Errors for bundles requiring user session

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  • 09-Nov-2009
  • 13-Mar-2014


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management


ERRORs (in ZCC):
Error impersonating configured user
There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined


When a bundle is associated to a device, but install or launch actions set to run as user, these errors occur when the schedule is set to run at a time when the device is started but no user is yet logged in.  See bundle Requirements for "Primary user is logged in" or "Logged in to primary workstation" for help to ensure this case.

Set a system requirement that will be true if user is logged in.  For more information see resolution in
Either schedule the bundle for a time or event that guarantees that the user is logged in or run the action as system or Dynamic Administrative User (DAU) if possible (MSI doesn't require user specific information).

Additional Information

If the user is not logged in, but the install action requires run as user, then the action will retry 5 times.  If the user session is still unavailable the action will fail until reconfigured to run as an available account (system or dau) or incremented to run at a time when user session is available.
Prior to ZCM 11.2.1, each failure of the 5 retries would be reported to the ZCC as a failure.  In ZCM 11.2.1, an error will only be reported if all 5 retries fail.