How to Attach a File to a Service Request in My Support

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  • 28-Mar-2008
  • 02-Mar-2018


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This technical note describes how to attach a file (a trace, log, or screenshot, for example) to a Service Request in My Support on the Attachmate Support Site.


Note the following:

  • Your Service Request must already be created before you can attach a file. For steps to create a Service Request, see KB 7021972.
  • Files are transmitted with SSL/TLS encryption and are stored on secured Attachmate systems.
  • Attachmate Technical Support is notified when you update your Service Request.
  • For additional information about using the Attachmate My Support features, see KB 7021967.

Attaching a File to a Service Request

Follow these steps to attach a file to your Attachmate Support Service Request.

  1. Go to your list of Service Requests on the Attachmate Support site:

Alternately, go to My Support Home ( and then click Check My Service Requests.

  1. Click the SR number corresponding to the Service Request to which you want to attach a file.
  1. In the Updates tab, click Add Update.
  1. Enter relevant details in the Comment field, and click Submit.
  2. Click Add Attachment.
  1. Click New.
  1. Click the Select button to browse to your file.
  1. In the Add Attachment popup, click Browse to select the file name. Select the file and click Open.
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Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox, after selecting the file, click Add. You may need to scroll down to see the Add button.

  1. Add any additional Comments pertaining to the file (up to 250 characters), and then click Submit.
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The file is attached to your Service Request Update.

You can repeat steps 6–9 to add another file attachment. Make sure the Comments adequately describe each file, for example, traces that yield "good" versus "bad" results.

  1. To return to the list of Service Requests, click the Back button in the Update Detail tab.
  1. In your Service Request, on the Updates tab, you can confirm that your file was successfully attached to the Service Request Update.

Additional Information

If you encounter problems, send files using an alternative website: Note: Maximum accepted file size is 1.6 GB. For larger files, use multiple split zips.

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This article was originally published as Attachmate Technical Note 2327.