PCMCIA/Cardbus NIC does not work with SP1

  • 10097007
  • NOVL101414
  • 15-Mar-2005
  • 27-Sep-2005

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Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management - ZfD6.5

Novell ZENworks Imaging

Used the command line parameter PCMCIABOOT=YES


PCMCIA/Cardbus NIC does not work with SP1

Since upgrading to zen65sp1a, at least some PCMCIA/cardbus NICs appear no longer supported. During the boot, the screen will show

Detect PCMCIA devices
cardmgr[29]: unsupported card in socket 0

and the driver for the card is not loaded

CBEM56 cardbus adapter, and with 3Com 3c575_cb and 3C3FE575CT do not work with ZENworks 6.5 SP1


Fixed in ZENworks 6.5 SP2

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