Allow unsuccessful login attempts to fail "silently" when in Passive Mode

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  • 08-Aug-2013
  • 08-Aug-2013


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR3)


Multiple users use terminal clients to connect to a terminal server, but only some of those users actually have eDirectory accounts and expect to login to eDirectory.

When Novell Client is configured with the "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider = On", it should optionally "silently fail" if the eDirectory login attempt with the Windows user credentials does not succeed, instead of allowing the error to be displayed to the user and allowing the user to retry logging in to eDirectory.

This feature was available in the Novell Client for Windows XP/2003's, as the "PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent" configuration.


Beginning with Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR3), it is possible to configure the Client such that the login attempt will "silently fail" when using the "Login with non-Novell Credential Provider = On" and the login attempt does not succeed.

To enable this option, add a value "PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent" of type DWORD (32-bit) under HKLM\\Software\\Novell\\Network Provider\\Initial Login and set the value to "1". To disable the feature, set the value to "0".

Additional Information

Using the "PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent" feature:
  1. Ensure that the user's Windows logon username is same as their eDirectory username
  2. Ensure that the user's Windows password is same as their eDirectory password
  3. Populate the default system profile with valid entries for Tree, Context and Server.
  4. Enable "Login with Non-Novell credential provider = On" (Novell Client properties > Advanced Login tab)
  5. Set the HKLM\\Software\\Novell\\Network Provider\\Initial Login\PassiveModeNDSLoginSilent to 1 in the registry.
  6. Log off
  7. Enter the user's Windows credentials
Novell Client "passively" attempts to login to eDirectory with the same credentials given for Windows login.
  • If the eDirectory login attempt succeeds, connections are available after logging into the system.
  • If the eDirectory login attempt doesn't succeed, it fails silently, without displaying the Novell login window again and without throwing any error message, and loads the Windows desktop.

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