ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with SP1 (10.1)

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  • 22-Aug-2008
  • 11-Jul-2013


ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with SP1 (10.1)


5 August 2008 - ZENworks 10 Configuration Management with SP1 (10.1)


Version 10.1 can be obtained from https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=nSZRMnslrvE~ as ZCM_10.1.0.iso (note this was re-released in 2009) and can be used to install to new ZCM servers, or to upgrade existing ZCM servers.

You must be running version 10.0.3.x before attempting to upgrade to version 10.1

See the updated documentation at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zcm10/pdfdoc/zcm101.zip for information on the new features in this release


TID 3796509 - New Device with appended GUID appearing after server or agent reboot
TID 7000404 - OES 2 server in pending state when updating to SU1 and zac ref fails with exception
TID 7000571 - zac ref bundle [bundlename] does not work if display name is changed
TID 7000751 - Unable to re-deploy the system update to a pending device in ZCC
TID 7000787 - Remote operations do not require permission if user is not logged in
TID 7000871 - Error message in System Update ZCC page after setting stage timeout to 0
TID 7000890 - Subsequent scans on XP machines does not pick up software components and are marked as deleted
TID 7001203 - Restore of a backed up database does not work in a traditional Chinese environment
TID 7001206 - Zenloader Process does not start automatically after installing to SLES10
TID 7001216 - Cannot use .BMP file for icon in ZCC
TID 7001205 - Misleading error when trying to delete a Patch Management bundle
TID 7001207 - Unable to deploy patches to a device
TID 7001212 - Unable to start NALWIN.exe after updating to ZCM 10.0.3
TID 7001217 - Patch Management Server always installs to C: drive
TID 7001218 - Registration rules are ignored when using ZCM 10.0.3
TID 7001223 - Multiple device objects in the ZENworks Control Center
TID 3247498 - Bundle cannot overwrite read-only files
TID 7001222 - Refresh is triggered for previous session after user logs out and logs in again
TID 7001224 - Windows Update shows patch was never installed, when bundle deployment show success
TID 7001295 - Blank entries exist for nonexistent servers in the "Closest Server Default Rule" ZCC Configuration
TID 7001344 - Japanese is incorrect in Remote Management Policy
TID 7001345 - Registration naming variables not getting added
TID 7001311 - ZCM Application Command Line Parameters causes the ZENworks Application Window to not show icons nor menu options
TID 7001470 - Migration tool - browsing source eDirectory tree is slow
TID 7000056 - Failed to install Business Objects Enterprise XIR2. See installation logs for more details
TID 7001472 - Cannot select "Hidden", or "Read-only" as option for Copy Directory action
TID 7001508 - Uninstall of ZCM agent results in loss of Ctrl-Alt-Delete functionality once logged in
TID 7001436 - When using the DNS name with zac it fails to register the workstation
TID 7001475 - Cannot uninstall agent unless you are a local administrator
TID 7001476 - "zac bv" command on Linux servers does not work if bundle name contains a space
TID 3093343 - When adding a .lnk file to a bundle, the target gets inserted instead
TID 7001445 - Unable to script removal of ZCM Agent
TID 7001488 - Additional OUs added to a User Source are not recognized until a server reboot
TID 7001494 - Unable to Set Advertised Discovery Interval to just 1 minute
TID 7001477 - Error reading primary user calculation
TID 7001478 - Patches do not apply
TID 7000001 - Unable to delete bundle if it has been in an application dependency chain
TID 7000234 - Migrating an application folder with extended character shows up in ZCC as a '*'
TID 7000623 - Cannot use just system variable name in path for local file rights
TID 7001487 - MSI bundles do not deploy upon refresh
TID 7001495 - When admin RDP's a 2k3 server with the agent, the agent becomes unresponsive.
TID 7001480 - High utilization in ZENLOADER prevents user login
TID 3740643 - Installing ZDM agent over ZCM agent breaks both
TID 7001471 - Some bundle scripts do not run for migrated applications
TID 3779048 - Bundle icon does not change color when requirements change to being met or unmet
TID 3246912 - Accented characters do not appear in remote management prompt
TID 7001473 - Error messages are hidden by NAL window
TID 3506680 - Cannot install ZEN-supplied DotNet on Server that has German Locale
TID 7000189 - Start Menu Folder is prefixed by ZCM Parent Folder
TID 7001521 - Overriding selected install language by choosing "English" results in mixed language display
TID 7001537 - ZENworks screen delay before displaying icons
TID 7001505 - ZPM bundle deployment status PENDING after successful launch
TID 7001536 - System Update 2 is hanging in Pending Status during deployment to multiple Primary Servers
TID 7001577 - ZCM 10.0.3 agent "does not appear to be running"
TID 7001418 - Could not read the internal UID of the eDir object when migrating applications to ZCM
TID 7001512 - PXE boot menu shows v7.1.0
TID 7001552 - ZCM agent will not start properly when the Internet explorer is set to run on startup
TID 3910320 - Inappropriate SSL error when using LDAP cleartext for LDAP Discovery
TID 3410282 - Browsing Active Directory user source for deployable devices doesn't Advance
TID 7001634 - unknown Entry: 8 in ZCM migration tool
TID 7001636 - Can't verify bundle after zac cc
TID 7000626 - Can't redirect printers or drives with thin application RDP
TID 7001637 - Invalid assignment token errors
TID 7001638 - SystemUpdate service unpredictable if zenworks_home undefined
TID 7001639 - System Update 10.0.3 stuck at bundling 100% after certain NullPointerException
TID 7001640 - Update cache vulnerabilities in endless caching state
TID 7001642 - During update, endless errors for createextractorpacks fills drive and causes queue failures
TID 7001717 - System Update - all Devices report update as SUCCESSFUL, but overall deployment status says IN PROGRESS
TID 7001635 - User daemon errors in zmd-messages.log
TID 7000083 - Remote Control Fails
TID 7000581 - System Update Bundles showing on the ZENworks Application Window after completion
TID 7002076 - Not able to read ISD from MAC machines running Intel processors
TID 7000824 - Cannot update Security settings in Windows Group Policy on a workstation with XPSP3
TID 7002762 - The ZCM "Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86-en-xpsp3" bundle does not install to any device.
TID 3771791 - ZCM Server won't startup after installation, Console reports "Page not found"
TID 3806333 - ZISWIN does not change SID for Windows Vista
TID 7000073 - ZCM 10.0.2 Some Vulnerabilities' file bundle show Unavailable in Content Server
TID 7002936 - Workstations not getting desktop icons after upgrading from ZCM 10.0.2 to 10.0.3
TID 7000298 - Image Linked application Objects not being applied to device
TID 7003683 - Content Import fails on Linux if user "zenworks" does not have rights to content-repo, but ZCC does not show an error
TID 7003665 - Cannot sort filenames in "Copy Files" Action
TID 7003666 - Inventory does not show the new name for a renamed workstation
TID 7004667 - Last Contact Date on the Server Objects are not Updated
TID 7000448 - ZCM BOE install to W2K3 Fr language server reports install completed. No errors. Doesn't work.
TID 3377540 - Once an Icon has been set for a bundle, there is no option to clear the icon
TID 3622609 - Source files for Migrated applications do not appear in collection folder
TID 3810655 - Not able to migrate complex imaging policies
TID 3815300 - ZENworks Middle Tier server cannot be installed to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
TID 3936491 - ZENworks agent policy show progress setting does not have any effect on the device
TID 7000434 - Error:"Java.Lang.NullPointerException" Clicking on Patch Management Subscription page
TID 7000499 - Colw32 Error running scan on Windows XP or Vista device.
TID 7000519 - Cannot access mapped drive after installing ZCM agent
TID 7005694 - Deployment Package fails if Key contains "&" Character
TID 3939270 - Error restoring Vista image
TID 3924008 - Times displayed for messages in ZCC (ZENworks Control Center) are incorrect when crossing timezones
TID Removing "ZENworks Explorer Folder Path" leaves bundle in un-named folder - Removing "ZENworks Explorer Folder Path" leaves bundle in un-named folder
TID 7000555 - Bundle "display name" does not get updated until NAL is next started
TID 7000688 - Using unset environment variable results in blank NAL window

For a cumulative list of fixes for ZENworks 10, see TID 3486285 - Updates to ZENworks 10 Configuration Management .