10 Minute Logon Delay with ZCM DLU, OES Client, Synchronous Logon Script Processing, and Expired Passwords

  • 7023452
  • 17-Oct-2018
  • 09-Jun-2020


ZENworks Configuration Management
Client for Open Enterprise Server (Novell Client)


Some customers have reported a 10 minute logon delay when all of the following conditions are met:

ZCM DLU must be configured and in use.
The local DLU account must not yet exist on the box.
The GPO "Process Logon Scripts Synchronously" must be enabled.
The Client for OES must be installed.
The eDirectory password must be expired so that a change password dialogue is generated.

Under these set of conditions, sometimes there will be a 10 minute delay after entering credentials before the Windows Desktop Appears along with the prompt to change the password.


Fixed in Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP5.