NALWIN help can be used to launch applications

  • 7006698
  • 23-Aug-2010
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 - ZDM7 SP1 Application Launcher (NAL)
Novell ZENworks 10 Configuration Management Bundles


Help > Contents in ZENworks Application Window opens the help in the default browser. Within that browser, it may be possible to launch other applications (e.g., File > Open in Internet Explorer).
When running the Application Window as the shell, this means that users may be able to launch other applications outside of NAL control


For ZDM7: Fixed in ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Service Pack 1 Interim Release 4 Hot Patch 5, see KB 3484245 "Updates to Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management" which can be found at
For ZCM 10.x: This is fixed in version 10.3.1 - see KB 7006265 "ZENworks Configuration Management 10.3.1 - update information and list of fixes" which can be found at
Using the Application Window as a shell will automatically disable the Application Window Help > Contents function (it is grayed out).
If this behavior is required when the Application Window is not the shell, the command-line switch /d may be used to achieve the same result.