Abrupt disconnect of remote / terminal session upon login

  • 7001904
  • 29-Mar-2012
  • 01-Jun-2012


Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows Vista
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows Server 2008
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 7
Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows Server 2008 R2


After upgrading to Novell Client 2 SP2 for Windows 7 (IR1) or later, a remote session will disconnect immediately upon attempting to login after entering the username and password for the remote user.

Downgrading to SP1 resolves the problem. A local logon followed by a Red N login is successful.



NCCredProvider logs confirm that the "remote session disconnects upon login" behavior results from the LogonUI.exe process crashing when NCCredProvider calls an NMAS API.  Because Windows LogonUI.exe has crashed, Windows aborts the terminal session logon attempt.
This is caused by the Novell Credential Provider forcing "Enable Single Sign-On = On" in a terminal session even if the Novell Client Properties setting is /not/ enabled.

Additional Information

Prior to the fix being released, the following workaround was available:

Workaround: Allow the Novell Client 2 to install NICI and NMAS, even if you don't intend use NMAS and you set "NMAS Authentication = Off" to continue not using NMAS for eDirectory login.