ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.3a - update information and list of fixes

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  • 02-Nov-2012
  • 05-Feb-2015


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2


11 April 2013 - ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.3a

ZCM 11.2.3a can be downloaded from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=k0Va9es8iag~

Data regarding GUID, version numbers etc., can be found in the file 11.2.3a_Version_Data.pdf available at the above location. Note that this update does not appear when "Check for Updates" is done in ZCC, for the same reasons as shown in TID 7010390 Agent service is not running after applying the ZENworks 11.2.1 update - the same problem could occur if 11.2.3a is made available via that mechanism, so until a fix can be made to the System Update code, large updates will only be made via zip files.

Information regarding the prerequisites for upgrading to this version is contained in the readme for ZCM 11.2.3a at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks11/readme_zenworks1123a/data/readme_zenworks1123a.html

See TID 7010466 ZCM 10.3.x device fails to upgrade to ZCM 11.2.x for issues that can arise if the agent pre-requisites are not met.

ZCM 11.2.3a contains the same PRU files as the February 2013 PRU

ZCM 11.2.3a contains all the fixes below for ZCM 11.2.3 (which in turn includes the fixes from ZCM 11.2.2 Monthly Update 1 and ZCM 11.2.2 Monthly Update 2) plus:
TID 7011998 - No ZENworks news items seen after an upgrade
TID 7011960 - ZCM 11.2.3: User-based variables incorrectly resolved
TID 7012051 - ZCM 11.2.3: ZESM and Imaging Management not working on Windows 8 and Windows 2012
TID 7012052 - ZCM 11.2.3/ZPM 11.2.3: Patches fail to be delivered on OS X 10.8
TID 7012053 - ZCM11.2.3: NAL icons not seen on Windows 8 desktop if the "Windows Store Apps" (Modern UI Apps) screen is first displayed for 5-10 minutes
TID 7012016 - ZCM 11.2.3: Agent Registration using custom deployment package with a reg key in it does not add it to the right folder and group(s)
TID 7012070 - ZCM 11.2.3: New agent installs ZESM components when only FDE is enabled
TID 7012071 - ZCM 11.2.3: ZESM is being installed on devices with Server OS
TID 7012119 - ZCM 11.2.3: ZENworks agent is not running when performing a login in computer-only mode

Fixes brought forward from ZCM 11.2.3:(this list includes the fixes from ZCM 11.2.2 Monthly Update 1 and ZCM 11.2.2 Monthly Update 2):
TID 7003532 - ZCM11SP2 failed on HP Notebook 6540b with HP DriveGuard v4.2.2.1
TID 7004468 - When "User Only - device associated policies ignored" loop back is set, Device Group Policy is not getting applied correctly
TID 7006958 - ZCM agent install fails on Windows XP with HP DriveGuard
TID 7007892 - Endpoint Security
TID 7009320 - After update to ZCM 11.1 not able to see the bundle status “The bundle status is currently not available because the post upgrade process is in progress.”
TID 7010359 - ZAM 11.2 Check marks showing that documents are attached to contracts are not displayed.
TID 7010429 - Mac: The ZENworks Service does not appear to be running
TID 7010493 - ZCC very slow for user without Super-Adminstrator rights
TID 7010517 - Time from user login to available bundle icons is taking longer
TID 7010574 - Unknown exception occurred trying to process task: Novell.Zenworks.AppModule.LaunchException
TID 7010681 - System Management Patches writing to the wrong section in the registry
TID 7010695 - Windows explorer.exe crashes caused by Nalshell.dll on Windows 64-bit systems
TID 7010727 - Cannot configure multiple LPR printers on the same IP address
TID 7010813 - Can't delete Patch Signature in ZCC
TID 7010869 - ZCM agent with nwclient ignores DefaultRealm configuration when multiple realms are configured
TID 7010884 - Unable to view ZCM custom inventory reports when using a login from one of two user sources
TID 7010920 - Unable to import exported windows MSI bundle
TID 7011273 - TFTP not downloading files when used on VMware
TID 7011306 - ZCM Agent tries to downgrade installed kernel
TID 7011316 - Hardware components appearing many times in inventory for the same device
TID 7011317 - Purge_history script not clearing all old inventory information
TID 7011343 - ZCM Inventory collection form is not submitting or changing data
TID 7011365 - ZESService causing memory leak
TID 7011368 - NC_CompChanges table growing quickly
TID 7011378 - Imaging not working on Toshiba L750 laptop Atheros NIC fails
TID 7011381 - Devices become unmanaged due to corrupt cache
TID 7011389 - ZCM Icons are missing with NoDesktop GPO enabled
TID 7011391 - ZEN Imaging partition upgrade fails
TID 7011393 - Satellite server randomly not serving content during a system-update
TID 7011794 - Random agent shutdown on Windows 7 after reboot
TID 7011403 - You do not have the permission to clear the cache. Please contact your ZENworks Administrator
TID 7011404 - Server out of sync errors since updating to 11.2.2
TID 7011406 - Cannot use imaging on HP Compaq Pro 4300 Small Form Factor (NIC driver will not load)
TID 7011407 - tg3 network driver does not load on Dell Latitude 2120 or Optiplex 380
TID 7011416 - Missing files in ZCM agent cache
TID 7011420 - ZCM 11.2.2: Some Hotfixes missing in Detailed Hardware/Software Inventory list
TID 7011427 - Error when adding WOL action to bundle schedule
TID 7011429 - ZCM 11.2.2 ZENworks Agent registration hangs
TID 7011458 - segfault in imaging environment using August 2012 imaging update files
TID 7011461 - Debug log level 4 might crash novell-zmgprebootpolicy daemon
TID 7011467 - Imaging Boot Splash Screen hiding imaging script output
TID 7011474 - ZCM 11.2.2 MU1 "WiFi Watcher had an unhandled exception"
TID 7011488 - ZCC device search is unable to find device by serial number when device does not have full inventory scan
TID 7011489 - Random crash after upgrading to ZCM 11.2.2
TID 7011491 - ZCM Inventory stops processing xml files on server after 11.2.1 upgrade
TID 7011521 - Unable to create a subscription containing only noarch RPMs
TID 7011526 - Bundles assigned to users run at the same time as bundles assigned to devices when using using "Bundle Ordering"
TID 7011527 - When fingerprint login is used on Windows 7, user "tiles" appear twice on login panel
TID 7011542 - Remote Management policy with conflict resolution user last, the user policy will not be active
TID 7011545 - Imaging not working on Dell Vostro 3360 laptop (alx driver)
TID 7011547 - INI Edit Actions may fail using the ZCM 11.2.2 Agent
TID 7011551 - When using "Show Permission Prompt" for System Update, nothing happens after clicking "OK"
TID 7011557 - No progress bar shown when applying imaging jobs to device
TID 7011619 - zman suva results in "An internal error occurred"
TID 7011631 - Patch notification mails are received even after disabling the corresponding vendor
TID 7011632 - ZCC error/exception when trying to navigate to the reference link of startup location at zone level
TID 7011664 - Mac: "All Users" (*) missing View, Install, Configure privileges after upgrade from ZCM 11.2
TID 7011665 - ZCM 11.2.2: Edit ini action fails when renaming section and a key within that section in the same action item
TID 7011682 - ZCM: Service Desk Registration via URL does not work
TID 7011690 - CPU count reported incorrectly in Inventory
TID 7011727 - ZCC log says re-upload of Imagex and Ghost is not successful
TID 7011737 - Bundle Copy Directory fails to access network files when no one is logged in on workstation (at boot event)
TID 7011738 - Memory leak on ZESService when running Windows 2003/XP
TID 7011742 - ZCM 11.2.2 MU1: agent always goes into '~unknown~' location
TID 7011795 - ZCM Does not Detect changes to the "Volatile Environment"
TID 7011796 - Exception in services-messages.log when registration results in a device being reconciled with an existing object
TID 7011806 - Unable to mirror OES11 channels
TID 7011820 - Values used for Credential Vault are shown in cleartext
TID 7006002 - "Last Modified" time for Location Throttle Rate shows UTC, not local time
TID 7005472 - ZCM 11.2 Copy file(s) action and other actions may fail when accessing a network location using DAU
TID 7011348 - ZPM Dashboard data is not updated automatically
TID 7011930 - ZESService.exe may fail to start due to missing quotes in Service configurations
TID 7011936 - When creating registration rules the "NOT" option is reset when adding filters
TID 7011937 - Power Management policy overwrites the current Local power policy settings
TID 7011939 - Can't update schema if zcmSharedSecret already exists
TID 7011954 - No usage for Libre Office
TID 7011956 - Unable to uninstall agent as Local System
TID 7011988 - ObjectNotFoundException exception while loading workstation inventory
TID 7011989 - Windows device does not report system update status
TID 7011958 - Not Applicable selection on group objects returning inconsistent patch results
TID 7012441 - ZCM Devices unmanaged after System Update (SU) due to corrupt cache (Service Object being NULL value)
TID 7004915 - ZENworks Database grows rapidly due to NC_CompChanges table
TID 7012833 - JAVA Number format exception while loading Financial Details in a contract
TID 7012839 - Randomly Citrix user login hangs in Windows welcome message
TID 7013067 - Content fails to download on Linux managed device
TID 7013020 - Slow ZCC performance in 11.2.1 Oracle database and bundle changes
TID 7014000 - Patch Deployment Wizard doesn't show Deploy schedule

Fixes (TID pending):
Bug 775244 Inconsistent behavior in the dynamic group for defining Group Memebers
Bug 775430 Printer driver is installed and works, policy status failed
Bug 790677 zac zeninfo, entering a user and password which belongs to the local administrator group does not work
Bug 785745 Agent pulls Content based on Default CSR intead of Network Environment Server List after imaging
Bug 783016 Bundle status incorrectly reflected for Windows and xplat agents
Bug 754193 Local Software Product wizard is very slow when dealing with large number of files.
Bug 777600 File size larger than 4 GB inventored incorrectly
Bug 782538 User able to uninstall a bundle being not allowed
Bug 787717 Delay action stops unexpectedly ZENworks Agent Service