Blue screen in NCIOCTL opening files from mapped drive

  • 7017531
  • 25-Apr-2016
  • 15-Jun-2016


Novell Client SP4 IR1 and IR2 for Windows 7, 8, 8.x, 10


Accessing a file or folder within a 32 bit application running on 64 bit version of Windows, may cause a blue screen in NCIOCTL.


Fixed in Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR3) or later.


A defect in the Novell Client 2 SP4 IR1 and IR2 versions of the client.

Additional Information

The issue is specific to a "junction" type mapped drive.  For example, if the drive is mapped via a DFS junction and the file or folder is accessed in a 32 bit app, a blue screen would occur.  The same issue is seen accessing a path based on an eDirectory object, e.g "\\treename\.server_volume.context\tmp" within the 32 bit application.