ZCM 10.3.x device fails to upgrade to ZCM 11.2.x

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  • 17-Jul-2012
  • 23-Oct-2012


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 10.3 System Update
Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 System Update


Upgrading from ZCM 10.3.x agent to ZCM 11.2.x

Upgrade fails with error "The update failed because the pre-requisite update, (Update for ZENworks (11 SP2)), failed to apply. Check the status of that update for details."

ZENworks Update balloon tip shows "No status has been reported" and does not change for a long time (several minutes). Eventually the message changes to "The update was canceled because one or more prerequisites were not met. .NET 3.5 SP1 is required but not found"

System-update log file on managed device has "ERROR;ERROR_CHECKING_PREREQUISITE;.NET 3.5 SP1 is required but not found;"


Ensure that ZCM 11.2 pre-requisites have been met https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks11/zen11_installation/data/brm022x.html#brm022x - in particular .NET 3.5 SP1 (.NET 4 is not a substitute) and Windows Installer 3.1 or later. These requirements are different from those for ZCM 10.3 managed devices.

Once the pre-requisites have been met, for affected devices it will be necessary to deploy Update for ZENworks (11 SP2) to those devices, and letting them reboot, before going to ZCC, navigate to Configuration > System Updates then select your update, e.g.,  Update for ZENworks 11 SP2 (11.2.1), and click the number in the "Failed" column. Select the device(s) and choose Action > Redeploy Update to Device(s). If the SP2 update is not deployed first, then the 11.2.x update will continue to fail for those devices.


Once the 11.2.x update has been started, and starts to auto-deploy the update for ZCM 11.2, it only sees the failure, and will not auto-restart the 11.2 update. In this circumstance it's necessary to deploy 11.2 separately. If the pre-requisites were met before the first deployment, the 11.2.x update would have automatically deployed 11.2, then 11.2.x.