Segmentation fault on Windows 7 during SID Change when specifying individual partitions

  • 7006161
  • 01-Jun-2010
  • 14-May-2013


Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with Support Pack 3 - 10.3 Imaging
Microsoft Windows 7


When applying a Windows 7 image specifying specific partitions the following error may occur during the SID Change operation:

ERROR: Segmentation Fault

This has been seen when a separate partition also exists or is created, such as a D:\ partition to store data, and only the Windows 7 base image is being applied.


    img -pd1 #delete partition 1
img -pd2 #delete partition 2
img -pa1 #set partition 1 active

img -pc1 -type=NTFS 100 #creates Windows 7 hidden system partition
img -pc2 -type=NTFS 8000 #creates Windows 7 C:\ partition
img -pc3 -type=NTFS #creates additional D:\ partition

img -rp <image name>.zmg -ap=a1:p1 #applies the Windows 7 hidden partition to partition 1
img -rp <image name>.zmg -ap=a2:p2 #applies the Windows 7 C:\ to partition 2

During the final SID Change operation after applying the Windows 7 image, the Segmentation Fault occurs.


This is fixed in version 10.3.1 - see KB 7006265 "ZENworks Configuration Management 10.3.1 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at