ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.1 - update information and list of fixes

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  • 23-Jan-2012
  • 19-Aug-2013


Novell ZENworks 11 Configuration Management Support Pack 1 - ZCM 11 SP2


Information regarding the prerequisites for upgrading to this version is contained in the readme for ZCM 11.2.1 at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks11/readme/data/readme_zenworks1121.html - note Planning to Deploy Version 11.2.1 shows that devices with agents with versions < 11.2 will require 2 reboots to reach 11.2.1
See TID 7010466 ZCM 10.3.x device fails to upgrade to ZCM 11.2.1 for issues that can arise if the agent pre-requisites are not met.

This update was temporarily withdrawn, as Novell investigated the root causes for the issues shown in TID 7010390 Agent service is not running after applying the ZENworks 11.2.1 update - the update has now (July 17 2012) been restored, but only as a manual zip file; it is not available via the Novell Customer Center, nor is it shown if  "Check for Updates" is performed (ZCC > Configuration > System Updates > Action > Check for Updates) . KB 7010390 explains the reasons for this. The update can be downloaded from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=woOqw2K-U_c~

Version Information:

Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

GUID for this update: 5011020100fc50000000002012063009

To verify that a device has been updated to 11.2.1, check the following versions on the Primary servers:
ZENworks Configuration Management Version11.2.1.0
ZENworks Asset Management Version
ZENworks Patch Management Version11.2.1.12
ZENworks EndPoint Security Management Version11.2.1.6353
ZENworks Full Disk Encryption Version11.2.1.6353
ZENworks Agent Version11.2.1.6382
and on the managed devices
ZENworks Agent Version
Components for manage devices  (Linux shows all as 11.2.1):

Asset Management11.2.1.6353
Bundle Management11.2.1.6353
Endpoint Security Management11.2.1.6353
Full Disk Encryption11.2.1.6353
Image Management11.2.1.6353
Inventory Management11.2.1.6353
Patch Management11.2.1.6353
Policy Management11.2.1.6353
Remote Management11.2.1.6353
User Management11.2.1.6189

Modules (msi and rpm) are shown in the "Updated Files:" section of "System Update Release Details" in ZCC once the System Update has been imported

Fixes (ZCM 11.2.1 includes all of the fixes that were in ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 1 and ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 2):
TID 7000139 - Empty folders show in ZENworks (NAL) window
TID 7000162 - Macintosh or Linux zicon status allows verify for uninstalled bundles
TID 7000338 - Unable to view "Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory" - Link Greyed Out
TID 7000345 - Unable to "Import Managed Devices"
TID 7000494 - MSI installs configured to run as SYSTEM may be slow to launch
TID 7000709 - ZCM 11.2 DLU does not manage or change the local user password.
TID 7000788 - ZENworks window on Mac becomes inaccessible if Command-H is used
TID 7000930 - ZCM After upgrading to 11.2, ActionManager 'threw an exception..' for some bundles for some users
TID 7001682 - "Run Script" parameters may be lost if a requirement is entered before saving the action
TID 7001942 - zman policy-create fails when xml contains satellite server information
TID 7001995 - Bundle add-on image file content does not apply correctly
TID 7002060 - Usage tracking shows inconsistent user name
TID 7002113 - DeviceGuid and DeviceData are not correct after running zman zenserver-restore
TID 7002228 - Bundle Action "Install MSP" is failing because it adds an extra quotation mark (") to the command line
TID 7002769 - Remote Management fails rights based management when validating server time is behind ZCC server time
TID 7002825 - ZPM disabled patches have corresponding PLS files on workstations
TID 7002928 - PXE boot hangs on Dell Optiplex 390/790
TID 7002974 - Errors Upgrading to ZCM 11 SP2 seen on setup.exe
TID 7003014 - ZENworks Agent Status in ZCC not displaying
TID 7003035 - ZCM database transactions not completing
TID 7003038 - ZRS Admins lose rights to BOE folders
TID 7003376 - zenworkswindowsservice.exe is not running on start up
TID 7003413 - Discover Products page take a long time to load
TID 7003510 - Software Usage includes System and DAU users
TID 7003527 - Cannot distinguish between 32-bit and 64-bit Macs in list of Workstations
TID 7003532 - ZCM11SP2 failed on HP Notebook 6540b with HP DriveGuard v4.2.2.1
TID 7003539 - Automatic restore of an image to a system that has existing LVM partitions, hangs
TID 7003559 - Firewall policy is not effective immediately
TID 7003583 - Restrict ZCM inventory imports to a specific PRU version
TID 7003607 - Using Image Explorer to restore single files may corrupt the destination files
TID 7003609 - ZCM Remediate Error 200
TID 7003699 - In rare cases Non-Volatile DLU Users treated as Volatile DLU users
TID 7003800 - zac install fails if package name consists special symbol
TID 7003943 - ZCM server not importing inventory data
TID 7003985 - Bundles disappear after refreshing Windows 7 VDI device
TID 7003997 - BSOD on Win2k08 servers
TID 7004073 - Remediate error notification popups appearing on the end user node
TID 7004084 - Unable to configure Inventory Report Rights or Asset Management Report Rights on an Administrator Group
TID 7004352 - Applications Launched by ZCM may behave differently than if launched outside of ZCM
TID 7004387 - Dynamic group query for test device returns all devices
TID 7004488 - ZCM After upgrading to 11.2, Error: "Action handler Run Script Action finished processing Pre Launch Script with error: ...not set to an instance of an object.."
TID 7004619 - Inventory report shows no data for Asset Tag in "No of Instances" fetch
TID 7004639 - logs may grow extremely large when ZENworks agent is disabled
TID 7004649 - ZENworks Icon empty or invalid times for "Next Contact with Server"
TID 7004783 - ZCM 11.2 Bundle Launch Action 'Prompt User' action does not display
TID 7004819 - Passive mode login no longer works on WinXP machines after ZCM 11.2 upgrade
TID 7004849 - Custom ZAM Report Migration
TID 7005161 - Actions set to run as Dynamic Administrator on Windows 7 will launch Interactive Services Detection dialog, minimized
TID 7005354 - /clearWorkToDo flag fails for "Dummy" Devices
TID 7005472 - ZCM 11.2 Copy file(s) action fails when copying from network location using DAU
TID 7005961 - Error creating wizard page: page ID [licensepage] not found
TID 7005962 - Unable to download new patches, no emails are sent
TID 7005963 - List of patches sorted by "Patched" or "Not Patched" gives zero results
TID 7006276 - Export and Import of "Default" registry value via ZCC does not work correctly
TID 7006411 - Imaging switch to align harddrive does not work combined with parameter to stretch partition size
TID 7006412 - Newly imaged Dell OptiPlex 760 and Dell OptiPlex 780 workstations fail to boot
TID 7006550 - Sandbox Bundles do not automatically launch on scheduled events
TID 7006638 - Offline Users unable to login to ZCM
TID 7006654 - Prevent access to the command prompt/Disable command prompt script processing
TID 7006796 - Network Communication issues after installing the ZCM agent
TID 7006808 - Bundle fails if it contains a Registry Edit action
TID 7006813 - Message: ZENworks Service does not appear to be running
TID 7006887 - User account / profile does not get removed while DLU policy is configured with volatile option and without volatile cached
TID 7006914 - Warning: "You cannot receive new updates because System Update entitlement has expired"
TID 7006933 - Error applying assigned imaging bundle to manually created device object after upgrade to 11.2
TID 7006938 - Bundle System.IO.IOException errors when launching bundles
TID 7006941 - ZENworks partition fails to install properly if partition size is changed from the default 150MB
TID 7006946 - Inventory agent colw32 endlessly looping since schedule change
TID 7006959 - New bundle assignments only getting effective on first user login
TID 7007060 - Reboot warning message is displayed, even when "Display a warning message before doing Reboot/Shutdown" is not checked
TID 7007173 - Patches that are "all languages" keep getting into an uncached state
TID 7007223 - Corrupt core ZES files causes service to fail
TID 7007225 - ZCM Device Modify rights does not allow device retirement when not Administrator or Super Administrator
TID 7007255 - ZCM Agents do not receive new bundle assignments due to invalid LastScanID
TID 7007461 - DAU bundle includes more patches than expected
TID 7007520 - Cannot check for any integer value that is > 2147483647 in "Registry Key Value" System Requirement
TID 7007588 - ZCM Registration Keys are open to users
TID 7007683 - "File Transfer Failed" when trying to use "Import Managed Devices" on ZCM 11.2
TID 7008106 - Content for Sandbox policies is not replicated
TID 7008223 - DLU Policy Filters not working
TID 7008379 - Nalshell crash on managed devices
TID 7008508 - Wildcard is allowed for "file exists" in system requirement, but is not processed correctly
TID 7008639 - index error launching Network MSI bundle with MST uploaded to content repository
TID 7008647 - Grant administrator privilege to user during installation fails: "The stub received bad data"
TID 7008826 - ZCM Cannot add rights in the ZCC console in French
TID 7009417 - Disabling Agent Features may be ignored by devices after applying 11.2 MU2
TID 7009439 - Date selector in "global" Message Cleanup accepts typed dates, but ignores them
TID 7009479 - Random smart card authentication errors
TID 7009500 - Bundle Deployment Status shows as "Unknown" in ZCC
TID 7009510 - "Refresh" option missing from ZENworks Application Window if Z icon is hidden
TID 7009719 - Versions of novell-zenworks-windows-desktop-langs MSI on a managed device differs between new install and upgrade
TID 7009755 - After login using Kerberos, Z Icon seems to allow logout/login as a different user
TID 7009803 - ZCM Linux Subscription bundle creation error: 'Replication failed for subscription "update-name" : id to load is required for loading.'
TID 7009810 - "Display Message" action only shows for five seconds on Windows 7
TID 7009819 - Agent installation fails on a Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7) device or later
TID 7009820 - The role you specified (...) is not a valid satellite server role
TID 7009822 - Some role rights cannot be changed when using ZCC in French
TID 7009854 - Alignment issues when restoring images to Advanced Format/SSD drives
TID 7009878 - "Delete Directory" action fails if the directory is flagged read-only
TID 7009928 - Time shown in Quick Task Status may be incorrerct
TID 7009977 - "Workstation Only" Smartcard single sign-on not working with Novell Enhanced Smartcard Method and Shared Secret on Windows XP
TID 7009990 - Changes to servers in L4 Switch Definition do not update a Location's Closest Server Rule
TID 7009994 - ZENworks imaging intermittently fails when performing auto-imaging
TID 7010035 - Hardware and Software inventory detailed data is appended for every scan on RHEL server
TID 7010051 - ZCM Wake On LAN schedule stopped working after 10.3.4 update
TID 7010121 - PBA may hang at Helpdesk screen after entering the Response hash
TID 7010218 - Macintosh install sometimes fails to open firewall for quicktask port
TID 7010243 - System Variable names cannot be changed
TID 7010294 - ZCM Reporting Inventory Software Application Complex queries are not getting correct results with operands used
TID 7010349 - Using .CMD file as an "executable" passes batch file path as first parameter
TID 7000139 - Empty folders show in ZENworks (NAL) window
TID 7010369 - Bundle with only an Install Tab "Launch Bundle" action may not run
TID 7010365 - When moving a Policy or Bundle's placement on the relationship tab up or down, it moves the wrong Policy or Bundle
TID 7010397 - Dynamic Group filtered on Product Name is not removing members
TID 7010398 - Unable to Modify an Existing Variable to Prepend
TID 7010376 - ZENworks icon won't show any policy assignment
TID 7010362 - Bundle Install Action does not have a Verify Bundle option
TID 7010378 - Unable to replicate SLES 11 SP1 subscription
TID 7010379 - ZCM un-installer removes xinetd package
TID 7010380 - Login fail when logging in with user that has not previously logged in to the workstation
TID 7010360 - Windows satellite server does not recover from invalid checksum on cached file
TID 7010361 - Unable to create yum repository when admin has "bundle rights"
TID 7009097 - Some patch deployment bundles returning error 40
TID 7010349 - Using .CMD file as an "executable" passes batch file path as first parameter
TID 7010498 - Unable to add members to ZCC Administrator Groups even with user assigned ZCC admin rights
TID 7010632 - KB files for inventory only Windows devices do not sync between Linux primary servers
TID 7010719 - Failed to download subscription
TID 7011367 - Patch Management Export list pulling entire zone statistics
TID 7011366 - Remote Management agent floods root drive with log files
TID 7011364 - Typing Croatian specific characters show incorrect during remote control session.
TID 7004828 - Errors for bundles requiring user session
TID 7011680 - ADF is not accepting data over 5 characters
TID 7011840 - Policy Setting "Display applications in windows explorer" does not hide icons if set to "no"
TID 7011919 - User Details Report does not populate
TID 7011920 - Inventory scan does not finish on workstations with Windows language packs
TID 7011946 - ZDM 7 Icon showing in the System Tray
TID 7011947 - Network Environment assignment does not follow listed order
TID 7011957 - Unable to create reports in a folder with an apostrophe
TID 7011972 - Linux server xplat agent does not trust its own certificate after a server reinstall
TID 7011987 - Dell Latitude E6520 hangs when checking for imaging assignment during pxe boot
TID 7005596 - ZCM 11.2 Monthly Update 1 "Publisher" for Group Policy Helper shows as "Unknown Publisher"
TID 7012173 - YUM repo does not contain same number of packages as in bundle
TID 7012174 - Inventory Hotfix Information Missing on some devices
TID 7012175 - RegEdit rename key action adds a new key instead of renaming the existing one
TID 7012176 - Asset Management Compliance report times out
TID 7012840 - User login dialog showing in English with Swiss French language settings
TID 7012875 - Folders and sub-folders open new windows in ZENworks Application window (NalWin)
TID 7012877 - On Registry Edit Bundle action, registry import fails if the word 'Registry' is found in any of the keys
TID 7012878 - Some settings removed when publishing as a new Bundle from Sandbox
TID 7012879 - Bundles set to launch at specific time re-launches on every refresh
TID 7013021 - Linux ZCM Agents after updating to 11.1a erroring with manpath errors upon login
TID 7013022 - CGI scripting vulnerabilities in ZCM11 SP2

Fixes (TID Pending):
Bug 648134 PRE Install Notification Option doesn't work properly on Windows 7
Bug 753159 ZCM 11.1 Inventory not importing 2 dual monitors as seperate monitors
Bug 724966 Icons in the Show Progress window are showing up zoomed in W7
Bug 748637 ZENworks News Settings  proxy settings password is stored in clear text
Bug 750924 non root users are not able to import bundles with zman error 62
Bug 751569 after move of a device to different folder the assignment will take up 5min to show up
Bug 760776 Deploying a patches to a device are creating warning messages like this “Action "880f7896ee150d4892ad1fa8c70c0600" of the child bundle "MS12-004 Security Update for Windows XP (KB 2598479--730158692" failed. ”
Bug 761663 need 3 authentication attempts to login successfully with a smartcard
Bug 760150 HDD Cynlinders/Heads Incorrectly Identified on Sata Port 0 after 11.2 Upgrade (OK on Ports 1-3)
Bug 714353 multi-part identifier NC_Workstation could not be bound - triggered by two ADF's with the same name
Bug 751190 MS Inputs on SQL
Bug 764859 Windows XP Internet Explorer settings are randomly not applied
Bug 743582 [Security vulnerability] System Update - password for proxy server authentication is stored in plain text in system.update.proxy.info.xml
Bug 739059 ZCC advanced search on device returns nothing on criteria of Product-Name
Bug 744611 User doesn't receive assigned bundle
Bug 748624 [Performance] Slow delete of Event in Message Log
Bug 748764 Fluctuating values in System and Sytem board hardware components in inventory History report
Bug 751194 DisplayName of bundle is wrong