Login script results window may be minimized during login

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  • 28-Apr-2010
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Client for Windows Vista
Novell Client 2 for Windows Vista/2008
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Vista
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Server 2008
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7
Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2


During login from the credential provider, sometimes the login script results window is minimized on the desktop (above the task bar), or minimized to the task bar itself (e.g. tracked on the task bar like any other minimized application window would), rather than the login script results being open and visible in a window centered on the desktop as it should be by default.

Once the login script results window has appeared minimized once, it will continue to appear minimized by default from then on.  The login results window is always trying to save and restore it's previous window position and size, unless the screen resolution has changed in which case it defaults to being centered at a specific size ratio again.  The problem is that this code is "saving" the fact that the results window was minimized, even when the minimizing was unexpected or unintentional.  There is no way to correct this since the "save my position" behavior cannot be controlled by the user.


This problem is fixed in the Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows (IR5) or later.

Additional Information

Before a fix became available, the follow workaround was possible:
Use the Windows "Run logon scripts synchronously" policy  to force Windows to completely finish running the login
script(s) before proceeding with starting the user's desktop.
See the Novell Client readme section "4.16 Login Script Execution Starts Before User’s Desktop" in
https://www.novell.com/documentation/vista_client/readme/ncwv_readme.html#bnms60r for information on this Windows policy. (This section is copied below, for convenience.)

This will ensure that the SHELL32/user's desktop is initialized only after all the login script windows are closed. And, the results window will run visibly.

4.16 Login Script Execution Starts Before User’s Desktop

When logging in to both eDirectory and Windows through the credential provider of the Novell Client, the processing of login scripts stored in eDirectory now starts at the same time other login scripts are processed, such as the Windows user login script. This means that eDirectory login script execution will start (but not necessarily finish) before the user's Desktop is built.

In addition, existing Windows policies such as Run logon scripts synchronously now apply to how the Novell logon script execution will be handled. This appears to be the default behavior in Windows Server 2008 with Terminal Services, but the policy may need to be explicitly set in other Windows configurations.

If you require that logon script processing must finish before the user's desktop is built, you can enable this Windows policy in the Group Policy Editor (GPEDIT.MSC) under Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> System> Scripts> Run logon scripts synchronously. Note the same policy is also available as a User Configuration policy.