing end-of-file multiple times. (Bug 806994)
5. Unable to sync expired password between two TREES during eDirectory login script execution. (Bug 806555)
6. Unable to run elevated application or install from an NSS volume if logged into Windows as a "Standard" user. (Bug 802216)
7. MAP statements fail with 0xC00000BB when already connected to the volume's NCP server. (Bug 659783, Bug 290554)
8. Enable Microsoft "SmartCardLogonNotify" policy when turning on "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 658422)
9. Support for eDirectory NCP servers listening on ports other than NCP 524. (Bug 592457)
10. Should not be able to attempt removing system login profiles from user's Login Profile Administration list. (Bug 562078)
11. "Remove Trustee" button is enabled even when no trustee is currently selected. (Bug 345793)
12. Attempting \\server\volume\path instead of \\server\volume when not yet logged in failed to invoke login dialog. (Bug 286032)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR1a) (19 Apr 2013)
1. Traditional File System (TFS) volumes display as empty after applying SP3 IR1. (Bug 813720)
2. Windows Explorer or File Open dialog-initiated login crashes if username is changed after applying SP3 IR1. (Bug 812616)
The following Novell Client 2 SP3 fixes could fail to engage in SP3 IR1 when "File Caching" was set to "On":
3. Unable to create multiple Outlook 2010 PST files and PST file corruption on a NSS volume. (Bugs 779918, 694345)
4. Unable to open multiple AutoCAD drawing files when they are in a NSS volume. (Bug 703546)
5. Unable to run the CASPA application from a NSS volume. (Bug 748694)

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR1) (18 Mar 2013)
1. Cannot login if custom bitmap for Welcome screen is missing. (Bug 807774)
2. NICI "Uninstall" entries are not being disabled in Add/Remove Programs. (Bug 799528)
3. Login script not executed when using RSA Authentication Agent and "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 797808)
4. Login script results window may hang if desktop shell is not EXPLORER.EXE. (Bug 793001)
5. Login scripts may not run after changing a user's Windows display language. (Bug 792598)
6. Existing drive mappings may be wrong or inaccessible after server restart or cluster failover. (Bug 789679)
7. Unable to MAP ROOT to paths containing Unicode characters outside the ASCII range. (Bug 785693)
8. Login script not executed when using McAfee Endpoint Encryption and "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 785087)
9. Attempting to change password on standlone Windows server connection may fail. (Bug 783607)
10. Login profile selection list is being shown even when only one profile is available. (Bug 767679)
11. Modification time stamp for a directory does not reflect modifications. (Bug 731341)
12. Modification time stamp for a directory is reported as 0 through Windows APIs. (Bug 728111)
13. Optionally override the default OpenSLP Directory Agent discovery sequence to use DHCP before static configuration. (Bug 710729)
14. Volume with user volume quota reports total volume size instead of quota size limit. (Bug 568448)
15. Reconnect of NCP connections and mapped drives may be delayed after waking from suspend or resume. (Bug 524211)
16. Update Novell LDAP SDK instalation to include non-English LDAP message files. (Bug 289245)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR6a) (10 Jun 2013)
1. Address security vulnerabilities reported in TID 7012497 and CVE-2013-3697. (Bug 821841)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR6) (03 May 2013)
1. Traditional File System (TFS) volumes display as empty after applying SP3 IR1. (Bug 813720)
2. Slow performance in some applications when File Caching enabled. (Bug 806994)
3. Login script not executed when using RSA Authentication Agent and "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 797808)
4. Password field would not be disabled when username field is empty. (Bug 790502)
5. NCCACHE redesign. (Bugs: 305434, 666636, 691907, 777630, 786595)
6. Login script not executed when using McAfee Endpoint Encryption and "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 785087)
7. Unable to create multiple Outlook 2010 PST files and PST file corruption on a NSS volume. (Bugs 694345, 779918)
8. Unable to run the CASPA application from a NSS volume. (Bug 748694)
9. Modification time stamp for a directory does not reflect modifications. (Bug 731341)
10. Modification time stamp for a directory is reported as 0 through Windows APIs. (Bug 728111)
11. Unable to open multiple AutoCAD drawing files when they are in a NSS volume. (Bug 703546)
12. Volume with user volume quota reports total volume size instead of quota size limit. (Bug 568448)
13. Reconnect of NCP connections and mapped drives may be delayed after waking from suspend or resume. (Bug 524211)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR5) (12 Nov 2012)
1. "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" sometimes engages even when workstation is connected. (Bug 785325)
2. NWTRAY.EXE process can crash when login script REGREAD command encounters registry value with zero bytes of data. (Bug 785138)
3. LDAP Contextless Login setting for "Search Alias Objects" not "On" by default as shown in Novell Client Properties. (Bug 780458)
4. Moving currently-open document files can appear successful but have unexpected results. (Bug 777265)
5. Permit "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" feature to be used with "Login with Non-Novell Credential Provider". (Bug 777196)
6. ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Pre-Boot Authentication Single Sign-On fails with Novell Client 2 SP2 (IR2) and later. (Bug 773469)
7. Attempting to un-install the Novell Client with a non-Administrators can result in infinite SETUPNC.EXE re-spawning. (Bug 772618)
8. Running eDirectory login scripts may prompt user to login again if system login profile has a different context specified. (Bug 772278)
9. eDirectory Trustee Rights display in Windows Explorer shell extenstion is slow for containers with many user objects. (Bug 770920)
10. Novell Client drive mapping is not sharable between elevated and non-elevated Windows UAC sessions even when "EnableLinkedConnections" is enabled. (Bug 767851)
11. Potential kernel memory corruption or bugcheck when deleting or enumerating files with non-Latin Unicode characters. (Bug 767735)
12. NWGetPathFromDirectoryBase XPLAT API is not returning UTF-8 path name. (Bug 767012)
13. NWIntMoveDirEntry XPLAT API does not support UTF-8 format. (Bug 765872)
14. NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 XPLAT API is not returning utf-8 name. (Bug 765871)
15. eDirectory login scripts can fail to execute when "Clear Connections" is enabled and selected. (Bug 759421)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR4a) (22 Aug 2012)
1. Unable to save files to Novell server after installing Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR4). See TID 7010659. (Bug 776216)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR4) (31 Jun 2012)
1. Potential blue screen in NCFSD.SYS when drives being concurrently mapped or unmapped. (Bug 766211)
2. Address workstation unlock behaviors when using NESCM-based smart card authentication. (Bug 765600)
3. Potential memory leak in NCCredProvider.dll when changing users or login profiles. (Bug 764675)
4. Default Novell Logon username is blank after Computer Only Logon. (Bug 763241)
5. The "File Commit" setting in Novell Client Properties was being treated as always "On". (Bug 758967)
6. Potential kernel-mode memory leak related to application file system access. (Bug 755746)
7. Slow performance when using a Group Policy to redirect shell folders to a network location. (Bug 744663)
8. Add "Computer Only Logon If Not Connected" functionality to the Novell Client for Windows 7. See TID 7009517. (Bug 742291)
9. Compressed files in Windows user profile can prevent roaming profile synchronization. (Bug 740582)
10. Upgrading through non-Administrators user with update Agent may encounter 1603 error installing NICI. (Bug 740515)
11. Make NCP connection cleanup send NCP- and eDirectory-level logout verbs in addition to TCP-level cleanup. (Bug 689961)
12. NCP connections for previous user potentially not cleaned up until new user logs on to Windows. (Bug 685887)
13. Address workstation unlock behavior of password field being disabled when using NESCM-based smart card authentication. (Bug 583552)
14. Address workstation unlock behaviors when NMAS "OR" sequence used with NESCM-based smart card authentication. (Bug 583534)
15. Window close handler for "Version and Copyright Information and Check Sum window" is not functioning. (Bug 348042)
16. Add tool similar to SLPINFO to the Novell Client for Windows 7. See TID 7010566. (Bug 259464)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR3) (31 May 2012)
1. Last logged-on user may be blank after Novell Client upgrade. (Bug 761787)
2. Login scripts may not run when specifying UPN-based Windows username. See TID 7004788. (Bug 758672)
3. Login script execution hangs on Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services Host role. See TID 7006892. (Bug 756658)
4. Potential crash of LogonUI.exe process when in Computer Only Logon mode. (Bug 754896)
5. Login profile may not have "Windows" tab if first login was eDirectory-only login from red 'N'. See TID 7002838. (Bug 754702)
6. Novell Client SETUP.EXE hangs if non-Administrators user attempts to launch and User Account Control (UAC) is disabled. (Bug 754701)
7. Potential crash of LogonUI.exe process in terminal session if NMAS is not installed. See TID 7001904. (Bug 754631)
8. Environment variables set by eDirectory login script sometimes not available in user applications. (Bug 753177)
9. Login scripts may not run when Windows user profile is based on mandatory profile (NTUSER.MAN) (Bug 748569)
10. Provide functionality similar to Novell Client for Windows XP/2003 "Workstation Only if not connected". See TID 7009517. (Bug 742291)
11. Novell SDK functions NWFileServerFileCopy, NWGetSparseFileBitMap and NWSetCompressedFileSize may fail with 0x8836. (Bug 739140)
12. Unable to add Internet Explorer favorites when Windows user shell folders redirected to Novell path. (Bug 718591)
13. Login scripts may not run due to NCP connections being incorrectly cleaned up during terminal session logins. (Bug 714438)
14. Attempting to rename a DFS-involved path can put Windows Explorer / SHELL32.DLL into long hang. (Bug 703597)
15. When using Novell Enhanced Smart Card Method (NESCM), the user may be prompted about password expiration. (Bug 701694)
16. Mapping a drive to a path containing international characters may fail. (Bug 609819)
17. Login scripts may not run when logging in with an alias eDirectory user. (Bug 567263)
18. Novell Client Properties pages are mistakenly presenting the "What's This?" option. (Bug 486704)
19. Password expiration message may appears behind other windows without flashing the task bar icon. See TID 7006581. (Bug 483042)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR2a) (02 Apr 2012)
The Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR2a) contains a fix which is important for the Novell Identity Assurance Solution (IAS) Client 3.0.8 release. The Novell Client "Single Sign-On" functionality introduced in Novell Client 2 SP2, as well as the IAS-specific "Use NMAS for Windows Logon" functionality, could potentially encounter a crash on the Windows LogonUI.exe process when either of these features were in use. (Bug 730645)

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR2) (20 Mar 2012)
1. Possible NCP connection leak for user after eDirectory server-side or administrator password change. (Bug 752320)
2. After installing IR1, login script INCLUDE statements and external programs may not run. (Bug 748170)
3. In very rare cases, the Microsoft credential provider may be displayed in addition to Novell's. (Bug 746257)
4. Show Advanced Options can sometimes not show the correct login profile contents. (Bug 745125)
5. Integration of Novell NMAS Identity Plug-In support with Novell Client credential provider. (Bug 742938)
6. Accessing a NCP-based file beyond end of file may return 0 bytes successfully instead of STATUS_END_OF_FILE. (Bug 742041)
7. Improve information provided when attempting to install older Novell Client over existing newer client. (Bug 726739)
8. Login script execution sometimes does not occur for non-Administrators Windows users. (Bug 714438)
9. Drives successfully mapped in login script sometimes never appear in Windows Explorer. (Bug 677102)
10. Kernel-mode crash in NDS4.SYS may occur when Secondary IPAddress resource moves to different cluster node. (Bug 667181)
11. Wrong login profile may be updated when first login is performed using LOGINW32.EXE or red 'N' Novell Login. (Bug 504289)
12. Invalid login profile is created if user login profile name contains a backslash character. (Bug 486387)
13. Accelerator key ALT+A is not working in the Update Agent tab of the Novell Client Properties window. (Bug 434236)
14. Addition of Swedish language translation support to Novell Client for Windows.

Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows (IR1) (03 Feb 2012)
1. Have login profile selection display only "Default" instead of both "Default" and "<Default>". (Bug 736703)
2. Potential crash in NCFSD.SYS if kernel non-paged memory pool exhausted. (Bug 731263)
3. Single sign-on functionality with smart card-based Secude boot encryption not working. (Bug 730671)
4. Login with expired eDirectory user is not prompting with expired prompt or grace logins remaining. (Bug 700742)
5. Wrong contents of volume may be displayed after a restart of a connected NCP server. (Bug 683922)
6. Changing the "From:" field on the "Windows" tab in "Show Advanced Options" may not change logon domain. (Bug 668964)
7. Esri Suite ArcCatalog application unable to access Novell volumes on Windows 7. (Bug 652442)
8. Error: "Need permission from S-1-1-0 to delete" if folder has Hidden attribute. (Bug 639670)
9. Administrator choice to not install NMAS client will not be remembered during future upgrades. (Bug 637839)
10. Incorrect "First Network Drive" may be assigned in the presence of a USB drive. (Bug 618076)
11. Initiate no-prompt uninstall using: "RUNDLL32.EXE "C:\Program Files\Novell\Client\NCSetup.dll" NWUninstallClient /s" (Bug 581873)
12. Bypass using Novell Client Update Agent "Use Administrator Privileges" for Administrators members. (Bug 566622)
13. Uninstall of Novell Client may leave [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Novell\Authentication] entries. (Bug 565536)
14. "Did you forgot your password?" link attempts to proceed even when challenge set has not been defined. (Bug 482695)
15. Available login profiles are not displayed in the credential provider when username is entered as "abc\.xyz". (Bug 466688)
16. Login profile is incorrectly created when username contains a period character. (Bug 435507)
17. "Latest Novell Client Properties File:" display in Update Agent should also show the name of the properties file. (Bug 290262)
18. Add INSTALL.INI option to permit downloaded Novell Client installation set to remain on local workstation. (Bug 290211)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR9a) (30 Sep 2011)
1. IRP_MJ_QUERY_INFORMATION for a directory crashes or returns wrong info. (Bug 721038)

New fixes included in the Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR9):
1. Unable to unlock machine if local user password is blank/empty after installing IR8. (Bug 710850)
2. NCCredProvider.dll debug build crashes after Bug 698337 changes. (Bug 708822)
3. Slow performance for applications using high number of concurrent byte range locks. (Bug 706800)
4. File last access time is always midnight instead of actual access time. (Bug 199426)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR8) (29 Sep 2011)
1. Changing endpoints for running Citrix Xendesktop session causes unnecessary eDirectory re-login attempt. (Bug 700155)
2. Specifying FILE_FLAG_DELETE_ON_CLOSE to CreateFile fails with  STATUS_DELETE_PENDING. (Bug 700148)
3. Login script TREE command fails when "Login With Non-Novell Credential Provider" = "On". (Bug 698337)
4. Sysprep is failing with "The domain name is not valid" error on login. See TID 7008643. (Bug 695755)
5. Slow performance when accessing DFS junctions via desktop shortcuts. (Bug 693737)
6. Unable to rename files from uppercase to lowercase or vice-versa. (Bug 675069)
7. No error message when attempting to delete a file held open with oplock. (Bug 652072)
8. Error: "Need permission from S-1-1-0 to delete" if folder has Hidden attribute. See TID 7007201. (Bug 639670)
9. After changing an expired password, workstation unlock prompts twice for password. (Bug 631213)
10. Incorrect error shown while attempting to rename a directory with read-only permission. (Bug 624590)
11. No error presented when attempting to delete a file currently in use by another workstation. (Bug 524554)
12. Deleting a file with Delete Inhibit set acts as though the file has been successfully deleted. (Bug 519613)
13. No error presented when attempting to delete a file currently in use by another workstation. See TID 7006579. (Bug 477793)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR7) (29 Jul 2011)
1. Potential APC_INDEX_MISMATCH bugcheck when "File Caching = Off". (Bug 688283 )
2. Microsoft Office files randomly declared corrupt when edited from second workstation. (Further change to previous build 20110430 fix, to address an additional Visual FoxPro scenario.) (Bug 679220)
3. Display installed client version and estimated size in Add/Remove Programs control panel applet. See TID 7007916. (Bug 672509)
4. ArchiCAD 14 unable to save files to Novell mapped drives. See TID 7007774. (Bug 686012)
5. Race condition in NCIOM can blue screen on first access of network path. (Bug 684336)
6. Unable to purge files in subdirectories using the "Purge Subdirectories" option. (Bug 683220)
7. WACLIENT.SYS causes only Novell Client NCP communication to fail. See TID 7008141. (Bug 679481)
8. Potential blue screen in VLS.SYS when kernel memory paged out. (Bug 679218)
9. Windows Explorer hangs when creating a file path that exceeds MAX_PATH. (Bug 678113)
10. Error "Could not save the file" when saving Adobe Fireworks files to a Novell mapped drive. See TID 7007774. (Bug 668071)
11. Unable to save files in GroupWise 8 to a Novell mapped drive. See TID 7007774. (Bug 649337)
12. New terminal server login causes existing logged on user to lose eDirectory connections. See TID 7007972. (Bug 648447)
13. Microsoft Office file save randomly fails with unexpected STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION. See TID 7007774. (Bug 647796)
14. Long delays when sorting the Salvage or Purge dialog file list. (Bug 578289)
15. NCP connections are not cleared during Windows shutdown or restart. (Bug 401246)
New feature included in the Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR6): 
Novell Client 2 SP1 (IR6) and later supports a new mechanism through which administrators can configure non-Novell-aware Windows services to be capable of authenticating to eDirectory, and therefore able to access Novell NCP-based volumes and paths. For details, see TID 7008266.

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR6) (06 Apr 2011)
1. Blue screen when using or exiting Autodesk Revit 2011. See TID 7007982. (Bug 660190) 
2. Login script and drive map issues when "Login with Non-Novell Credential Provider" enabled. (Bug 654918) 
3. Wrong login bitmap displayed when switching between "Novell Logon" and "Computer Only Logon". (Bug 654836) 
4. DHCP "Preferred Server" is not working with multiple DHCP option 85 address. (Bug 651508) 
5. TREE command in login script unexpectedly prompts for password. (Bug 641165) 
6. Windows service fails to login to eDirectory on Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7. See TID 7008266. (Bug 613040) 
7. LDAP Contextless Login behavior inconsistencies when invoked from NCCredProvider. See TID 7006629. (Bug 609893) 
8. Logging in too quickly after bootup can receive the error "Tree or server cannot be found" (0xC7FD0028). See TID 7006626. (Bug 588656) 
9. Free space for subdirectory underneath DFS junction does not reflect target physical volume free space. See TID 7005584. (Bug 577435) 
10. Error when sending files to Windows compressed folder (.ZIP) when file caching disabled. See TID 7007968. (Bug 567133) 
11. SLP resorting to multicast when first learned DA is unreachable. (Bug 341004)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR5) (17 Dec 2010)
1. Race condition in XTXPLAT.SYS causing potential blue screen on startup. (Bug 654013) 
2. Novell Client allowing requests for PIPE and IPC$ to be issued as NCP requests. (Bug 653457) 
3. SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION (0x3B) bugcheck using Autodesk Revit. See TID 7006568.  (Bug 652220) 
4. Unable to resolve DFS junctions after communication with VLDB restored. (Bug 648242) 
5. Setting file system trustees on cluster-enabled volume fails after installing Novell Client 2 SP1 (IR4). (Bug 648195) 
6. Unable to run applications or save files on NetWare 5.1 server volume. (Bug 644742) 
7. Workstation unlock fails if user does not exist in login profile context. (Bug 639636) 
8. No password expiration prompt & NWTRAY crashes when "Show results window" disabled. (Bug 638042) 
9. Roaming profile sync fails with Event 1509 on read-only files. (Bug 635560) 
10. Windows AutoAdminLogon does not support clear-text DefaultPassword value. (Bug 621204) 
11. Computer Only Logon Default option does not apply for terminal service users. See TID 7006560. (Bug 615528) 
12. DFS junction access fails when server-side DFS data erroneously contains typeful tree name ("T=treename"). (Bug 609342) 
13. Roaming profile sync fails with Event 1530 at logout. (Bug 593375) 
14. Salvage, Purge and Trustees can fail when path includes DFS junction. See TID 7006652. (Bug 586995) 
15. Windows Explorer crashes in CALWIN32 when browsing Network Neighborhood. See TID 7005684. (Bug 565478) 
16. Novell default logon tile bitmap can be displayed during Windows credential logon. (Bug 558701) 
17. Login script results window may be minimized during Windows logon. See TID 7005850. (Bug 500595) 
18. Novell default logon tile bitmap can be displayed when user must change password on next logon. (Bug 478940) 
19. Unlock workstation can prompt for eDirectory credentials even though logged out from tree. (Bug 409875)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR4) (30 Sep 2010)
1. NOVEAP upgrade failure from pre-IR4 to IR4 Windows 7-compatible NOVEAP. (Bug 638739) 
2. Potential 0xE3 bugcheck during non-NMAS login with Clear Connections set. (Bug 636654) 
3. eDirectory entry ID potentially used against wrong replica server. (Bug 636513) 
4. Firefox will not launch if user profile is stored on a Novell volume. See TID 7006592. (Bug 625312) 
5. Opening a Visio file from OES NSS volume results in truncated 10KB file. (Bug 629907) 
6. Error opening Microsoft Office files only read permission is allowed. (Bug 616595) 
7. Invalid handle error when copying to a UNC path containing a Directory Map object. See TID 7006630. (Bug 616254) 
8. Persistent drive mapping triggers intruder lockout during Computer Only Logon. See TID 7000595. (Bug 609138)
9. Error: The drive was successfully mapped, but the path \, could not be opened. (Bug 599612) 
10. Expire DFS junction info instead of requiring reboot to learn new junction target. (Bug 592181) 
11. File system path access causes unnecessary eDirectory resolve for file system path. (Bug 585472) 
12. REGREAD login script command fails on Windows x64. See TID 7006571. (Bug 585131) 
13. Unable to configure Novell Client 802.1x authentication on Windows 7. See TID 7005329.  (Bug 567843) 
14. Invalid handle error occurring frequently but inconsistently during file system access. See TID 7006577. (Bug 459864) 
15. Attempting a non-NMAS administrative password change on Windows x64 returns 0x8801. (Bug 414802) 
16. Error: "You do not have sufficient rights to complete this operation" for salvage. See TID 7006572. (Bug 376737)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR3) (02 Aug 2010)
1. Multicast-based SLP DA discovery and SA queries stop working after installing IR2. (Bug 623871) 
2. Prompted for re-entry of Windows credentials when Windows credentials were already correct. (Bug 617917) 
3. Race condition in SLPNSP can cause deadlock preventing name resolution threads from terminating. (Bug 614588) 
4. IPCTLCP attempting to use UDP socket which has already been closed. (Bug 611847) 
5. LIBSLP potentially issuing a double-free when handling KnownDABadDA. (Bug 611833) 
6. Empty screen presented when attempting to change password within a terminal session. (Bug 608660) 
7. Error when unlocking workstation with NMAS enabled but no NMAS tab in login profile. See TID 7005917. (Bug 601095) 
8. INSTALL.INI DefaultLanguageSelection not honored by ACU.EXE or SETUP.EXE /ACU. (Bug 598459) 
9. Novell Offline/Migrated and Currently Compressed file attributes not mapped to Windows attributes. (Bug 591507) 
10. Last Logged On User setting does not prevent last logged-on user from being remembered. (Bug 586649) 
11. Password change from red 'N' fails when Windows password not in sync with eDirectory password. (Bug 444088) 
12. Credential provider needs to support DontDisplayLockedUserId registry setting. (Bug 350191)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR2) (02 Jun 2010)
1. Clean up Novell Client installation failure after iPrint registry permissions issue. (Bug 587340) 
2. Race condition in NETWIN32 could potentially hang Windows service processes. (Bug 596758) 
3. Sharing violation when using Microsoft Dynamics Integration Manager. (Bug 593704) 
4. Disabling file caching causes CCH application failure. See TID 7005650. (Bug 592872) 
5. Corrupted US English locale string not fixed by previous Bug 568432 fix. (Bug 590682) 
6. Wildcard directory search from command line fails and/or crashes machine. (Bug 586222) 
7. User prompted for Windows credentials after failed non-password eDirectory unlock. See TID 7005643. (Bug 585533) 
8. Kernel-mode exception in XTXPLAT.SYS during fast and/or multi-core initialization. (Bug 584061) 
9. Unable to login with LOGINW32.EXE from a CMD Run As Administrator. (Bug 583924) 
10. File synchronization failures when USERENV service copying roaming profile to Novell path. (Bug 549093) 
11. Novell Connections tree detach fails on Windows x64 platforms. (Bug 514267) 
12. "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" option not functioning. (Bug 508605) 
13. High CPU Utilization by XTSVCMGR.EXE. (Bug 331999)

Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR1) (31 Mar 2010)
1. Unchecked strcpy in NETWIN32!NWDSSetContext for DCK_TREE_NAME. (Bug 585184 ) 
2. Connection not authenticated with NWDSLoginEx with expired password. (Bug 568522) 
3. NICI installation failure on non-English version of Windows. (Bug 568432) 
4. NMAS install error when iPrint installed before Novell Client. (Bug 568200) 
5. Not using local user name saved in login profile after eDirectory authentication. (Bug 566987) 
6. File locking problems with Microsoft Access, Alaska Xbase++, and others. (Bug 566522) 
7. Unable to run application located on a DFS volume. (Bug 565304) 
8. Changing the users password after it expires results in an error message. (Bug 557980) 
9. TSClientAutoAdminLogon always using system login profile instead of user profile. (Bug 559073)

Novell Client 2 for Windows (no SP)

Novell Client 2 IR1a (22 Sep 2009)
1. Potential hang when accessing file system with IR1. (Bug 530335)

Novell Client 2 IR1 (17 Aug 2009)
1. Update Agent Previous Install Location text box shows wrong location. (Bug 276804)
2. Novell Client uninstall cleanup of additional folders when possible. (Bug 286466)
3. Novell Client uninstall cleanup of additional registry settings. (Bug 294262)
4. JPG file is lost on a volume where space restriction is exceeded. (Bug 425073)
5. Forgotten Password policy does not prompt the user to reset the password from credential provider. (Bug 458896)
6. Unable to rename a file for whom Modify and File Scan rights are enabled. (Bug 462926)
7. Unable to login with the user having dot in context via red-N when LDAP contextless login is enabled. (Bug 475054)
8. Unable to browse "Contexts" in Advanced login tab when schema class exceeds 16KB. (Bug 474918)
9. Cannot rename directory after subordinate file is modified via Office 2007. (Bug 482447)
10. NCIMAN still shows "Client" as a property section in the left-hand tree control. (Bug 483270)
11. Windows Explorer parent window can be closed when invoking Novell login window while accessing a volume via UNC path. (Bug 483276)
12. "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider" setting out-of-sync with NCNetProvider. (Bug 485595)
13. Unable to open multiple instances of MS Access database. (Bug 486646)
14. Credential provider should not invalidate the credentials passed by mstsc when Novell login fails. (Bug 489794)
15. Upgrade fails when the "Use administrator rights" feature on non-English and/or machines where the "Administrators" alias has been renamed. (Bug 491575)
16. Redirecting IE7 Favorites in Vista to NetWare Home Directory fails. (Bug 493285)
17. File is deleted when save fails on a NetWare volume. (Bug 499947)
18. Win7: eDirectory login from credential provider results in no NCP connections at desktop. (Bug 504933)
19. TSClientAutoAdminLogon fails to retain the Novell connections after successful login. (Bug 508995)
20. Bugcheck 0x50 when creating subfolders on a Novell volume. (Bug 513960)