Cannot use Cardbus or PCMCIA card with ZENworks 6.5 imaging

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  • 06-Oct-2004
  • 19-Feb-2005

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Cannot use Cardbus or PCMCIA card with ZENworks 6.5 imaging

Since upgrading to ZENworks 6.5, it appears to be no longer possible to use a PCMCIA or Cardbus card, such as CBEM56G. This works fine with ZfD4.x imaging.

For example:
> Load network modules
> Getting DHCP info from server.  Please Wait.
> Unable to detect network card.  Check documentation for list of
> supported cards
> Detect PCMCIA devices
> cardmgr[336] socket0:  Xircom CBEM56GF-100 CardBus 10/100 Ethernet +
> 56K Modem
> cardmgr[336] exiting
> Proxy IP Address is set to

Typing ifconfig shows that the card driver is not loaded


This is because with ZENworks 6.5 imaging, booting with PCMCIA/Cardbus devices has been disabled by default. The reason for this is that few machines still use these cards, and disabling this by default speeds up booting for non-users of these cards.


The online documents show that the required parameter is PCMCIABOOT=YES

This parameter should be entered at the CD boot prompt, e.g.

Check the online documentation, follow links for Administration, Workstation Imaging, Preparing an Imaging Boot Method, Preparing Imaging Boot CDs or DVDs, Imaging Bootup Parameters (Settings.txt)


If you want to make the changes permanent, amend the isolinux.cfg file in bootcd.iso - add the parameter PCMCIABOOT=YES to the lines that contain the selections where you wish to use this setting, for example if you wish to have the parameter on automatic Imaging, it would look like this:

label Imaging
  kernel kernel.zen
  append 2 initrd=initrd.gz rw reboot=w PCMCIABOOT=YES

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