ZENworks Configuration Management 10.3.1 - update information and list of fixes

  • 7006265
  • 14-Jun-2010
  • 14-May-2013


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 3 - 10.3


Information regarding the pre-requisites for upgrading to this version, and details regarding new platform support is contained in the readme for ZCM 10.3.1 at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zcm10/readme/readme_zcm1031.html
  • The preferred method to obtain this update is to use online System Updates: see section III in the online document "ZENworks 10 Configuration Management System Administration Reference", entitled "ZENworks System Updates".
  • If online System Updates cannot be used, and there is a need to import the update manually, a zip file containing the update can be downloaded. See "ZCM 10.3.1 upgrade manual import file" at https://download.novell.com/patch/finder

  • Version Information:
    Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\version.txt =
    Linux: /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/version.txt =

    To verify that a device has been updated to 10.3.1, check the following versions and/or msi/rpm on the managed devices:
    ZENworks Configuration Management Version10.3.1.0
    ZENworks Asset Management Version10.3.1.60834
    ZENworks Patch Management Version10.3.1.1
    ZENworks Agent Version10.3.1.34138
    GUID for this update: 50100301003a203627e3d3aefee8dd34

    Modules (msi and rpm) are shown in the "Updated Files:" section of "System Update Release Details" in ZCC once the System Update has been imported

    TID 3093343 - When adding a .lnk file to a bundle, the target gets inserted instead
    TID 7004459 - User unable to login to ZCM if user's "Display Name" contains a slash in their Active Directory account
    TID 7004538 - Patches get uninstalled after a Patch Management assignment bundle is disabled or deleted
    TID 7004629 - Bundle System Requirements fail to resolve correctly at user login
    TID 7004840 - ZCM 10.2.1 Bundle export to xml does not include explorer folder path using command: zman betf
    TID 7005208 - nalwin option "/s" does not work correctly if user is volatile
    TID 7005281 - NIC driver not loading for VMware W/S or HP DC5800 with imaging for Intel 82566DM Gigabit Adapter
    TID 7005430 - NumberFormatException error when registering a windows device
    TID 7005440 - Java exception when clicking 'deployment' in ZCC
    TID 7005473 - Inventory Collector process COLW32 hangs utilising 50% CPU
    TID 7005523 - ZENworks Imaging auto rename using asset tag randomly fails
    TID 7005653 - Linux Satellite server reporting no missing content when running zac cic
    TID 7005698 - SettingsReadErrorFromLocalCache error from Linux satellites after 10.2.1 update
    TID 7005713 - System reboots during authentication with ZCM 10.3 agent and ZESM 3.5 client installed
    TID 7005742 - Bundles with file copy action to copy from share fail
    TID 7005761 - ZCM 10.3 Personality Handler doesn't work with 10.2.2 Personality Migration client.
    TID 7005770 - ZENworks imaging does not recognize Intel 82577LM NIC
    TID 7005781 - Casa fails after modifying certificates with novell-zenworks-configure or after zman server-restore
    TID 7005787 - Purchase Order records are not always imported
    TID 7005804 - Policy failures in Terminal Sessions on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
    TID 7005806 - Error when deploying migrated bundle that has a registry edit action
    TID 7005817 - Adding authentication role to a device with content role fails
    TID 7005818 - ZCM 10.3 - cannot unretire a device
    TID 7005820 - Windows 7 System Readiness report is missing
    TID 7005821 - ZCM10.3 Inventory-Only agent does not perform scans
    TID 7005886 - ZCM treats Upper Case User Ids as different User IDs than Lower Case User IDs.
    TID 7005887 - Content replication timeouts causing high utilization on database
    TID 7005888 - Oracle migration fails for servers that updated to 10.3 and not yet baselined
    TID 7005888 - Oracle migration fails for servers that updated to 10.3 and not yet baselined
    TID 7005926 - Login is slow when client is unable to contact the server
    TID 7006025 - This install has detected a previously installed version of ZENworks Configuration Management.
    TID 7006033 - Remote Controlling a Windows7 64 Bit PC Permanently Disables Aero
    TID 7006063 - Error migrating application
    TID 7006134 - Automatic download of System Update downloads older updates
    TID 7006154 - Problems after extending the eDirectory schema for Shared Secret Authentication
    TID 7006161 - Segmentation fault on Windows 7 during SID Change when specifying individual partitions
    TID 7006211 - Control-Alt-Del grayed out during remote control session of Windows 7 devices.
    TID 7006320 - Imaging bootcd cannot load additional files if machine has 2 optical drives
    TID 7006500 - When creating a new bundle in ZCM 10.3, the MSI parameters (Install, Uninstall and Repair parameters) are not auto-populated
    TID 7006501 - ZCM Agent is unable to start if no value is returned while checking firewall status
    TID 7006503 - ZCM bundle creation fails to auto-populate the parameters for msiexec when using a UNC path
    TID 7006522 - DisablePassiveModeLogin registry key gets overwritten on system update
    TID 7006523 - Running zenworksuninstall.exe from the command line does not work when using the --local switch
    TID 7006525 - After re-registration some Windows 7 or Vista devices with Update Root Certificates lose connection
    TID 7006526 - Imaging distro is recognizing USB device is /dev/sda instead of /dev/sdb
    TID 7006527 - iarealms.xml file is not being re-written correctly on reboot of server
    TID 7006530 - Primary servers are not communicating to database through a L4 switch definition.
    TID 7006531 - Unable to set the Device Dynamic Rename Registration Setting from a command lin
    TID 7006602 - PXE Imaging from a Satellite fails if parent server is down
    TID 7006607 - Inventory scan does not happen on SLES 11 devices with Inventory-only agent
    TID 7006608 - Windows 7/Vista Remote Control session is terminated if a bundle is launched that runs as Dynamic Administrator
    TID 7006609 - "In Browser" and "In Device" timezones shown for "Last Contact" in ZCC differ when they should not
    TID 7006610 - Unable to remove assigned bundles and policies via user's Relationship tab
    TID 7006613 - Unable to upload winpe.wim from the Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Automated installation Kit
    TID 7006614 - Users are not shown sorted from eDirectory User Source
    TID 7006622 - Prompted Reboot/Shutdown waits for the specified time, even if user accepts the reboot
    TID 7006636 - High utilization on primary servers when TFTP schedule is enabled
    TID 7006644 - Migrated application using "%source_path%" has "Copy File" actions instead of "Install File" actions
    TID 7006653 - Migrated application using wildcards has "Copy File" actions instead of "Install File" actions
    TID 7006697 - Personality Migration Bundle Fails to migrate documents and files correctly for Domain users
    TID 7006698 - NALWIN help can be used to launch applications
    TID 7006699 - Dynamic Groups returning incomplete results
    TID 7006700 - "zac iac" does not allow importing certificates signed by a subordinate Certificate Authority
    TID 7006701 - Bundle Migration fails with "Exception Thrown Array cannot be null"
    TID 7006775 - ZCM 10.3 Error: 'ORA-00904: "UC"."ZUID": invalid identifier ' creating or deleting license entitlement on a licensed product
    TID 7006789 - Bundle folder replication settings do not always flow down as expected
    TID 7006848 - Random crash in Visible Signal dialog box when a managed device user logs out and in repeatedly during Remote Control
    TID 7006945 - Imaging with WINPE not setting partitions correctly.
    TID 7007029 - ZCM 10.2.x Hundreds or thousands of inventory scans by workstations uploaded to inventory server(s)
    TID 7005281 - NIC driver not loading for VMware W/S or HP DC5800 with imaging for Intel 82566DM Gigabit Adapter
    TID 7005781 - Casa fails after modifying certificates with novell-zenworks-configure or after zman server-restore
    TID 7007593 - Content of re-migrated policies might not apply
    TID 7007665 - ziswin command line option to wipe ZISD data
    TID 7008076 - HP mini 5101 netbook hangs on PXE boot
    TID 7008108 - Software local products are not getting merged into the sw.kb files for the IO agent
    TID 7008235 - New install Primary Server gets installed with self-signed certificate
    TID 7008278 - zac cvc taking too long
    TID 7008319 - VMware machine serial numbers are not being picked up in inventory
    TID 7008433 - Corrupted WIF not getting moved off
    TID 7009781 - ZAM 7.5 to 10.3.0 Migration error "Event Source: InitializeAMAdfTable...Cannot find "dbo.zADF" because it does not exist
    TID 7008967 - Novell-PBServ Hangs in Mixed ZDM and ZCM environment
    TID 7008597 - Serial numbers are blank in ZCM inventory reports for Dell Machines
    TID 7008592 - Advanced Launch Executable Action Selects 2 Radio Buttons With IE7 or Earlier
    TID 7009051 - License allocation device search does not show all devices
    TID 7006473 - ZCM Collection Data Form (CDF) Behaviour Change
    TID 7006586 - Dynamic group membership criteria reads historical inventory entries
    TID 7006587 - Agent general refresh not occurring when IP address changes
    TID 7006585 - Viewing bundle assignments causes high CPU utilization on database server

    Fixes (TID Pending):
    Bug 529356 Unable to save TFTP settings after applying system update 10.2
    Bug 546506 Migration fails using app objects with distribution guids
    Bug 560164 Found "system.update.updatestats" module in 10.2 Server
    Bug 564404 Imaging isn't working Error code: 12. Certificate doesn't verify.
    Bug 570700 ZCC editing PXE hardware rule with limited rights doesn't work with IE
    Bug 572235 not able to delete the TFTP Replication history
    Bug 572953 ActionManger throws an exception when creating a DAU user
    Bug 573828 when action " Install Bundle"contains an “&” in the name the bundle can't be exported Error: 11 is thrown
    Bug 576046 Action handler Display Message Action finished processing Display Message with error: ActionMan.DisplayException.
    Bug 580822 ZCC opening a device throws a stack trace
    Bug 582391 CPU spike on MSSQL server causing server to be unresponsive
    Bug 583218 changing the TFTP schedule will create a multiple entries in the database
    Bug 583630 Icons in NalWin are not re-arranged properly when window is maximized
    Bug 586935 third party imaging, redeploy an WIM image, the device will register with a different guid
    Bug 589281 exception when disabling File Bundle for  spoke Asset Management
    Bug 590213 ImageExplorer doesn't  handle extended characters correctly
    Bug 592600 Personality Migration doesn't exclude files as configured in template
    Bug 594955 ZAGENT querry to ZCM is case sensitive
    Bug 597441 Deadlocks happening in Oracle database after 10.3 upgrade
    Bug 597779 removing a primary server out zone, will not clear the System update Dedicated Server Settings for that server
    Bug 597844 Cannot login to zenworks agent with a user inside a container using DLU in Win 7
    Bug 598428 ZCC should log information in regards to errors that happen during an assignment
    Bug 599511 unknown condition causes all status to fail with invalid id
    Bug 607681 zac cchk command throws error
    Bug 611518 Cannot Remote from ZCM and Windows at the same time
    Bug 613070 Cannot add any user source.