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This technical note describes how to use the My Support features (

For questions about logging in, see KB 7021966.

Note: Your session in My Support expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. To avoid losing any work (especially when opening or updating a service request), submit the page within 30 minutes.


The My Support User Interface

Basic instructions are located at the top of most pages. Use the following information as a guide to navigate and use My Support.

Graphical Icons and Controls


Tab Buttons: Action buttons are located under the tab heading (upper left). Examples include New, Find, Back, Add, Remove, Edit, Save, and Cancel.

Tip: If a tab has a large number of records, click Find to filter the displayed records.


Previous/Next Buttons: Use the buttons in the upper right corner of the tabs and pop-up selection lists to navigate multiple pages of records. The black arrow button indicates there are more records.


Selection Icon: Click this symbol to select an option (product, account, VPA, or contact) from a list in a tab or pop-up. Note: You must click the icon to change your selection; you cannot click elsewhere in the row.


Column Sort: Click the upper triangle to sort in ascending order (alphabetically or chronologically). Click the lower triangle to sort in descending order.


Select Icon: Click this icon to open a pop-up selection list (to pick a product, account, or contact).

Top Navigation Options

The following options are available in the upper right of each page.

My Support Home: Returns to the My Support Home page.

Attachmate Support: Opens the Attachmate Support and Services home page (

Logout: Gracefully ends your session in My Support. For more information about logging in and out, see KB 7021966.

Help: Opens this document, Using the Attachmate My Support Features.

Send Feedback: Opens a form to provide comments about the Attachmate Support site.

My Support Home

The My Support Home page displays your name, today's date (at Attachmate headquarters in Seattle, Washington, USA), and a menu of options.


The flag indicates important messages that may require action (for example, plan entitlements that have recently expired or are expiring soon).

Some links may not appear on My Support Home if:

  • Your Maintenance and Support Plan has expired.
  • You are no longer a designated authorized support contact (removed by your primary authorized support contact).
  • Your primary authorized support contact has not granted access to a particular feature (such as product downloads or account service requests).
  • Your agreement with Attachmate does not include a particular benefit.

Service Requests

The following options are available on the Service Requests tab of the My Support Home page.

Check My Service Requests

This page displays the status and history of your service requests.

Note: This page may display only service requests created after October 1, 2005. (If you used Attachmate SupportWeb's previous online case management tool, earlier service requests may be displayed. However, service requests closed more than 3 years are eventually removed from our systems.)

Actions you can take:

  • Click New to Open a New Service Request.
  • Click Find to search existing service requests.
  • Click a service request number to view details, or add information or files.

Service Request Details

When you view details of a service request, you can add updates and attachments.

  • Click Add Update button to add information to your service request, such as responding to a technician suggestion.
  • Click Add Attachment link to add a relevant file (such as a trace, log, or screenshot). For complete steps, see KB 7021970.

Note: To avoid losing any work, submit your update within 30 minutes. (Your session in My Support will end after 30 minutes of inactivity; typing is not detected activity.)

After you click Submit, Attachmate Technical Support is notified. If your service request has already been assigned to a technician, then he/she is notified. You will typically be notified by email regarding further updates by Attachmate to your service request.

Date/time stamps on the service request, updates, and attachments are generated and displayed in the US Pacific time zone. Stamps may be inaccurate for some updates added between March and June 2007 (see Known Issues).

Open a New Service Request

For information on opening a new service request, see KB 7021972 (steps 4 through 12).

My Account's Service Requests

This link is available if you are the primary support contact, or your primary support contact has granted you access (in My Account's Authorized Contacts).

Select an account (if you are associated with multiple accounts). Click an SR Number to view Service Request Details.

Note: You can view service requests opened by other contacts, but you can add updates only to your own service requests.

My Account

The following options are available on the My Account tab of the My Support Home page.

My Product Updates

You can download the latest version release and service packs that are available for your maintained product(s). For more information about downloads, see KB 7021965.

This link is not available if your Maintenance and Support Plan agreement does not include this benefit or if your primary authorized support contact has restricted your access (in My Account's Authorized Contacts).

My Account's Maintenance Plans

On this page you can view your product licensing and maintenance plan entitlements. Note: Products licensed from NetIQ, Novell, or SUSE are not displayed.

On the My Accounts tab, select an account (if you are associated with multiple accounts, such as a consultant or partner).

On the Maintenance Plans tab, the following information is displayed for your current and recently-expired VPA plan(s):

VPA Number: For more information, see

VPA Type: Indicates whether the volume purchase plan is Open (non-contract), Corporate (forecast-based), or Enterprise (custom).

Status: This should display as "active."

Term End Date: Indicates the timeframe your volume pricing tier is in effect. Note: This date may be different than your Maintenance Expiration date below.

Price Level: Indicates the volume pricing discount tier (A, B, C, or D).

For the selected VPA plan, the following columns are displayed on the Entitlements tab:

Product: Product code used in licensing, invoicing, and entitlements.

Product Description: Name of the product and the license type.

Version: Latest product version you are authorized to run, based on licensing and maintenance.

Licensed Quantity: Number of licenses you are authorized to install. Your actual license rights are set forth in the license agreement accompanying the software and accepted prior to download and/or installation. To increase your licensed quantity, contact Attachmate Customer Service or your preferred reseller.

Maintenance Type: The Maintenance and Support Plan level for this product. For more information about Basic and Elite plans and the Elite 24x7 Add-On, see

Maintenance Expiration: The "good through" date for this product's plan. After this date, benefits (such as upgrades and support) are not available. To renew or reestablish maintenance, contact Attachmate Customer Service or your preferred reseller.

Consulting Hours: For more information about Consultant on Demand, see


Product Downloads: Click the icon to access the product downloads (upgrade releases and service packs) in a new window. For more information about downloads, see KB 7021965.


Product Resources: Click the icon to open product support Technical Resources in a new window.

My Account's Authorized Contacts

Only authorized support contacts can access personalized and restricted support web site features (such as My Support and Downloads). Authorized support contacts may have been specified at the time of plan purchase or renewal. The primary support contact can change the authorized support contacts at any time.

Select your account and Maintenance Plan VPA to view the associated authorized contacts.

Changing Contact Information

Strategically selecting your support contacts can maximize the benefits of maintenance. It is advisable to designate IT people in your organization who are responsible for testing, deploying, and/or supporting Attachmate products.

If you are the primary contact, you can make changes to authorized support contacts and grant or restrict access to features.

  • To add a support contact, after clicking Add, you can either:
    • Pick an existing contact on record for your account by clicking the Select icon. Adding an existing contact takes effect immediately.
    • Request a new authorized support contact if you don't find an existing contact, or the record is incorrect. Requests for creating new contacts are processed by Attachmate Customer Service, typically within one business day.

After an authorized support contact is added, login information (username and password) is sent by e-mail to the added contact, using the submitted e-mail address.

  • To remove a support contact, select the support contact and click the Remove button.
  • To grant access to My Account's Service Requests (ability to view all service requests on the account), select the support contact and click the Edit button.
  • To block access to My Product Updates (product downloads), you must make this selection when you request a new authorized support contact. To block or unblock access for existing support contacts, contact Attachmate Customer Service.

Note that access to product upgrades is blocked for all support contacts if your agreement with Attachmate does not include this benefit. In this case, unblock requests cannot be fulfilled.

Note: Contacts must be created only for members of your licensed and maintained organization, or for third parties working for you under contracts which include appropriate confidentiality provisions. Any other sharing of login access is a breach of your software license.

User Profile

As an Attachmate maintenance plan customer, please keep your profile current so that we can notify you regarding:

  • Updates to your service requests from Attachmate Technical Support.
  • New product version upgrade releases available for download.
  • Critical security vulnerabilities, if discovered or fixed in your Attachmate products.
  • Maintenance renewal reminders if you are the VPA licensee contact.

Edit My Profile

Click Edit to make changes to your profile:

  • Changes to your telephone number, job title, and time zone take effect immediately.
    • For telephone numbers outside the USA, begin with "+" prefix character.
    • The job title is limited to 40 characters.
    • As of July 2007, the time zone selection currently does not affect the date/time stamps of your service requests.
  • Requests to change your name or e-mail address are processed by Attachmate Customer Service, typically within one business day.

For more details on how your personal information is used, see the Attachmate privacy policy at

Change My Password

Click Change Password to configure your own login password that is easier to remember.

You must enter your existing password, and enter your new password twice. Your new password must be at least 6 characters and contain at least two of the following three character classes:

- English upper or lower case letters (A,B,C,... Z, a, b, c,... z)
- Westernized Arabic numerals (0 ... 9)
- Special characters (!@$#^&*)

Browser Requirements

Please also note you must enable:

  • Cookies (for login session management)
  • JavaScript
  • Pop-up windows

For downloads, see also KB 7021965 for additional recommendations.

Known Issues

Back Button Issue

If you use the web browser Back button after creating a new Service Request, update, or attachment, the web browser may report the page has expired, or you may see an error dialog, "We are unable to process your request. This is most likely because you used the browser BACK or REFRESH button to get to this point."

To resolve this issue, try clicking Back again, or click My Support Home at the top and re-navigate to the desired page.

To avoid this issue, use the Back buttons within the My Support user interface, which will return you to My Service Requests or My Account’s Service Requests.

Date/Time Stamps

If your User Profile is configured for a time zone outside USA Pacific time, service request updates you added between March and June 2007 may have inaccurate date/time stamps, and thus sort incorrectly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Find By Date

When using the Find feature to query by date, you must enter dates in one of the following formats:

  • dd-Mmm-yyyy with the three-letter month using an initial uppercase. For example, 5-Mar-2007.
  • mm/dd/yyyy with the two-digit month and day (using leading zeros if necessary) and four-digit year. For example, 03/05/2007.

Additional Information

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