ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1 - update information and list of fixes

  • 7014163
  • 22-Nov-2013
  • 21-Mar-2014


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December 19 2013 - ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1

ZCM 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1 is a collection of patches for ZCM 11.2.4, which is intended to be delivered as an easy-to-deploy, well-tested and focused set. Monthly Updates are designed to allow the deployment of important patches in-between product updates.

Monthly Updates should not be installed unless there is a need to remedy one or more of the issues shown in the list of fixes.

A Monthly Update is provided as a zip file, which can be imported into an existing zone, and deployed to devices as required. It is not available via the Novell Customer Center, nor is it shown if  "Check for Updates" is performed (ZCC > Configuration > System Updates > Action > Check for Updates) because this is a set of patches, not a product update.

ZCM 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1 is available at https://download.novell.com/Download?buildid=Rbs5fYlojj0~

TID 7013438 - RPM package install fails
TID 7013474 - ZCM Devices stuck in 'Startup', 'Unknown' or 'Default' locations
TID 7014001 - TR (Turkish) language pack causes authentication to ZCM to stop working on Windows 7
TID 7014009 - ZCM agent pings for authentication servers when AD cached login
TID 7014015 - Group assigned rights do not work for some user source users
TID 7014018 - ZCM 11.2.4 System Update from ZCM 11.2.3a fails with errors 1603 and 1722 when Location Awareness Lite is used
TID 7014047 - 11.2.4 System Update 'DO NOT REBOOT', suppress reboot option is ignored
TID 7014076 - Remediate.exe not scanning multiple signatures
TID 7014077 - Duplicate pending devices shown in Pending status of ZPM bundle
TID 7014080 - Novell subscription replication creates corrupted rpms in the content-repo
TID 7014110 - Login freezes at "Processing policies for user post login" until ZESM is disabled
TID 7014129 - ZCM Restoration of Image on same disk leads to partition corruption. Error: " Encountered a bad file header during image restoration "
TID 7014140 - Bundle availability on network connectivity change
TID 7014141 - Device might not reuse registration key
TID 7014142 - Assignments do not work for all members of a Dynamic Group
TID 7014151 - novell-pbserv crashes upon PXE connection after upgrade to ZCM 11.2.4
TID 7014152 - Bundles with an availability schedule do not run when in the schedule
TID 7014153 - Puppet policy randomly fails to be enforced
TID 7014154 - Satellite-to-satellite replication doesn't resume content download after connection to previous source has been lost
TID 7014157 - Bundles using Dynamic Administrator intermittently fail with "There is no user session available or user session cannot be determined"
TID 7014168 - Some USB devices are always disabled when a USB Connectivity Policy is in force
TID 7014169 - ZENworks Remote SSH to Linux device fails when Java is upgraded to Java 7 Update 51 (released January 14 2014)
TID 7014181 - ZCM USB device (Vodafone / Novatel Merlin Card) is not accessible when it should be
TID 7014195 - Corrupt Service_Web Cache Entries prohibit agent from communicating with ZCM servers
TID 7014198 - ZCM agent stops communicating - zmd-messages.log shows error with ostargets.xml
TID 7014200 - DLU is Broken with Non-User Source Passwords
TID 7014202 - Missing information when using "zisview -s"
TID 7014204 - Not able to start novell-zislinx on a 32bit device
TID 7014206 - Inventory custom reports drop a line
TID 7014223 - zman ssrcrs does not remove satellite content replication schedule
TID 7014225 - ZCC > Server > Content tab "Sort by Type" not sorting
TID 7014226 - USB device is accessible when it should not be
TID 7014229 - DELL Optiplex 755/760 with Single Core AMD Unable to read ZISD if BIOS is configured for AHCI
TID 7014230 - Bundle Status - Targeted Device Items/Page value larger than Display Filter = empty.
TID 7014235 - Failed to launch the list of all patches when trying to view all the patches applicable to a Dynamic Workstation Workgroup
TID 7014764 - Sometimes all ZESM policies are in an error state

ZCM 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1 also contains the fixes from the ZCM 11.2.4 Imaging Driver Update for November 2013, namely:
TID 7014005 Taking an image (SLES 11 SP3 or RHEL 6) fails with "Unknown Error code : 1"
TID 7013064 Tuxera driver is not included in imaging engine for PXE boot devices
TID 7012942 Imaging operations fail on devices with USB 3.0 controller and/or Intel i217 ethernet network controller
TID 7013305 PXE boot hangs with VMWARE Workstation 10
TID 7014008 Imaging fails with HP Pavilion 23 All in One Desktop
TID 7014306 ZCMUMHelper.exe crashes
TID 7014325 - All patches show as "Not Applicable" on Red Hat 5.x after deploying patches released in December
TID 7014326 - ZCM 11.2.4 System Update from ZCM 11.2.3a fails with errors 1603 and 1722 (Location Lite is not being used)