Training Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 21-May-2021
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Micro Focus Education


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Micro Focus education and training offerings.


We recently purchased software from Micro Focus. Where do I find a list of available training?

Log onto our Customer Learning Management System (see also KB 7025112). In the Search field, enter the name of your software or solution to view available training.

How can I identify the best training choices for my team and my budget?

Complete the Contact Us form to connect with your training coordinator. 

Where can I find the contact information for my training coordinator?

Complete the Contact Us form to connect with your training coordinator. 

Do you have a Certification and Accreditation Program?

How do I pay for the courses?

Training courses, both instructor-led and digital learning as well as certification exams, can be purchased online using Training Units on our LMS. Most training is also available using Flexible Credits which can be converted to Training Units for education. Please contact your Education Specialist for purchasing your Training Units or to convert Flexible credits.

What are Training Units?

Training Units are a flexible and simple way to purchase training. It is a unit-based account of funds that can be used toward the purchase of any eligible software education learning solution. Training Units are an ideal way to manage your enablement budget and planning process in today’s world. Training Units provide you the convenience to purchase training any time, for any learning solution, for any of your organization’s potential attendees.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

See Education Terms & Conditions for legal agreements in various languages.

What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is anytime, anywhere, self-paced training that centers on interactive embedded simulations to provide a "hands-on like" learning experience. The majority of Digital Learning courses include an audio narrative by subject matter experts for an enhanced learning experience.

How is Digital Learning priced?

Digital Learning is priced by named user. That user receives access to the learning course and materials for 12 months duration from the registration date.  Pricing is normally one training unit per hour of Digital Learning.

Does my Training Unit expiration date impact my access duration?

As long as you register using valid Training Units, you will receive 12 consecutive months of access starting on the date you register for your digital learning course.

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