File time stamps do not reflect DST change until logout and re-login

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  • 29-Apr-2014
  • 30-Apr-2014


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR7)


A 24/7 automation process requires workstations to maintain an continuous NCP connection with drives mapped to the servers.  The process reads the date and time stamps of the files on the servers.  When the Daylight Savings Time time change occur, the workstation's time changed and the server's time changed.  However, the time stamp on the files showed a 1 hour difference.


Beginning with Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR7), a new Client setting is available to address this problem.

The new setting, "Server Time Zone Configuration Cache Timeout" appears in the Novell Client "Advanced Settings" under the group "Connection".

This parameter can be set in minutes from 1 to 720 (12 hours). Novell Client will now update the UTC offset of the server depending on what value was set here.

This will allow the Novell Client to automatically correct the file timestamps when the server timezone is changed (due to Daylight Savings or otherwise).


The process used to determine the UTC offset of the server during NCP connection set-up is not revisited for the lifetime of the NCP connection.

Additional Information

1. This setting will be visible only in the English setup of Novell Client until the localization is done for the next support pack release (SP4).

Until the change is made, for other languages a REG_DWORD value "UTCOffsetUpdateFrequency" must be written in registry, indicating the value required and machine restarted.

Valid Range : 1 - 720 ( in minutes )

2. The default value set for this is 60 minutes and should be appropriate in most cases. Setting a lower value can potentially degrade performance and should only be used for special cases like the customer situation as in the situation statement, above.