Updates to Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management

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  • 05-Nov-2007
  • 08-Nov-2012


Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management - ZLM7.2


Updates to Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management
This TID covers patches to existing ZLM 7.2 installations

For new installations, you should install ZLM 7.3, found at https://download.novell.com as "Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management Media Kit"


24 March 2009 - ZLM 7.3
This release contains bug fixes for 7.2 and new features.
Details of new features and how to upgrade can be found at https://www.novell.com/documentation/zlm73/
ZLM 7.3 can be obtained from https://download.novell.com/index.jsp?&search=Search&keywords=ZLM73_Server.iso

TID 7001514 - zlm72ir2 fails to install on fully-patched sles10sp1 server
TID 7003075 - Unable to image virtual machine running XEN on SLES 10
TID 7002893 - ZLM agent install hangs on novell-zislnxd
TID 7002829 - ZLM - catalina.out becomes very large
TID 7007989 - Multiple Target Platforms when uploading files to a File Bundle in ZCC

Fixes (TID Pending):
Bug 436917 Not all packages for a target get mirrored from a YUM repository
Bug 441587 zmd settings 'blackout-interval' and 'device-locked' do not reliably get configured on devices
Bug 459626 After zlm client installs, rug bind-ip attribute stays at '', which doesn't allow server to client communication
Bug 466204 Effective bundles do not applied when adding bundle group using 'zlman sab'
Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP3:

TID 7002183 - Using zlman to register workstations or servers fails
TID 7002184 - Cannot use ZLM to patch RHEL5 64-bit servers

TID 7002185 - Monolithic Bundles do not contain the latest version of patches
TID 7001134 - Agent log file cleanup does not work
TID 7000606 - ZLM 7.2 - no syntax error shown when multiple catalog sections are defined in one file

Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP3 (TID Pending):
Bug 420294 Devices register against disabled customer platform
Bug 425280 Error applying sles 9 patch-12106: Media file not found
Bug 431176 installing ZLM server on SLES10 - SP2 64Bit with Oracle Backend fails on various phases

Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP2:

TID 7001128 - Graphical User Interface for zlmmirror
TID 7000892 - Unable to image HP 7800p Ultra-slim Desktop
TID 7001707 - Network bonding configuration is changed after ZLM agent is installed
TID 7001708 - Enforce Persistence is not mirrored correctly
TID 7001913 - Adding package to bundle fails for Oracle10g database

Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP2 (TID pending):
Not able to remove custom platform
Multiple Target Platforms when uploading files to a File Bundle in ZCC

Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP1:

TID 7000452 - Updates catalogs missing after updating libzypp patch
TID 7001075 - CoreFault errors while uploading package & patch of same name & version
TID 7001060 - ZISLNX ignores settings of dhcpd
TID 7001062 - "rug in kernel-default-" command does not install the specified kernel
TID 7001057 - Mirroring Downloads packages incompletely or redundantly
TID 7001076 - Sending a cleanup distribution cleans up every version of the distribution on the subscriber node
TID 7001072 - Execution of rug command fails in RHEL3 64 bit
TID 7001058 - Mirroring is downloading lower package versions
TID 7001116 - zlm-ncc-reg does not take upper case letters in email address
TID 7004657 - The ZMD process randomly stops running
TID 7004656 - Revert hyperlink is not working as expected

Fixes carried forward from ZLM7SP1IR2HP1 (TID pending):
Remote execute policies fail to apply when using the rpm version filter
Bundles do not install when schedule on refresh

ZLM7.2 Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 5
(this patch has the same fixes as ZLM7.2 IR2)

This patch is available by downloading the instructions found at https://download.novell.com/patch/finder/#familyId=7860&priority=&productId=13586&distribution=&architecture=&keywords=zlm72ir1hp5, search keyword is zlm72ir1hp5
It is no longer necessary to use the Hot Patch mailer to obtain this information.

TID 3761823 - Network Card will not load on OptiPlex 755 workstations
TID 3060739 - Unable to Image ITRONIX GOBOOK
TID 3774368 - Cannot load Yukon Drivers on IBM 9143anu machines
TID 3746504 - Network card will not load on Dell Latitude D630 laptops
TID 3695642 - ZENworks imaging does not contain the Attansic Linux Driver
TID 3635171 - ITONIX tablet PC Imaging Segmentation Fault
TID 3055926 - Network card will not load on Shuttle SB83G5 or FB83 workstations
TID 7000644 - Registration of satellite server erases DeviceID
TID 7000645 - "rug up" is upgrading locked packages
TID 7000649 - Bundle installation fails when a package lock is added to any of the installed packages
TID 7000643 - Not Possible to Remove Multiple Versions of an Installed Package
TID 7000646 - Error "cpio: open failed" when installing a package through rug
TID 7000647 - ZLM server device object server health status incorrect
TID 7000648 - Japanese file names in ZENworks images are garbled when viewed in Image Explorer
TID 3132413 - zmd wakeup takes a long time
TID 7000652 - ZMD does not bypass proxy for IP addresses in the exception list
TID 7000655 - Exception list needed for rug option: require-verified-certs
TID 7000657 - ZMD fails to apply patches mirrored from Novell using ZLM
TID 7000658 - Can not add multiple switches for inventory-scanner-options in ZMD settings from the ZCC
TID 7000660 - zlmmirror does not work against RedHat RHN service
TID 7000661 - Hot Patch bundle pre-install script fails if novell-zenworks-datautils is not installed on device
TID 7000656 - Local packages do not install and rug -u generates error
TID 7000650 - Cannot use user "administrator" through zlman
TID 7000651 - "rug products" does not show base products
TID 7000780 - ZLM72 - Text file policy wizard drops 'search string' when exiting the wizard
TID 7000782 - Timing issue: Registration fails when imaging with ZLM7.2
TID 7000797 - While tryng to PXE boot the nvlnbp.sys file does not load properly
TID 7000692 - ZLM 7.2 Corrupted zmd.db leaves ZMD dead
TID 3463265 - Unable to generate reports showing available security updates, entire catalogs, etc
TID 7000832 - Some pre or post script commands in a ZLM file bundle are not executed when #!/bin/csh or #!/usr/bin/tcsh are defined
TID 7000833 - Table indexes are missing for zenworks db during upgrade to ZLM7.2 IR1
TID 7000779 - While creating file bundle and adding same package for different target platforms it will retain only last added package
TID 7000781 - ZLM dependency resolution fails because the package is already installed
TID 7000947 - rug reg works, even if device is locked
TID 7000948 - rug ref fails after machine is unlocked
TID 7000960 - Package version is not the same between 32 and 64 bit for the same linux distro
TID 7000961 - Unable to install the agent with server mount point
TID 7000828 - novell-zenworks-zmd-tess package missing in RHEL-4ES in IR1a

Fixes (TID pending):
Updates column population utilizes ZLM server too much
Unable to take image of workstation

Fixes carried over from Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 4:

TID 3758913 - Dell bundles are not successfully created
TID 7000990 - PackageUpdates generating 100% Java utilization
TID 7000991 - Bundles with freshen packages show status * after refresh
TID 7000996 - Very slow performance adding packages to catalog
TID 7000999 - Error when subscribing to service
TID 7001030 - Cannot use Autoyast to build device with ZLM7.2 IR1 and hot patch packages
TID 7001038 - proxy password visible in plain text on preferences tab of ZENworks update agent
TID 7001031 - All assigned bundles are redeployed to device
TID 7001039 - scripts are executed during bundle dry-run
TID 7001040 - Administrator can create association between folder and bundle without needing rights to that folder
TID 7001041 - Mandatory bundle installed by dry run is installed on next refresh
TID 7001042 - ZMD hangs on sqlite exception
TID 7001044 - Changes made to packages whilst ZMD is shut down are not shown in status
TID 7001045 - status of packages is shown as "v", even though the same package version is already installed
TID 7004658 - Automatic Refresh is not installing Bundles
TID 7006182 - YOU patch bundles are locked and cannot be modified in ZCC

Fixes carried over from Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 3

TID 7000987 - result from "rug bl" not consistent during software scan
TID 7000988 - Cannot install second copy of package with lower version than existing package
TID 7000989 - Device Refresh Schedule does not work for all agents
TID 7004665 - ZMD Regularly Hangs
7004472yContent replication related error after moving secondary server object into a sub-folder

Fixes carried over from Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 2

TID 3430140 - zlm-debug not working with a new install of ZLM 7.2 ir1
TID 7000959 - hwinfo breaks NIC encryption
TID 7000963 - Files removed from bundle are not removed from target when bundle is redeployed
TID 7000964 - "rug bin --entire catalog" installs bundles from an unsubscribed catalog
TID 7000965 - Package architecture unclear using ZEN installer on 64-bit systems
TID 7000967 - zlmmirror is mirroring multiple versions of the same package
TID 7000968 - Registration key is not enforced if used for registering existing device
TID 7000969 - Registration using Rebuild option throws exception if IP address is changed
TID 7000970 - Dependent patch that has been removed still shows as "applied"
TID 3759181 - services disappear from rug setup
TID 7000972 - rug patch-info does not always show latest version
TID 7000975 - ZCC only shows first page of bundle assignments
TID 3711616 - Unable to update OES 2 Linux servers using ZLM 7.2 Mirror
TID 7001050 - Permissions associated with File Bundle are not working
TID 7002703 - ZLM Client stops responding
TID 7002706 - rug pa <Catalog> shows blank entry under Bundle Column
TID 7002747 - Status of queue actions not being regressed to Failed from the In progress state
TID 7002748 - Zen_queue Refresh Actions tried multiple times for offline devices

TID 7004666 - Inventory Database Tables are not being Cleared

Fixes (TID pending):
Mirroring from you.novell.com gives error of wrong size when ZLMMIRRORing
not able to the search for a PackageList for the <version>-<build> number like this “4.13-1046.4”
changing a Catalog name, will not be visible at the client
YOU patch bundle, rug bl shows the bundles description instead of the name

Fixes carried over from Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 1:

TID 3726735- ZENworks Linux Management 7.2 IR1 Hot Patch 1 Enhancements
TID 3499010 - Mirroring catalog SLES10-SP1-Updates some packages updated to lower versions
TID 7000903 - Automatic OES v1 patch bundle groups are not created automatically
TID 7000935 - RPMs do not get uninstalled when bundle is unassociated in ZCC
TID 7000936 - Cannot use IP address as a filter when configuring Preboot Services
TID 7000937 - Cannot determine progress of mirroring process
TID 7000938 - "rug restart" fails
TID 7000940 - zlmmirror slp and zlmmirror slb do not show correct package and bundle names
TID 7000941 - Change to $hostname is not seen on ZCC
TID 7000942 - Packages do not get added to bundle after using "back" button
TID 7000943 - Array index is out of range.
TID 7000944 - Scheduled bundle install takes places immediately
TID 7000945 - Unable to connect through IP Address or Host Name
TID 7001075 - CoreFault errors while uploading package & patch of same name & version
TID 7002671 - rug bundle-list is not able to filter on Type

ZLM7.2 Hot Patch 5 (this patch has the same fixes as ZLM7.2 IR1)

TID 3148191- rug up is removing packages including aaa_base
TID 3247638 - Multiple, defunct shell processes
TID 3695805 - NullPointerException when running a zlmmirror with dry run
TID 3950841 - Cannot use rug to view policies associated to device
TID 3972463 - ZCC shows Policy Enforcer error due to invalid username
TID 3201401 - Error: "HTTP error 500 occurred during the following request"
TID 3918774 - ZLM7 mirroring does not consider bundle attributes to detect if bundle has changed
TID 3950841 - Cannot use rug to view policies associated to device
TID 3739143 - LocalName
TID 3983292 - ZENworks Control Console shows firefox policy enforcer error on managed server
TID 3247638 - Multiple, defunct shell processes
TID 3695805 - NullPointerException when running a zlmmirror with dry run
TID 3972463 - ZCC shows Policy Enforcer error due to invalid username
TID 3918774 - ZLM7 mirroring does not consider bundle attributes to detect if bundle has changed
TID 3201401 - Error: "HTTP error 500 occurred during the following request"
TID 3618004 - Installing OES patch bundles require too much hard disk space
TID 3160279- ZLM primary or secondary server upgrade hangs
TID3469354- ActionManager Errors are Visible in the zmd-messages.log
3488162- ZLM 7.2 Agent Shuts Down Unexpectedly
3733723- The Command zlman queue-flush is not Clearing the Queue
3013653- ZLM 7.2 OES Patch Bundles are Downgrading Installed Packages
3460433- High Disk Space Usage when Patching with ZLM 7.2
3396067- The ZLM 7.2 agent is hanging
3514769- ZLM 7.2 is Upgrading Packages set to install
3602731- ZLM 7.2 Server install is not supported on OES
3013343- Upgrading the ZLM 7.2 Agent from the ZLM Server Install CD is Not Supported
3243712- /etc/crontab points to a wrong location for the script zlm-pg-vacuum
3126550- upgrade from ZLM 7 IR1 to ZLM 7.2 with an Oracle database fails
3359873- Packages with Freshen set will never be distributed after upgrading to ZLM 7.2
3989454- Running zlm-uninstall on an OES server breaks eDirectory
3591104- zlman has no command line option to show orphaned packages
3686012- Bundle does not distribute updated content if filename is unchanged
TID3937594- Dell mirroring fails when using proxy and no system DNS
3445040- Problems with ZLM schema when upgrading ZLM 7 IR1 to ZLM 7.2 HP2
3776143- ERROR: eDir failed to start properly

Additional Information

For updates to ZLM 7.3, see TID 7003346"Updates to Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management"