All patches show as "Not Applicable" on Red Hat 5.x after deploying patches released in December

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  • 19-Dec-2013
  • 19-Dec-2013


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 Patch Management
Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11.2


After deploying certain patches released by Red Hat in December 2013, Patch Management reports all Red Hat patches as "Not Applicable"


For ZCM 11.2.4: A fix for this issue is intended to be included in a future update to the product: however, in the interim, Novell has made a Patch available for testing, as part of a Monthly patch update: it can be obtained at as "ZCM 11.2.4 Monthly Update 1 - see TID 7014163". This update should only be applied if the symptoms above are being experienced, and are causing problems.

Please report any problems encountered when using this Patch, by using the feedback link on this TID.

For earlier versions of ZCM: Reported to Engineering


A change to the RHEL 5.x OS in October 2013 modified the way that patches are applied, and the December patches fail to deploy using Patch Management, and this "breaks" the Discover Applicable Updates bundle.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Patches which are known to trigger this problem are:
Red Hat 2013:1800-01 RHBA ntp bug fix update for RHEL 5 x86
Red Hat 2013:1790-01 RHSA Moderate: kernel security and bug fix update for
RHEL 5 x86
Red Hat 2013:1791-01 RHSA Important: nss and nspr security, bug fix, and enhancement update for RHEL 5 x86

but other patches may also be affected