Exchanging Files with Support

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  • 16-Jan-2021
  • 26-Aug-2021


Support Portal (portal.microfocus.com)


  • Send a file (log, trace, screen snapshot, etc.) to Customer Support for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Email to Micro Focus has been rejected due to file attachment exceeding 15 MB in size.
  • Download a file from Micro Focus, such as a hotfix that is not available from the official SLD download site or custom sample code or configuration not available from the Download2 site.


Micro Focus File Transfer Service (FTS) enables file exchange with Support in conjunction with a support case. A separate temporary FTS account “dropbox” is created for each case. The files are automatically deleted 45 days after the case is closed. By using the FTS web interface, files are transmitted with encryption to ensure privacy and integrity.


  1. On the Support Portal, in the My Open Cases list, click a Case Number. (You will need to log in if you haven't already.)

  2. On the Case page, scroll down to the “Exchange files” section.
  3. If it is your first time using FTS, review the terms and click Accept at the bottom.

  4. Enter the Account Name and Password from the Case page.

  5. You can now:
    • Download: At the top of the page, download files provided by your Micro Focus support engineer, such as a hotfix.
    • Upload: In the middle of the page, send files by using Browse and Upload File.
  6. Verify the entire file was transmitted by comparing the file size and/or checksum.

  7. When finished with FTS, click Logout in the upper right.

  8. Important! Please update your case to inform the support engineer of any new files you add. At this time, there is no automated notification to the case owner.

Additional Information

If you need to exchange files directly with a host system and a web browser is not available, FTP protocol is also supported. Note: Unlike the web interface using HTTPS, the FTP protocol is not encrypted so authentication and file data can be intercepted in transit. Also, FTP uses separate command and data channels which can be blocked by some firewalls.

In the event FTS is unavailable, Micro Focus has alternative websites available for exchanging files.

For other topics about the Support Portal and downloads, see Support Help & Guides.