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This technical note addresses frequently asked questions about using the Attachmate Downloads website.

Note: For questions regarding logging in, refer to KB 7021966.



1. What is the Attachmate Download web site?

The Attachmate Downloads web site ( in English or in Japanese), formerly the Attachmate Download Library, provides online access to upgrade and service pack files for the latest versions of Attachmate products. These updates are available to licensed Attachmate customers who have current Maintenance and Support Plans for these products.

2. Why is Attachmate providing products this way?

Online delivery provides the same software formerly provided on CD media, and offers you the following benefits:

    • Speed and convenience. You don't have to wait for a physical shipment to arrive and be routed to you.
    • Download anytime. Our download site is virtually always available, so you don't have to hunt for a CD media when you need it. As long as your maintenance is current, you get unlimited re-downloads.
    • Timeliness. As a maintained customer, you get the latest release without wondering if your CD is obsolete. New versions and supplements are made available more rapidly with our web publishing process. The current release and latest service packs (including any critical security fixes) are presented on the same download site.
    • Savings. You don't have to pay shipping charges or physical media fulfillment fees. In some US states, you may also avoid sales tax charges.
    • Better for the environment. With no CD manufacturing, packaging, or transportation, the global adverse impacts are reduced.

Account and Entitlement

3. How do I log in?

For questions regarding logging in, refer to KB 7021966.

4. How do I give another person in my organization access to downloads (add a contact)?

See "How can I give someone else a login?" in KB 7021966.

5. My Maintenance Entitlements page does not list all my licensed products. Why?

Your Maintenance Entitlements list may appear incomplete for several reasons:

    • Entitlements only appear for products that have available downloads. Pre-release or discontinued products may not be displayed.
    • Your Maintenance and Support Plan has expired for some products.
    • You may not be an authorized support contact on all of your organization's maintenance plans (VPAs).
    • Your organization's primary authorized support contact may have requested access limits for product downloads on some VPAs. To see which contacts have access, go to
    • You purchased additional products as non-maintained single-user licenses, such as through a reseller or eStore web site. (Non-maintained product is not eligible for version upgrades, service packs, or technical support assistance.)

For a complete view of your organization's licensed products and maintenance expiration, go to

To re-establish your Maintenance and Support Plan, please contact Attachmate Customer Service:

6. Why am I prompted for an account?

You are an authorized support contact for multiple accounts. After you select an account, you will see the Maintenance Entitlements and VPA information for the selected account.

To access information for another account, go back to

For a complete view of your accounts, go to

Product and Version

7. Are the download files the same products as on CD media?

Yes. The electronic upgrade files are the same official releases formerly provided on shipped CDs.

In some cases, newer versions or additional files may be available electronically (compared to the shipped CD media product). Also, some files may be packaged differently for web delivery (see question 15. What do the download file extensions mean?).

Product documentation may also be available separately at (or links provided on the web site).

8. Do the product upgrades include patches?

If the File Version contains a plus character (such as "R1+SP2"), the product file includes the indicated service pack or patch update. Otherwise, you must separately download and install any additional available service pack or patch files.

9. Are older versions available through this web site?

No, only the current product upgrade releases are available. These releases provide the latest features and allow your organization to stay current with supported technology.

Product patches and upgrades are available for product versions in the Current and Mature phases of the Product Support Lifecycle. For more information on the Product Support Lifecycle, see

Download and Installation

10. What are the web browser requirements?

The following recommendations optimize the compatibility for most browsers. (We are unable to test all available browsers and versions.)

    • You must enable (session) cookies for login session management.
    • You must have JavaScript enabled to download most files.
    • We strongly recommend enabling pop-up windows, as they are used for help, product documentation, and other information.
    • Third-party download managers (that restart stalled or paused downloads) are not recommended.

11. How long will it take to download the product file?

Typically, downloads of product files take only minutes; however, the actual download time depends on the product file size, your Internet connection speed, and network traffic conditions. To minimize network latency issues, files are automatically downloaded from a secure worldwide network of redundant geographically dispersed servers.

12. When I click a file download link, nothing happens. Why?

This issue may be caused by one of the following:

    • You must accept the Software License (check the box) before downloading.
    • You may be running a web browser with JavaScript disabled. See question 10 for web browser requirements.

13. When I download the file, should I save or run it?

When prompted by your web browser, it is suggested that you save the file to an appropriate location (such as your desktop or secured file server). Run the file when you want to unpack the files and start the installation process.

14. Do I need to re-download on each workstation where the product will be installed?

No. You can save the downloaded file to a shared file server, burn it to CD, or use deployment tools. You may install on multiple systems within your licensed limits. To see your licensed quantity, go to

15. What do the download file extensions mean?

Some downloadable package files are compressed in a format native to the operating system intended for installation. Files with a .zip, .gz, or .Z extension must be unpacked prior to installation, as indicated below. (For multiple file extensions, start with the method indicated by the last extension.) For more information, see the installation guide for your product.

    Commands to unpack and install
    compressed backup file format
    uncompress, installp
    compressed depot
    uncompress, swinstall
    InstallShield, WinZip Self-Extractor, etc.
    none (run "as is")
    CD image
    Use your CD-R writing software to burn a disc, or use a third-party utility to mount image as virtual drive
    HP OpenVMS
    POLYCENTER Software Installation
    Sun Solaris
    Compressed package
    uncompress, pkgadd
    Red Hat package manager
    IBM AS/400
    Save Library
    See Verastream Installation Guide
    gzipped tape archive
    gunzip, tar
    compressed tape archive
    uncompress, tar
    Info-Zip UnZip

Note: File names ending with uppercase .Z extension may change to lowercase .z in the downloading process. After downloading, you must rename the file to the original uppercase .Z extension before using the UNIX uncompress command.

16. When I download a file, why does RealAudio Player start and display an error?

This problem may occur when using certain web browsers to download package files with .rpm extension. To avoid this problem, either use the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, or download the equivalent available file with .zip extension.

17. My file download is incomplete. What should I do?

If your file download starts but does not complete:

    • Disable any third-party download managers that restart stalled or paused downloads. (After a package file download is started, the secure file location is not valid for later retries.)
    • Try your file download again. Network traffic conditions can vary over time.
    • If this problem continues, contact Attachmate by opening a service request at or using the form, Include information about the file name(s) you are attempting to download.

18. How can I verify the authenticity and integrity of a downloaded file?

See KB 7021968 for information on verifying your download.

19. When I run the downloaded .exe file, why do I see an error that it is "not a valid Win32 application"?

Typically this error indicates the download did not complete. See question 18 to troubleshoot.

20. How do I restart the installer on Windows?

If you need to re-run the installation (such as after the installation updates the Microsoft Windows Installer service), open the Install.exe or Setup.exe file in the temporary folder where installation files were unpacked.

The default temporary location varies by product, such as:


21. What if I have a download problem not addressed by this FAQ?

If you have a problem downloading a file from the web site, please contact us using the electronic form or telephone numbers listed at

Please specify the error message or problem symptoms you are experiencing.

22. What if I have a problem installing or using the product file?

If you have a problem installing or using the product upgrade or service pack, please refer to resources on the support site ( or contact Attachmate Technical Support for assistance (see

Privacy and Security

25. Is my login and contact information kept secured?

26. Is my download activity tracked?

Yes, in accordance with the Attachmate privacy policy,, our systems log the product file(s) and version(s) that you download and associate this activity with your VPA(s) and account. This information enables Attachmate Customer Service, Technical Support, and Product Development to serve you better.

27. If I "opted out," will I still receive product release notifications?

Yes, if you are an authorized support contact, you will continue to receive product upgrade e-mail notification (as long as your maintenance is current) even if you previously indicated you do not want to receive e-mail notification of new Attachmate products, services, and special offers.

As per the Attachmate privacy policy,, this particular e-mail notification is for a business transaction specific to your account, not a general marketing message.

28. Can I give a product upgrade file to someone outside my organization?

No. Attachmate product upgrades are for access and use only in your licensed organization. You may not rent, lease, sell, sub-license, or lend the software. (For details see the Software License Agreement prior to download or installation.)

If you know others who are interested in Attachmate products, please refer them to to evaluate the current trial versions.

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