Managing Users in SLD

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  • 11-Jan-2021
  • 08-Jun-2021


Software Licenses and Downloads (


How to manage users and get or give access for product fulfillment (software/patch downloads) and activation (license keys/files).


Note: User management is handled separately for the Support Portal vs. Software Licenses/Downloads. This document applies to SLD only. See also Managing Users in the Support Portal.

What are the user roles?

The following table summarizes the rights for Administrator, User, and Download User roles in SLD.

AdministratorUserDownload User
Add and remove other usersNoNo
Activate product licensesNo
Download product & patches

What is an Administrator?

In addition to the rights a User or Download User has (described next), an Administrator in SLD can add and remove other users, meaning he can grant user access to the license entitlements.
When a new order is processed, an email is sent to the Administrator containing links for product electronic delivery. The Administrator can log into SLD to add any additional users that need access to the order.
When a user requests access to an order, an email gets sent to the Administrator of the order who can approve or deny the request.

What rights does a User have?

A User can activate licenses and download software, but cannot manage other users.

What rights does a Download User have?

A Download User can download software, but cannot activate licenses or manage other users.

How did I become an Administrator?

There are several ways to become an Administrator such as:
  • You are the technical contact on a Micro Focus order. The first Administrator on an order is defined during the quoting/sales process.
  • You have been added by another Administrator on the account.
  • You were an Administrator in Customer Center (for Micro Focus/Novell, NetIQ, or GWAVA).
  • You were a Primary Support Contact on a Volume Purchase Agreement for Attachmate, added or requested through My Support.

How does an Administrator view and manage users?

    1. Log into SLD, go to the Identity Access Management tab, and click Manage User Folders.

    2. Select an order on the left to see existing Administrators, Users, and Download Users. Note: Permissions in SLD are controlled by the order number. The same permission level is granted for all products included on an order.

    3. To add a user:
      1. Click Add User.

      2. In the popup, enter the new user’s Email, select a Role, and click Confirm.

    4. To remove a user, click on the recycle bin. To change a user’s role, click on the pencil.

    How do I get access to products?

    1. Log into SLD, go to the Identity Access Management tab, and click on Request Access.

    2. Search for the order which you want to request access (by Customer Service ID, Order Number, or Software Serial Number). Then, select a requested role (Administrator, User, or Download User). Note: 
    3. After you click Submit, an email is sent the Administrator to approve or deny.

    4. If you don’t get a response from your Administrator, please:

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