Updates to Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management

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Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management - ZfD6.5


Updates to Novell ZENworks Desktops Management 6.5


5 December 2006 - Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Support Pack 2 Interim Release 1 Hot Patch 1
This can be obtained from the following link https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=_ShInQd0heY~

TID 3539178 - Description field truncated at 249 characters when MSI app is exported as AOT

9 Sept 2006
- Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Support Pack 2 Interim Release 1 (zdm65sp2ir1.exe)
Agent Details:
ZENworks Desktop Management Agent MSI version (zfdagent.msi dated 31 August 2006)
NAL Details:
ZenAppWS.dll version
NalUI.dll version
NalShell.dll version
ZenLite.dll version
NalNTSrv.exe version
NalAgent.exe version
NalWin.exe version
NalView.exe version
TID3000031- Using ConsoleOne to modify the GUID then decide to cancel, it wipes out the GUID
TID 3000741 - ZENworks TFTP.NLM is abending the server
TID 3002042 - Remote Management User Policy is not applying when PassiveMode=1
TID 3002426 - On XP, zfdagent.msi installs win98 version of rcagent.dll with /a switch
TID 3003874 - Personal IE certificates and EFS stop working after password change
TID 3004541 - ACPI and PCMCIA FAQ with ZENworks Imaging
TID 3005551 - Some Inventory Sync error messages are not in ConsoleOne
TID 3005966 - The Application Folder back-link is not removed from the application
TID 3007459 - Permissions lost when overwriting file
TID 3008041 - MSI application gets uninstalled if using an MSP.
TID 3008121 - Initrd path is null after installing update
TID 3008121 - nitrd path is null after installing update
TID 3008121 - nitrd path is null after installing update
TID 3008755 - Web Application is unable to launch the "mailto" URL prefix
TID 3008795 - Inventory Sync Service does not recognize malformed workstation names
TID 3008987 - Inaccurate message when trying to set password that is not allowed
TID 3031946 - Applications distributing GZIP files decompress them
TID 3041056 - User's context is not being passed to the Citrix terminal session
TID 3047517 - McAfee MSI and MSP cannot be installed from the same App object
TID 3062210 - Copying icons to a Personal Folder takes a long time
TID 3098564 - User created shortcuts on the Start Menu disappear on restart
TID 3109713 - Unable to image Timeware PC's with ZENworks imaging
TID 3130704 - Abend on a NetWare 6.5 SP3 Cluster Server in IMGSERV.NLM and UNICODE.NLM
TID 3146570 - Abend in DTS.NLM and/or ZENPXE.NLM when a workstation with image safe data would PXE boot
TID 3162941 - ERROR: Could not locate the target container
TID 3164618 - Workstation hangs randomly when restoring image
TID 3172656 - Error "Unable to parse" when storing STR files
TID 3199245 - Workstation associated apps that are put in the Quick Launch still appear after disassociation.
TID 3226269 - An Application object with a Launch script breaks the background authentication process for Netidentity
TID 3250350 - wmgrppol.dll is causing the workstation to reboot
TID 3253590 - Middle Tier attempts login multiple times if wrong password is entered
TID 3255925 - Personal Folder info is not following the user after upgrade
TID 3266830 - ZENworks rogue process management allows any .exe to run if renamed to explorer.exe
TID 3268180 - The MirrorDriver is not added to the ADDLOCAL entries when creating a Transform (.MST) file with Installshield Tuner
TID 3275457 - Reinstalling chained workstation-associated MSI apps may cause NAL to crash
TID 3276980 - Install cache deleted for remote user
TID 3282489 - ZISEDIT CLI does not purge the SID value
TID 3285073 - Possible NAL crash when app is associated to a group that contains a "group description" of more than 248 characters
TID 3297493 - MSI Application is not automatically uninstalled when unassociated
TID 3299281 - Agent Distributor could not find domain controller
TID 3299624 - NAL refresh during heavy NAL activity causes WMRUNDLL.EXE error
TID 3319235 - D018 error and id=183 error when terminal server w/ agent tries to access .fil on user map drive
TID 3328453 - Distribution Script processor may be terminated by Rogue Process Management
TID 3328915 - Icons in Personal Folder disappear
TID 3330424 - How can you identify what version of Middle Tier is installed?
TID 3332820 - Modifying GUID in Application Object resets the "Show Progress" attribute but Manage Distribution GUIDS in Tools menu does not
TID 3334571 - When the NDSLookupForDB service runs it creates the DeleteWSList.txt file but it is blank
TID 3379345 - Distribution Rule for an application object of memory 2048 or higher does not work
TID 3381598 - "Personal" NAL icons removed from Quick Launch bar on logout
TID 3381824 - NAL crashes on module NALUI.DLL while distributing applications in disconnected mode
TID 3387007 - RM Agent crashes if workstation has dual monitors and is running a DOS application
TID 3391791 - Unable to run a command line as a parameter with Desktop4.exe to facilitate automatic execution in scripts to do functions
TID 3392071 - Save Icon Positions not available with ZENworks 6.5 or 7 Desktop Management
TID 3393782 - Unable to use Domain or DNS name in Source_Path of an application object
TID 3405195 - Abend in DTS.NLM on a NetWare 6.5 SP3 Cluster Server with ZENworks for Desktops 6.5
TID 3406611 - After using ZEN imaging, the machine will Blue Screen
TID 3415406 - PXE Linux loader doesn't read cmd options properly with customized PXE menu
TID 3421095 - Cannot change just the case of an Application Object's Icon Title
TID 3423505 - the SHIFT key in the system key pass through does not work when remote controlling a machine
TID 3438765 - AND/OR Combo Box does not Pop Up in the Distribution Rules in ConsoleOne
TID 3445792 - DTS.LOG just keeps growing TID 3450530 - NAL is unable to Launch multiple instances of Citrix Applications
TID 3463196 - Workstation associated applications are automatically uninstalling
TID 3463453 - Tuning the performance of ZENworks Inventory on Sybase or MSSQL
TID 3474023 - Workstation connection is not being released when computer reboots or shuts down
TID 3485381 - Advanced Query for Custom attributes doesn't work in German environment
TID 3503454 - PXE returned "no work to do" in a cluster environment
TID 3521670 - Workstation receives corrupted middle tier address when middle tier address is delivered via DHCP
TID 3523316 - Group policies get applied twice
TID 3550677 - NAL delivered MSI distributions are too slow
TID 3561283 - Applications do not automatically uninstall
TID 3579033 - unable to image Fujitsu/Siemens ESPRIMO P5600 and ESPRIMO E5600
TID 3600282 - Linux Loader not passing correct parameters from the CMD files to the kernel
TID 3602526 - Inventory Sync Service fails
TID 3604091 - Full re-install of application and broken HKLM keys for 2nd user on workstation
TID 3624824 - Remote Mgmt auditing is not working
TID 3627967 - Rule based on MAC address does not work when using PXE
TID 3630725 - The RestrictOnline = 3 option does not work
TID 3643143 - Application object schedule range of days is off by 6 hours
TID 3644979 - Unable to store STR from Japanese workstation
TID 3652254 - Num Lock turns off whenever workstation is Remote Controlled
TID 3661230 - ConsoleOne will go into High utilization when using Mulitcast
TID 3691599 - Remote Control windows launched from Terminal Server are all in same session
TID 3694291 - NALDIAG shows incorrect status for application
TID 3695187 - TIF viewer does not work when launching IE via NAL
TID 3718659 - ZENVER.EXE does not show Mid-Tier
TID 3720954 - Inventory service goes into loop processing STR file
TID 3721140 - Max Clock Speed field does show in the Inventory Query
TID 3736896 - Slow Delivery of Roaming Profiles through Active Directory
TID 3740894 - Install cache is not deleted when application is unassociated and uninstalled
TID 3743491 - When Local Group Policies are set up and ZEN workstation Group Policies are applied, the Local Group Policies do not apply afterwards
TID 3753657 - NPCL -NcxFreeMemory- Buffer memory has been overrun errors on NetWare 6.5 SP3
TID 3760159 - Cursor moves to the middle of the screen during Remote Control
TID 3764978 - Registered workstation goes into imaging loop using PXE
TID 3770548 - NAL app captures ports incorrectly
TID 3775152 - Personal Folder icons are not showing up consistently
TID 3775804 - Kernel panic when attempting to image via pxe on OmniTech Verdes 2300
TID 3777235 - No red "NAL" arrow on some icons
TID 3789789 - User created shortcuts are removed or become invalid.
TID 3793240 - Macros in the MST path are causing a Dr. Watson error TID 3794466 - ZENworks Group Policies randomly don't apply if you login too fast
TID 3805853 - Printer settings are overwritten by the printer driver re-distribution
TID 3806346 - After renaming, workstations sometimes do not reconnect
TID 3811427 - Image Explorer cannot extract compressed files
TID 3815360 - ZENworks tftp server driverupdate file on NetWare fails to download
TID 3816754 - Workstation hangs at "unloading PXE codebase _" booting from PXE
TID 3819689 - Unable to run some applications from the Virtual CD
TID 3836031 - NAL window is not starting on the last folder used
TID 3849724 - NAL Copy Error: "D018" from within an RDP session when using mapped drives
TID 3850541 - Middle Tier does not retry authentication to eDir when MT and eDir exist on same Windows Server
TID 3858549 - Workstation Manager won't reconnect after failure and reboot of Middle Tier Server
TID 3860038 - ZENworks Imaging is prompting for video modes
TID 3874098 - After AD password change, immediate Middle Tier authentication fails
TID 3874146 - TFTP does not download files correctly
TID 3877065 - Quick Launch icons not getting cleaned up
TID 3879458 - Boot CD detects hw differently than PXE
TID 3883000 - Unable to image Fujitsu Tablet PCs with Marvell NIC
TID 3894856 - "Value does not exist" setting in Legacy Settings will not stick or be saved
TID 3903307 - Inventory Query error message "Unable to process the query"
TID 3926272 - PXE boot fails with segfault on enmic 8tax2+ motherboards
TID 3937290 - Distributing application in myapps.html "table view" gives script error
TID 3939422 - System locks up trying to use imaging
TID 3949607 - Remote Management and File transfer fail if workstation's context includes accented characters
TID 3955758 - Problems with Hyperion web software after installing ZDM65SP2HP2
TID 3956931 - Remote Diagnostics is accessible by regular users using Console One
TID 3958518 - Attribute "WM: Network Address" is not updated if one of the these characters "[""]" are in the workstation name
TID 3961510 - PreWorx DTS.NLM Abend in calling into WS2_32.NLM
TID 3963679 - Virtual CD application icon will stay on desktop even after CD is removed and disassociated days was set to 0
TID 3967745 - The MSI SourceList does not reflect the MSI App object's Sources
TID 3984630 - NALAgent.exe crash when viewing details on an Application Requirement restriction

26 Sept 2005- Novell ZENworks 6.5 Support Pack 2 Desktop Management (zen65sp2.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 9 Sept 2005.
NetIdentity xtagent.exe version

NAL Details:
ZenAppWS.dll version dated 9 Sept 2005
NalUI.dll version dated 25 9 Sept 2005
NalShell.dll version dated 9 Sept 2005
NalNTSrv.exe version dated 9 Sept 2005
NalAgent.exe version dated 9 Sept 2005
NalWin32.exe version dated 9 Sept 2005
NalView.exe version dated 8 Sept 2005

TID10096903- Icons are not in the same position after ZfD65 agent install.
TID10098635- Valid Windows workstation credentials are not seamlessly passed to the Middle Tier Server.
TID10099026- No Icon for a Workstation Associated Application When the Workstation Reboots to an Offline Condition
TID10096535- ZWSREG Error: "the user does not have sufficient rights to the registry"
TID10096859- Agent upgrade from 3.2 SP3 to ZEN 6.5 causes applications to uninstall
TID10097273- Unable to image Gateway E series workstations
TID10098081- Getting Bad cluster errors after re-imaging the workstation
TID10095083- "Problem: Application Launcher NT Service was not found to run the application as system user."
TID10096987- Cannot use Imaging on Pentium class machine
TID10098285- Dhost.exe crashes on the server
TID10098618- Unable to use Domain or DNS name in Source_Path of an application object
TID10097817- Acrobat Reader window size doesn't get read when started from NAL
TID10098465- Novell Application Launcher on Windows XP with Supplemental Language Support causes delay while shutting down.
TID10098101- Imaging is slow on Dell D610 Latitude Laptops
TID10098474- Distribution Rules Operator value Not Installed is automatically set back to installed
TID10098464- App association is broken when there is an invalid wsgroups entry in the registry.
TID10098468- Workstation associated MSI applications are not installing the user part of an MSI when a second user login to the workstation
TID10098472- ZENworks delivered NDPS printers are showing offline
TID10097878- Memory leak in NCPL.NLM
TID10095882- Middle Tier stops proccessing requests after getting WAM or ISAPI errors.
TID10096917- MSI Applications get re-installed after disassociation of the application object.
TID10097007- PCMCIA/Cardbus NIC does not work with SP1
TID10097022- Cannot use DNS name during an image restore operation.
TID10096759- Cannot use certain characters in path for image with ZDM 6.5 SP1
TID10097210- NALCACHE is empty when "Enable Reading From Removable Cache" is set to NO
TID10098043- Last character lost updating Application Text File change
TID10097638- Unable to read image safe data from hard drive
TID10097308- Incorrect dialog for file copy confirmation
TID10097497- Installing ZENworks Agent overwrites newer NWGINA.DLL
TID10097456- Importing an Application object with Terminal Server requirements fails with the following message : Error: "An error occurred while attempting to convert the file"
TID10097524- Duplicate registry occur when importing a .reg file into a NAL Application
TID10097554- HKEY_CURRENT_USER not updated for workstation associated app
TID10097546- ConsoleOne crashes when removing group associations from NAL application, when Load balancing is enabled.
TID10098371- DontDisplayLastUsername is ignored when logging in Wks Only
TID10097034- History function for Remote Execute does not work
TID10096535- ZWSREG Error: "the user does not have sufficient rights to the registry"
TID10096363- Files appear as zero bytes after restoring from image
TID10096850- Add-on Image completes successfully, but there are some missing files
TID10096675- After installing the ZfD agent, Odyssey no longer works
TID10096871- NullPointerException for Workstation Import Service
TID10096918- After installing ZFD65SP1 PXE will not run in a cluster.
TID10097028- Windows Server locks up and becomes unresponsive while running PXE Services
TID10097017- Novell Client does not dynamically add the user SID to the registry
TID10096916- Distribution Rules -> Connection Speed does not work.
TID10097145- Legacy applications (ZEN 3.2) are not seen as available under the ZEN 6.5 (SP1)
TID10097000- Outlook does not close properly after installing the ZfDAgent
TID10097293- Cannot get XML NAL Reporting to work to a Sybase Database
TID10096440- ASP Pages will not display when Middle Tier ISAPI filter is loaded
TID10095253- No informational messages being logged to the Xtier debug log
TID10097027- Cannot store STR file if Software name has embedded newline
TID10096876- Scans stop on SMBIOS.
TID10096994- ZFDinvScanner.exe is crashing if scanning a file with a "%" in the file name
TID10094403- "Value does not exist" setting in Distribution Rules will not stick or be saved.
TID10097195- "Cannot scan software for inventory if filename is too long"
29 Apr 2005- Novell ZENworks 6.5 Support Pack 1b Desktop Management (zen65sp1b.exe)

Agent, NetIdentity and NAL details are identical to zen65sp1.exe (see below)

TID10097151- ZENworks 6.5 SP1a install creates duplicate Inventory Service object
7 Mar 2005- Novell ZENworks 6.5 Support Pack 1a Desktop Management (formerly zen65sp1a.exe)

Agent, NetIdentity and NAL details are identical to zen65sp1.exe (see below)

TID10096774- Using scripted imaging the PC goes into an image loop.
TID10096827- Linux partition goes into infinite reboot after upgrading to ZfD65sp1

15 Feb 2005- Novell ZENworks 6.5 Support Pack 1 Desktop Management (formerly zen65sp1.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 4 Feb 2005.
NetIdentity xtagent.exe version

NAL Details:
ZenAppWS.dll version dated 4 Feb 2005
NalUI.dll version dated 25 Jan 2005
NalShell.dll version dated 25 Jan 2005
NalNTSrv.exe version dated 28 Jan 2005
NalAgent.exe version dated 28 Jan 2005
NalWin32.exe version dated 24 Jan 2005
NalView.exe version dated 24 Jan 2005

TID 10095342 - NAL does not launch after upgrading to XPsp2
TID 10094829 - Icons are not getting removed from the desktop after un-installing an AOT
TID 10095175 - Spanish browser NAL plugin doesn't work with XPSP2
TID 10095434 - NAL OS system requirement cannot distinguish between XPsp1 and XPsp2
TID 10096505 - You can now use the Tab key to navigate to all of the components of the FTP interface in ConsoleOne.
TID 10095923 - Login prompts for Windows user& password during a DLU user's second login
TID 10095639 - Unable to change password when"Require unique passwords" is enabled
TID 10093707 - Unable to do workstation based imaging.
TID 10095225 - Group Policy Internet Explorer Maintenance Settings are wrong
TID 10087864 - Applications distributing GZIP files decompress them
TID 10096073 - Spread from Start Time does not randomize the time assigned to each workstation
TID 10095760 - Application On-Screen keyboard is not working after the second login when using Volatile DLU.
TID 10095486 - Flashing cursor on black screen when using ZENworks 6.5 Imaging
TID 10096609 -Inventory Data Export operations are very slow processing large data on Oracle.
TID 10094325 - Remote Control fails after ZfD 6.5 upgrade
TID 10096295 - ZEN 6.5 Inventory scanner crashes
TID 10094790 - Error loading zfdamrservlet.war file in Tomcat 4.1.30 version with NW6.5SP2.
TID 10095670 - NAL goes to 100% utilization when applications are associated to an application folder.
TID 10094403 - "Value does not exist" setting in Distribution Rules will not stick or be saved.
TID 10082151 - When creating an application from 3rd party MSI file creation never completes.
TID 10096111 - Incorrect date of 31 Dec 1969 is set on Range of Days when scheduling an application.
TID 10096086 - Scheduled Applications do not show up in the scheduled time. They don't show up at all unless you remove the schedule.
TID 10094912 - Cannot use Cardbus or PCMCIA card with ZENworks 6.5 imaging
TID 10095252 - Distribution Rule--Authentication does not work properly.
TID 10093734 - Logout takes 4 times as long with a Group Policy enabled
TID 10096093 - Range of Days schedule is off by 12 hrs, 2 min in NAL F2 Debug.
TID 10096320 - Scheduled Actions rerun after upgrading the Management Agent to ZDM 6.5
TID 10095083 - Intermittent problem launching unsecure system user apps
TID 10092625 - Applications do not show up for users with a dot in the CN of their user object
TID 10096782 - NDSLOOKUPFORDB does not run

2 Dec 2004- ZENworks Desktop Management 6.5 Update 2 (formerly zfd65u2.exe)

Agent Details:
ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 5 Nov 2004.
NetIdentity Agent xtagent.exe version 1.2.518

NAL Details:
ZenAppWS.dll version dated 15 Jun 2004
NalUI.dll version dated 15 Jun 2004
NalShell.dll version dated 15 Jun 2004
NWApp32.dll version dated 26 Jan 1999
NalNTSrv.exe version dated 15 Jun 2004
NalAgent.exe version dated 15 Jun 2004
NalWin32.exe version dated 15 Jun 2004
NalView.exe version dated 15 Jun 2004

Server Details:
zenver.exe = ZENworks for Desktops Version 6.5

TID10095267- ZENworks Agent login fails to log the user into the Middle Tier
TID10093451- Long bootup / login time after installing ZDM 6.5 agent
TID10093734- Logout takes 4 times as long with a Group Policy enable
TID10095264- PXE Server leaves ports 524 and 998 open which eventually causes RPC failures
TID10094524- ZFDAgent.msi install replaces third party gina
TID10093118- If you "Work Offline" with Application Explorer the NAL folder icons don't
TID10093372- User Policy management fails after installing NW60sp5
TID10093559- Black screen with blinking cursor after ZEN imaging
TID10093601- If a file has more than 14 icon indexes in it you only have the choice in
TID10092121- How to use DHCP to deliver the Middle Tier address
TID10093649- Add-on Image Cache doesn't get deleted if app is not associated on first launch
TID10094006- If the C:\NALCACHE folder exists before you run NALVIEW or NALWIN and you have
TID10094057- Roaming profile doesn´t get appropriate rights to his HKEY_LOCAL_USER hive, when
TID10094294- Middle Tier install fails if the default Website location is not c
TID10094403- "Value does not exist" setting in Distribution Rules will not stick or be saved
TID10094715- Workstation connections are being made to -ZIS and not being released
TID10094690- Client32 Provider (Netware Serv.ices) is removed from the Provider Order
TID10094650- ZENworks Group Policies randomly don't apply if you login too fast
TID10093823- Workstation Manager memory leak with ZfD 6.5 Mgmt Agent.
24 Sept 2004- ZDM 6.5 Agent Patch 1 in all languages (formerly zfd65_a1_lang.exe)

Agent Details:
English only builds of ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 17 Sept 2004
Localized language builds of the ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 22 Sept 2004

TID10093823- Workstation Managermemory leak with ZfD 6.5 Mgmt Agent
TID10093118- NAL folder icons don't change to Offline Icons when Application Explorer "Work Offline" is selected
Shipping Agent Details (included on the ZDM 6.5 Product CD):
ZfDAgent.msi version - dated 16 June 2004.

Additional Information

Formerly known as TID# 10093355