ZENworks/Novell client fails when using login slash dot format for domain

  • 7014075
  • 11-Nov-2013
  • 26-Feb-2014


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


When using ./user instead of localcomputer/user to login to Windows, ZENworks/Novell client logon fails.

ERROR (from logs):

ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] g_bDomainMember is TRUE
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] It would appear that we have been called from
the LogonUI process (ZenNotify.dll)
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] CALWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] CLNWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] CLXWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] NETWIN32LoadDLL called!
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] g_bClient32IsInstalled is TRUE
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] Entered  Load resource DLL
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] Language I got from API is: TRK
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] Local domain name = .
ZENLGN [4A0-57C] [08:32:59:224] Failed to get domain controler info ccode: 1212


[ZenNotify : 10/28/2013 - 08:32:59] Ought Oh!! We did a successful passive mode login but now we can't find an authenticated identity. [ZenNotify : 10/28/2013 - 08:32:59] GetLoggedOnUserInfo returning 0x00008866


The fix for this bug has been released in the following patch:

Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR6) https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=hRPJ_OZQsIw~