User is able to bypass Novell login by entering a "." for the username

  • 7015763
  • 14-Oct-2014
  • 30-Jun-2015


Novell Client 2 SP3 for Windows (IR9)


A user is able bypass the Novell login by entering a dot "." in the username field. The message "Novell login succeeded" appears, but the user is not actually logged in, and does not have access to any network resources. The user is then prompted to "Log on to this computer" with a "." appearing in the username field and the password field empty. At this point, the user must enter valid credentials to gain access to the desktop.


Fixed in Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows.

Additional Information

This is a cosmetic error; the user does not gain access to either the desktop or the network as a result of this behavior.