Creating a new Support Case

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  • 17-Jan-2021
  • 09-Aug-2021


Support Portal (


Need assistance from a support engineer/product specialist.
Contact Micro Focus Customer Support through the online web portal.
Open a new support case, traditionally known as a Support Incident (SI), Service Request (SR), or ticket.


    1. In the Support Portal top navigation menu, click Cases > New Case.

    2. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to do so. See also Logging into Micro Focus.

    3. Complete required information. It is recommended that you complete the fields in the order below, as subsequent items are dependent on earlier choices.
      • Account: If you are associated with multiple Accounts, you will need to select one. (The field is greyed out if you are associated with a single Account.)

      • Case Type: To ensure we get the right expert team to assist, select an appropriate type:
      • Product: Select the Micro Focus product from your entitled products. Required for a Technical Issue or Licensing case. Note: If your entitled product is not listed, as a workaround, please change the Case Type to Non-Technical Enquiry and note your product at the beginning of the Description below.

      • Product Platform: Applicable operating system(s). Required for a Technical Issue or Licensing case. If your specific platform(s) is not listed, please provide details in your long description.

      • Entitlement: Select an available support contract service level, such as Business Support. Required for a Technical Issue or Licensing case.

      • Product Version: If your specific minor version, service pack level, or hotfix is not listed, please pick the closest previous version and provide further detail in your long description.

      • Severity: Urgency of the issue based on impact. See severity levels and target response times in the Customer Support Handbook.

      • Priority: Importance of this issue to your organization (Critical, High, Medium, Low).

      • Subject: Enter a short title or abstract of the issue, such as an error message. Note: After you move cursor focus out of this field, a pop-up window provides knowledge suggestions based on your Product and Subject.

      • Description: Provide a detailed description of your issue including:
        • Error messages or symptom of unexpected behavior
        • Steps to duplicate the problem
        • Impact of the issue
    4. Click Submit when done.

    5. If you have any relevant screen snapshots, logs, etc., upload your files to FTS.

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