Excel hangs when saving spreadsheet if another user has file open in RO mode

  • 7017439
  • 31-Mar-2016
  • 15-Jun-2016


Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows (IR2)
Microsoft Excel 2010


Excel hangs when trying to save a spreadsheet, if another workstation has the same spreadsheet open in read-only mode.


Fixed in Client for Open Enterprise Server 2 SP4 (IR3) or later.


The NCP 87,44 status returned by the server could end up being treated incorrectly by the client.  This made a difference in the NCP 87,44 use by the primary workstation (the one with read/write access to the document) and also in the NCP 87,44 use by the secondary workstation (the one with read-only access to the same document).