Cannot access volume in Windows Explorer using syntax: "\\server\volume"

  • 7016140
  • 03-Feb-2015
  • 04-May-2015


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows


Using as an example, server "Remote" with volumes "Home" and "Apps", it is possible to use the following methods to successfully access the "Home" volume on the "Remote" server:
  • Mapped Drive (Novell Login Script)
  • MS Network Mapping
  • \\cluster1\home  (cluster node)
  • \\\home (fully qualified domain name)
  • \\<ip address>\home (IP address)
  • \\remote\apps (another volume ...)

However, using this syntax in Windows Explorer does not work: \\remote\home

An error such as this is returned:

remote\home could not be accessed.
Make sure that the name was written correctly. It is possible that there is a network error. Click on "diagnosis" to identify and resolve network problems.

Using the same syntax (\\server\volume), it is possible to access another volume on the "Remote" server ("appl"), but not volume "home".

Novell is listed first in the Provider Order.


Fixed in Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR10b) or later.