Patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 Support Pack 1 (OES11 SP1).

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  • 03-Oct-2012
  • 29-Jul-2015


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 1


Novell has released Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 1 on August 28th, 2012.

This is an overview of the patches that have been released for Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11) Support Pack 1.
Note 1:
See TID 7008280 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11).
See TID 7014420 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (OES11 SP2).

Note 2:
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 will be out of general support per 29 Jan 2015. See the Product Support Lifecycle page.

Disclaimer : The list above does not pretend to be a full list of down-loadable software as has been released for the OES11 platform. For that detail, please consult the official Novell download site.

Additional software may have been released, but not be listed here once it is considered to be beyond the scope of what this document tries to provide, being an overview of the bugs fixed with the various patch releases that have been released for OES11 SP1.


For the readers convenience, below each released patch, you will find an overview of the bugs that are fixed in that patch for OES11 SP1, and if it is known, a link to the TID that belongs to that bug as well.

I tried to be as complete as possible by also adding the same list of patches and bug fixes for other released iPrint and eDir patches, and have verified accurateness of the same with the respective team members.

  • dns-dhcp-lum-proxycreds

See TID 7010507 for more detail on migrating OES2 SP2 proxy credentials over to OES11 SP1.

  • iPrint Client for Macintosh 5.72

See TID 7010579 for more detail regarding iPrint support on Mac 10.8, Mountain Lion.

  • September-2012-Scheduled-Maintenance for OES11SP1- 6796

Bug 553802 - Loosing trustee when directory is renamed.
Bug 706758 - Nautilus webdav cannot open text, pdf and some other filetypes.
Bug 723878 - Normal Domain Users have all filesystem rights to new GPOs with Oes2Sp3. TID 7009567
Bug 728608 - OES11 - YAST error "Add Method: 693 - ERROR: -16024" on novell-afp during upgrade.
Bug 736413 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: memberOf query returns incorrect groupmembership results.
Bug 736414 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: ObjectSid queries return incorrect results.
Bug 737877 - CIFS- Support for CIFS invalid user name/password presented multiple times.
Bug 738031 - DSFW: Configuration of Windows 2008R2 Remote Desktop Licensing fails.
Bug 742493 - OES11 FP0 with Xen Desktop 5.5 - Unable to login win7 with domain credentials after installing VDA.
Bug 742807 - volrepair.rb does not prompt for password, segfault and other problems.
Bug 750680 - Migration : Admin name is not getting added in Printer's ACL list, if it contains special character in it's name.
Bug 755553 - Problems creating temp files on cifs share with Danish extended characters.
Bug 757883 - Typo in error message " ERROR: RPC: SetInheritedRightsMaskToCahceEntry".
Bug 760700 - iprint manager cuts user name after 32 characters.
Bug 765721 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: OSX 10.6.x mobile account login issues when attribute loginintruderaddress is populated for users.
Bug 766814 - iprint server sends an extra character on user name.
Bug 769744 - F6=Restripe does not fix the sync status of a single segment RAID1 device.
Bug 770050 - Unable to install OES11SP1 iprint plugin on OES2SP3 iManager.
Bug 771013 - MAC clients are hung when Logout from AFP.
Bug 771476 - 'EVENT: RPC: Received Mount' should be 'EVENT: RPC: Received Mount'.
Bug 772016 - Nmas method addition error during cifs rpm install\upgrade\patching using zypper.
Bug 772702 - Error: "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" appears when managing a printer agent.
Bug 772791 - File name with space are not able to delete successfully from NRM.
Bug 773064 - nlvm cli is lacking a command to rename raid devices.
Bug 773566 - Cannot create a pool on a RAID0 device if it has a linux partition on it.
Bug 774000 - NSSMU cores when RAID{0,1,5} devices tried to expand without specifying any size.
Bug 774582 - segments name are not proper when mirror sbd gets created with default size 8MB.
Bug 776138 - eDirectory configuration yast2 help page need to change for OES11 SP1.
Bug 776163 - miggui help files should be updated with OES11 SP1.
Bug 777098 - new entry in _ndsdb.ini correct ?
Bug 777194 - novell-iprint-server-6.4.20120627-5.23 breaks duplicate named printer driver profiles.
Bug 778010 - OES11 - man smsconfig misses tsaMode section.
Bug 778852 - SA49792 - Novell Remote Manager Off-by-One Vulnerability.
Bug 780394 - DSFW support for resolving a Well Known GUID, AD distinguishedName format.
Bug 780901 - Man page documentation for changes from bug 737877 [ bad user name cache].
Bug 781658 - Issues in error handling for invalid user caching options through novcifs.
Bug 781664 - novcifs help for Invalid user cache options needs some modification.
Bug 782152 - NRM faults when you login.

  • November 2012 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 patch 2 - 6989

Bug 181124 - Ldap referral not populated correctly.
Bug 608436 - LDAP - ldapsearch query for EID returns -785 errors with invalid eid in search filter.
Bug 619810 - ndspassstore is not able to create the password store for non-root platforms.
Bug 650302 - iManager plug-in for Security Policy object does not work to define new Clearances or Catagories.
Bug 681961 - Need to allow customer to delete orphan license object.
Bug 691565 - ndsd coring in DSAiterator.
Bug 692389 - ndsd cores in AllocateConnectionSlot from
Bug 701587 - User authentication fails due to -602 error in SEV list calculation.
Bug 711799 - NDSD is cored on DSFW Servers (FRD & ADC) under Reliability environment.
Bug 714117 - Private NCP connections created by DCLient keeps mounting until the program goes unresponsive.
Bug 719736 - eDirectory cores in FLAIM on Primary Domain Controller causing login outages.
Bug 735840 - ldapsdk crashed in ldap_connect_to_host() inturn crashing CIFS.
Bug 750982 - NDSD cores on DSFW Server (FRD & ADC) under Reliability environment; Failing at "tc_malloc () from /usr/lib64/".
Bug 756978 - Fix for bug 744792 stores data in the description attribute.
Bug 766931 - The getLoginResult() function in the source code does not return just after entering wrong answer for NMAS challenge.
Bug 767566 - iMonitor DIB Writer info shows in verb/process who holds dib lock as "Unregistered".
Bug 770437 - NDSD goes to 100% utilization - LDAP always is dereferencing searches.
Bug 772895 - Security Vulnerability - eDirectory DoS dhost request with certain characters.
Bug 772898 - Security Vulnerability - eDirectory Authorization Mechanism Bypass.
Bug 772899 - Security Vulnerability - eDirectory Cross Site Scripting exploit.
Bug 775479 - Special External References don't get purged when they are not needed anymore.
Bug 775846 - diagpwd tool shows "!" for Simple and NDS passwords when password contains special characters.
Bug 780215 - XenDesktop support in DSFW needs an option to rewrite the LDAP search filter.
Bug 780223 - ndspassstore is not able to create the password store for non-root platforms.
Bug 781555 - NMAS server side does not handle a long Japanese response string correctly via Forgot Passsword.
Bug 782951 - PKI Invalidity Reason - 15.
Bug 680361 - eDirecory dumps core when XDAS port number is not specified for syslog server.
Bug 787876 - Displaying the wrong versions in OES11SP1 for few of the utilities.
Bug 785272 - Novell NCP Pre-Auth Remote Stack-Based Buffer Overflow.

  • November 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 6994

Bug 583261 - Httpstkd randomly stops.
Bug 667829 - On Win2K8 R2 client joined to DSfW domain fails to create xen Desktop image from xendesktop studio.
Bug 699759 - Migration of trustee with time and network restriction had failed.
Bug 718394 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
Bug 724290 - Ability to delete dynamic leases from DHCP console.
Bug 736416 - Apple OSX Compatibility - Login to DSfW without ID mapping doesn't work. TID 7011505.
Bug 739450 - W32Time auth provider for ntp does not work in a cross partition setup. TID 7011506.
Bug 749315 - OES2 Ravsui rebuild including rezid on volumes with hard links causes data corruption.
Bug 751740 - tsafs mode=Dual display resources in NetWare notation as "VOL1:" instead of "/media/nss/VOL1".
Bug 752331 - DNS assertion failure during DDNS process with NetWare.
Bug 755421 - ndsd core on AddNetWareFileInfo function during ncp scale.
Bug 755959 - AFP Cores with 1.2.0-0.35.1.
Bug 759377 - Potential Security Vulnerability on NetStorage on NetWare.
Bug 762696 - Memory leak in cifsd.
Bug 765871 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
Bug 765872 - NWIntMoveDirEntry does not support UTF-8 format.
Bug 766921 - Miggui presents wrong information on OES11 target server.
Bug 767012 - NWGetPathFromDirectoryBase is not returning UTF-8 path name.
Bug 767883 - JClient call scanTrusteePathsCB is not terminating.
Bug 768113 - xadsd crashes in dcerpc library. TID 7011507.
Bug 769379 - LUM authentication does more ldap searches as necessary.
Bug 769945 - Assignment of users to authorize RDP Access to Windows Workstation.TID 7011508.
Bug 770416 - DNS/DHCP management console can not configure update policy option as DSfW requires. TID 7011509.
Bug 770472 - NLVM fails to mirror from a DOS partitioned device to a GPT partitioned device of the same size.
Bug 771993 - gposync runs in a loop. TID 7011510.
Bug 772202 - nss cli - Addition of option to see error code description and option to activate NSS pool in maintenance mode.
Bug 772561 - Attributes for Universal PW Policies need a repair.
Bug 772791 - File name with space are not able to delete successfully from NRM.
Bug 772990 - DNS/DHCP Management console hanging after creating DNS key.
Bug 773069 - DNS/DHCP Management console throws NULL pointer exception Error.
Bug 774802 - xadsd crashes in rpc__list_element_alloc (). TID 7011511.
Bug 775099 - NCP-enabled Clustered LVM Volume should provide NCP_VOLUME name value in all caps.
Bug 775731 - NSSMU and NLVM fail to restrict Linux volume names to the NCP Volume 14-character limit.
Bug 776681 - ncpcon nss verify shows irm differences between NCP and NSS.
Bug 777180 - Servers hanging and coring frequently.
Bug 777536 - NSSMU - After deleting pool cluster resource, get Error 23305, but the state changes from 'yes' to 'no' or vice versa anyway.
Bug 777555 - Novell pure-ftpd mishandling count.txt - Case sensitivity + doesn't increment past 1 if EnableRemoteHomeDirectory yes.
Bug 777729 - Core in namcd getUserFDN_fromCache.
Bug 777829 - NWSMTSScanDataSetBegin returned 0xfffdffb1. TID 7011581.
Bug 778235 - gposync tool reports success even if nsimAssignments is not updated. TID 7011512.
Bug 778564 - Open files limit is 64k per CIFS server. TID 7011319.
Bug 779657 - Novell FTP - "remote_server yes" causes error and failure for pure-ftpd AltLog. TID 7011532.
Bug 779665 - Server panic in vigil.
Bug 781290 - Ndsd crashes with "error trap divide error in". TID 7010827.
Bug 781388 - NLVM - When mirroring an SBD partition, you have to specify type=sbd to make it work.
Bug 781817 - CIFS service goes unresponsive and must be restarted.
Bug 782136 - DNS/DHCP Management Console Times out with many objects in the base container.
Bug 782599 - Novell-httpstkd will not start properly with options.
Bug 783133 - Admindrv received the reply(pid=xxxxx) flooding message log file. TID 7010858.
Bug 783463 - Missing capability to set/clear namedPipe via manage/attrib.
Bug 783939 - No results for LDAP Query when OID is used instead of attribute name in the search filter. TID 7011513
Bug 784228 - AFP crashed due to infinite recursive loop in InternalRenameDirCacheEntry function.
Bug 784232 - AFP Crash due to infinite loop in recursive ConstructCacheStructure Function.
Bug 784366 - xadsd crashes in rpc__cn_binding_inq_addr () due to failed NTLMSSP authentication requests. TID 7011514
Bug 784838 - CIFS crashed in transact password change request for null user.
Bug 787751 - When using the DaemonDebugFlags option causes stack fault.
Bug 788726 - OES11SP1 servers with NSS raid devices hang after latest kernel update. TID 7011339.
Bug 789916 - Logging in to a CIFS share with a GUEST login results in the CIFS service going to 'DEAD' status.[CIFS cores Without performing any operations from the FTU code - monitoring commands etc.,].
Bug 790473 - Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" while mapping users across the eDir Tree.

  • December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES11SP1 - 7058

Bug 756970 - iprint direct much slower than tcpip printer.
Bug 759845 - iPrint Client 5.82 - Copyright need to be updated.
Bug 768311 - Authentication failure using SSL printer if user name has a dot.
Bug 772124 - Unable to generate Audit Report from French IE.
Bug 773890 - Request iprntman --grant-access and --grant-operator options.
Bug 785813 - icm install printers to user with no rights.
Bug 787146 - Welcome page - Need to add welcome page link for windows 8 iPrint clients.
Bug 787230 - Print Manager crashes with 3rd party accounting software - TID 7011335.
Bug 788545 - After successful installation of Printer, Printer not seen in printer folder and not able to print.
Bug 788928 - Winclient - Win 7 - User Printers failed to print due to Win 8 client changes.
Bug 789574 - Documents failing to print via direct printer with banner associated.
Bug 789738 - Failed to reload ipp page after starting installation of printer.
Bug 789751 - While installing a printer from IPP page,as soon as we click on printer it goes back to home page (MSN).
Bug 790627 - Drivers in the repositories gets deleted after restarting driver store.
Bug 790651 - Unable to install printers on windows 2012 server.
Bug 792854 - Unable to install HP UPD printer.

  • December 2012 NSS Hot Patch for OES11SP1 - 7162

Bug 793385 - OES11 SP1 - changing file/folder owner removes all existing trustee assignments. TID 7011580.

  • January 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 7195

Bug 638966 - CIFSD does not remove auto-generated share from nfapCIFSShares attribute when volume is dismounted.
Bug 661201 - NCP server to log volume (dis)mounts by default
Bug 661591 - After migration of DHCP services from NetWare to Linux, DHCP pools quickly run out of available IP addresses in subnets with PXE clients, where Novell ZENworks Preboot Services is configured.
Bug 718873 - Password Restrictions displayed incorrectly on XP client.
Bug 730845 - Error: "Invalid File Handle" when copying files to mapped drive location.
Bug 749384 - NCP2NSS high utilization -- app core obtained.
Bug 750064 - CIFS dircache keeps growing when files/folders are created continuously without deleting.
Bug 760512 - Kernel core running command NSS Security Eq.
Bug 771108 - Screen size of the provisioning toolkit needs to be calculated better.
Bug 771112 - YaST in ncurses mode shows non working DSfW Provisioning Wizard.
Bug 771486 - Installation of DSfW adds second entry for ""server"" in ntp.conf.
Bug 772202 - NSS cli - Addition of option to see error code description and option to activate NSS pool in maintenance mode.
Bug 777005 - Linux based utility will start running and then fail to restore trustees.
Bug 778746 - AFP Fails to start after July Maintenance Build.
Bug 779516 - CIFS - subfolder move when the files are in shadow volume is not moving files correctly through CIFS client - TID 7011250.
Bug 779657 - Novell FTP - ""remote_server yes"" causes error and failure for pure-ftpd AltLog - TID 7011532.
Bug 780240 - NCS roles do not work after updating to 2.7.5.
Bug 783666 - Valid user with incorrect password gets cached as invalid, if multiple contexts exist in CIFS context file.
Bug 783903 - CIFS crash when processing a close file request which has ""markfordeletion"" bit set
Bug 784451 - DSfW Provisioning Wizard needs to check the partition attributes.
Bug 785300 - DHCP Import stripping out Config Options
Bug 786475 - During bootup ""Kerberos KDC Service"" and ""Kerberos Password Change Server"" fail to start.
Bug 786645 - Files existing on Shadow Volume cannot be moved to a newly-created directory on the Primary Volume.
Bug 787028 - novell-oes-pure-ftpd "DefaultHomeDirectory" no longer works without "remoteserver" enabled.
Bug 787096 - Migration log message needs to be corrected.
Bug 787330 - Can't install ADC to DSfW domain that is updated to Sept 2012 patch level.
Bug 788789 - iSCSI log-out with NSS causes server hang in OES 11 SP1.
Bug 788982 - NDSD process got crashed (cored).
Bug 789681 - Trailing blanks invalidate NLVM filters.
Bug 790712 - Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x500) IPP Error - 0X500 when saving iPrint manager configuration.
Bug 790828 - DSfW Assign rights fails in XAD_RETAIN_POLICIES=no case and if there are containers with nspm... attr set.
Bug 791044 - Cluster Maintenance command does not work.
Bug 791159 - DSfW CDC Provisioning fails in Post check of Add Configuration Objects task when there is space in forestNC.
Bug 791419 - CIFS log is flooded with warning messages saying ""WARNING - CODIR: RemoveFromOpenFilesList: (Background, handle 0) - entry not found! (null)"" when cluster resource is migrated & 'novcifs -Cl' is done on the original node hosting the resource
Bug 791436 - Observing a CIFS crash indicated in call stack on ""RemoveFromOpenFilesList()"" [Activity: Cluster resource migration followed by 'novcifs -Cl' listing on original node].
Bug 791701 - Unable to delete tmp files via CIFS
Bug 792131 - DSFW - behavior for "isdeleted" attribute doesn't match with Active Directory - TID 7011500.
Bug 792146 - DSFW FTU1 - ""Enable Kerberos"" task fails while provisioning for CDC in case of FRD is updated with FTU1 build.
Bug 792192 - DSFW - ""unavailableCriticalExtension"" being returned when LDAP_SERVER_NOTIFICATION_OID is being used during ldapsearch - TID 7011499.
Bug 792284 - Named Pipe Attribute (plus many others) getting set somehow.
Bug 792473 - Debug screen options in iManager are not getting activated,
Bug 792554 - Migration of Some of the existing Users across eDir tree is failing with error "ldap_add: Constraint violation (19)....".
Bug 792894 - Server with SMDR debugging enabled, interprets SMDR debug log as NSS volume if the source is cluster resource.
Bug 793385 - Changing file/folder owner removes all existing trustee assignments- TID 7011580.
Bug 793390 - Fresh install & configuration of OES11SP1 DSfW Server along with November 2012 patch is failing - TID 7011671.
Bug 793828 - Establish Trust task failing during provisioning with latest FTU.
Bug 794058 - Please remove all version specific OES instances from iManager help files.
Bug 794271 - Merge with base samba for Jan patch.
Bug 794808 - Syncing a folder with 10k directories causing the Sync to fail.
Bug 794811 - File system has missing files and that causes lot of exceptions during user move.
Bug 794812 - Apache/Mono lockup causes sync to fail.
Bug 794818 - Adding additional log message for iFolder user move failure.
Bug 795384 - Checking the Information of the Driver Store using iprintman command is not working.
Bug 796008 - Observed a CIFS core during cluster resource migration.[Trying to access 'novcifs ..' shows CIFS as 'DEAD'].

  • January 2013 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 2 Hot Patch1 - 7272

Bug 793385 - OES11 SP1 - Changing file/folder owner removes all existing trustee assignments. TID 7011580.

  • OES-build-key update for OES11 SP1 - 7401

Bug 805208 - Extend Novell Bangalore BuildService key expiration date.

  • April 2013 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch3 - 7323

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

Note: When applying eDirectory upgrades on servers that have ConsoleOne installed in order to be able and manage GroupWise, it is to be expected that dependency conflicts will be returned. The reason for this as that ConsoleOne shares a number of base-modules with the eDirectory patches.

Please have a look at TID 7010864 for information on how to resolve these issues. (Note that although the specified eDirectory patch in the TID may differ, the same solution should remain applicable).

  • April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 7421

This April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance release was initially targeted to be released as the March 2013 Scheduled Maintenance release.
Due to the dependency of this patch on eDir 887 patch3, and the additional QA effort involved, the patch release was postponed by a month.

Bug 539940 - Not able to Open a File in NetStorage if the File is already open through a Novell client on a different server.
Bug 657918 - no message/error (only blank frame) when file locked via other protocol.
Bug 674084 - Vague iPrint error messages appear in the error_log.
Bug 713719 - Deleted users from Primary volume is still seen as trustee of secondary volumes even after reboot of the server.
Bug 725146 - Unknown error returned from NWCCOpenConnByName.
Bug 727740 - OES11 GM4 - man NLVM remarks.
Bug 740035 - In the Transfer ID section of the OES migration the NICI files fail to copy with a 35323 error.
Bug 751874 - NCP trustees not staying deleted; ncpserv.audit.log showing a double add on a trustee.
Bug 756123 - DNS DHCP Java Console-> DHCP (OES Linux) Tab -> Server status does not show server running.
Bug 758888 - Getting error during backup, "WARNING Error (FFFFFFFF) occurred while saving a backup of the iPrint Manager database file in eDirectory".
Bug 766503 - Uidnumber attribute lookups for NON-LUM-ENABLED users causing high utilization and thousands of invalid requests made to eDirectory when filesystem trustee rights are assigned on nss volumes. TID 7011961.
Bug 770208 - DSfW provisioning of DNS generates duplicate forward and reverse lookup zones if they already exist.
Bug 775061 - CIFS crashed in login thread while cifs was shutdown.
Bug 775236 - DSfW - Manual installation of ADC not possible with RC3.
Bug 776354 - After mounting volume using ncpmount there are empty folders instead of the contents of the volume in the mount point.
Bug 779515 - CIFS: Trustee assigned only to a subfolder under root of volume and when tried to rename (subfolder) from CIFS client is failing.
Bug 779516 - CIFS: subfolder move when the files are in shadow volume is not moving files correctly through cifs client. TID 7011250.
Bug 780686 - CIFS: Trustee info is getting lost when user tried to move a folder on which he was assigned as a trustee.
Bug 780939 - OES11 nlvm produces a kernel core when encountering local MD raid devices.
Bug 782052 - OES11 SP1 'yast2 oes-install' quits to prompt. TID 7011540.
Bug 783384 - "Source Timestamp" clutters up diff for samba.spec.
Bug 785697 - Provsioning pre healthCheck fails in ADC. TID 7012150.
Bug 785932 - MacOS SMB client fails to traverse DFS junctions on OES11.
Bug 786477 - OES11 SP1 : NLVM StampIO: Error 5 (Input/output error).
Bug 786677 - Winbindd 100% CPU
Bug 787110 - Transfer ID needs to be re-executed only the failed sub step but not all.
Bug 788809 - IPP ERROR 0x1007 attempting Printer Agent Redirection. TID 7011333.
Bug 791183 - Samba 3.6 Printer add problem.
Bug 791419 - CIFS log is flooded with warning messages saying "WARNING: CODIR: RemoveFromOpenFilesList: (Background, handle 0) - entry not found! (null)" when cluster resource is migrated & 'novcifs -Cl' is done on the original node hosting the resource.
Bug 791436 - Observing a CIFS crash indicated in call stack on "RemoveFromOpenFilesList()"
Bug 791640 - DSfW FTU1:During ADC Provosioning PreCheck, the provisioning logs reports "Successfully health checked the [frd]" instead of ADC.
Bug 791701 - Unable to delete tmp files via CIFS.
Bug 792340 - samba-winbind depends on dropped /etc/init.d/nscd.
Bug 793110 - NTP daemon dies in a multiple system partition environment when NTP signed request comes from a Windows XP SP3 client. TID 7011476.
Bug 794305 - Observing a CIFS core following CIFS server restart.
Bug 795241 - CIFS trustee resync and rights command needed for quick workaround and also for troubleshooting.
Bug 795984 - DSfW Authentication with keytab file fails when HTTP/ principal only is used.
Bug 796008 - Observed a CIFS core during cluster resource migration.[Trying to access 'novcifs ..' shows CIFS as 'DEAD'].
Bug 796740 - DSfW ldapsearch doesn't return any results when objectGUID;binary= is used as filter. TID 7012151.
Bug 798024 - EMC CLARiiON (CIFS share) NAS box fails to join DSfW Domain. TID 7012152.
Bug 799613 - Unable to lock file /etc/nam.conf is displayed at novell-named startup when apparmor is active.
Bug 799641 - VUL-0: samba: CVE-2013-0214: Potential XSRF in SWAT
Bug 799793 - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 799876 - NTPD service crashes 2-3 times every hour with NTPD_RUN_CHROOTED="yes" set in /etc/sysconfig/ntp file. TID 7012153.
Bug 800093 - Restart DSfW services task fails in cross partition setup with Jan 2013 (from test patch channel) patch update.
Bug 800373 - NDSD crashed due to incorrect arguments to NCPServLog->info
Bug 800887 - pid leak - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 800982 - VUL-0: samba: CVE-2013-0213: Clickjacking issue in SWAT.
Bug 802161 - DSfW provisioning wizard should restart NTP service.
Bug 802595 - The script ignores network setting in smdrd.conf.
Bug 803010 - novcifs throws improper error message when it fails to enable "audit" option.
Bug 803151 - Migldap.rb breaks in identifying the '-W' option. TID 7011870.
Bug 803299 - Renaming and Moving a folder on DST volume is not happening successfully from CIFS client when VIGIL is running.
Bug 804237 - JC does not allow creation of RR under zone @ record.
Bug 804371 - Merge Samba update for March patch.
Bug 804854 - DSfW specific NTP changes for the upgrade path.
Bug 805205 - Novell Secure Login: As soon as the forgot password window is opened cursor is not pointing to the answer field
Bug 798008 - novell-cifs stops working and gets unresponsive on clusternode.
Bug 816273 - Xtier server Issues
Bug 768746 - XSRVD crashing with NetStorage on OES2SP3
Bug 806998 - AFP crashed while migrating a cluster resource on OES11 SP1 patched server.
Bug 815914 - Random:FAMT is going to Unused state with X-Tier core
Bug 778586 - DNS - JC allows to create RR under forward zone.

  • May 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 7715

Bug 613670 - bindery.novell slp registration for cluster resource does not renew any quicker than 30 min regardless of advertise-life-time setting. TID 7007018.
Bug 639707 - DHCP Migration from NetWare to OES2 Linux does not set option 15.
Bug 692764 - OES2 DNS Server combines txt fields when responding to a TXT record query.
Bug 699873 - CIFSD does not add shares from nfapCIFSShares attribute of a virtual server object.
Bug 712450 - NRM - ShadowFS configuration option is misleading.
Bug 749237 - There are some unlocalized fields in perform inventory page.
Bug 753173 - SMDRD hangs/segfaults during restore.
Bug 758285 - Corrections required on NRM page.
Bug 768926 - iPrint process resets connection, states print job succeeded, when printer TCP window full.
Bug 769530 - DSfW provisioning task "Assign Rights" - rerun fails with error -614 (entry already exists).
Bug 771092 - Untranslated "NCP Trustee Reports" and "NCP Inventory Reports" helps in NRM.
Bug 771171 - The psmstatus page shows a couple of printers in a Red Idle state.
Bug 777653 - Modified date changes intermittently on files.
Bug 782353 - CIFSD replies incorrectly with ERRDOS/ERRbadfid (Invalid File Handle) to SMB_COM_TRANS2_QUERY_FILE_INFORMATION request.
Bug 783005 - DSFW - AD Ping doesn't work over TCP. TID 7012046.
Bug 784336 - DHCP_Template needs updated after OES11 SP1 upgrade.
Bug 784390 - DSfW Provisioning did not provision additional partitions.
Bug 785769 - SMDRD cores during a file sync using SyncCenter.
Bug 786346 - Enabling Kerberos fails during ADC provisioning.
Bug 791965 - NRM to support log files related to CIFS and AFP.
Bug 793006 - Need new pure-ftpd TLS patches rolled into novell-oes-pure-ftpd.
Bug 796343 - Incorrect Error Message displayed from CIFS Client when a CIFS user tries to copy files to a folder more than the quota size assigned.
Bug 798008 - Novell-cifs stops working and gets unresponsive on a cluster node.
Bug 799140 - Ricoh Printer drivers disappear from iManager Driver Store list.
Bug 800417 - Citrix XenApp issue with OES11 SP1 CIFS.
Bug 800593 - ZDI-CAN-1715 - Novell iPrint Client Stack Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.
Bug 804281 - Add the field "description" to the generate report settings in Health Monitor.
Bug 804282 - CIFS user is not able to delete folder in a DST volume when folder has files present only in primary volume and no files are present for that folder in shadow volume.
Bug 804504 - OES 11 Remote Manager process vulnerable to DoS
Bug 806550 - query to dataStream.cmd results in error
Bug 806982 - CN of CommonProxy is not cleaned up during transfer-id migration. TID 7011993.
Bug 807216 - CISCO Identity Service Engine is not joined to DSfW Server. TID 7012045.
Bug 807227 - DSFW Scale - Observing significant memory build up in NDSD when workstations log in.
Bug 807423 - Multiple typo's in the nsscon help section.
Bug 807577 - Need iPrint OES2SP3 core files analyzed.
Bug 807755 - Segmentation fault when nssquota is tried with in-approriate options.
Bug 808038 - Files located on shadow volumes are not visible.
Bug 808300 - Xadsd crashes in rpc_ss_ndr_marsh_struct () in frequently.
Bug 808912 - Unable to to add [Public] as a trustee to a DFS junction using iManager.
Bug 808927 - Iprintman will not install through autoyast.
Bug 809953 - During restore using Commvault smdrd segfaults with Error 4.
Bug 809986 - iPrint migration fails with "iPrint on NSS is in bad health" error for an appliance saving configuration on configured HD.
Bug 810204 - Transfer ID migration does not clean up old OESCommonProxy name from /etc/opt/novell/proxymgmt/proxy_users.conf.
Bug 811580 - NLVM is not cleaning BtrFS Volume's meta-data when its deleting or device is initialized using nssmu/iManager/NLVM.
Bug 811582 - Deletion of cluster POSIX Volumes is not cleaning up its mount path correctly.
Bug 811682 - Man page changes required for resync and other new options in novcifs.
Bug 812235 - Novell iPrint Mobile and iManager services does not get stopped via Management Console.
Bug 813323 - Pre-OES11Sp2 servers must support NTLM capability once OES11SP2 server is brought in the eDir ring.
Bug 814616 - In the 5.90 iprint client ,CopyRight needs to be updated to 2013.
Bug 814981 - SMDRD cores during a file sync using SyncCenter.
Bug 815397 - "Novell iprint plug-in may be busy, or it may have stopped responding" message seen while installing a Secure printer. TID 7012335.
Bug 810537 - eDirectory pre-check fails to get a response from the preferred server.
Bug 811344 - Transfer ID migration Certificate re-generation fails post LUM creation step.
Bug 814494 - In the miggui "verify CA certificate" window Accept button is not visible.
Bug 817368 - Need support from OES Migration framework to support migration in iPrint Appliance.
Bug 818699 - iManager help for BCC Manager tab stills shows the peer cluster connections can be modified.
Bug 819316 - Unsupported commands('novcifs -Cl' and 'novcifs -Cn') are shown in 'novcifs' manual page.
Bug 819766 - CIFSD cored and stopped, while accessing the PDF file through CIFS protocol from OES11 SP2 client.

  • OES11SP1 Patch for Blocking Migration From SLES for VMWare 11 SP2 to SLES for VMWare 11 SP3 - 8046

Bug 817859 - Product-specific migration blockers (11-SP2 -> 11-SP3).

  • OES11SP1 Patch for Blocking Migration to SLES 11 SP3 - 7834

Bug 817859 - Product-specific migration blockers (11-SP2 -> 11-SP3).

  • July 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 7889

Bug 353667 - request for ncps to be implemented in oes 1 and oes2.
Bug 514132 - Oplock level 1 and 2 are giving invalid file handle after lock is cleared.
Bug 633202 - Roaming profile policy fails synchronization of ntuser.pol.
Bug 682186 - File Inherited rights [IRF] for Files and Directory are not restored to NCP volumes.
Bug 697714 - OES NSS iManager plugins do not show NSS high/low water mark values correctly.
Bug 716884 - Help files should be updated to reflect supported char set for cluster pools.
Bug 720047 - ncpcon irm view is not giving consistant output.
Bug 737196 - NCP Server Segmentation fault in strcpy( ) called by GetFullPathForSamba(). TID 7012069.
Bug 738911 - man, documantation and command usage for novcifs is missing the -t option.
Bug 762624 - Files that QF thinks are duplicates are not indexed.
Bug 771843 - 'nss /pools' should be sorted alphabetically.
Bug 771844 - 'nss /volumes' should be sorted alphabetically.
Bug 772814 - ncpcon mount fails with failure reason 150.
Bug 773566 - Cannot create a pool on a RAID0 device if it has a linux partition on it.
Bug 775312 - NSS Pools hang deactivating.
Bug 779152 - File names are changed to uppercase characters in cache. TID 7012068.
Bug 779632 - "Connection expired" message is broadcasted when eDir DB is closed. TID 7012480.
Bug 784336 - DHCP_Template needs updated after OES11 SP1 upgrade.
Bug 785285 - Fresh creation of DHCP server on OES11 SP1 per novell-dhcp YaST module creates dhcpServer object with value "client-updates ignore" (incorrect syntax) instead of "ignore client-updates" (correct syntax) in dhcpStatements attribute.
Bug 791044 - Cluster Maintenance command does not work.
Bug 791325 - Archiving files using Storage Managment fills ndsd.log.
Bug 794470 - Novcifs C & Cl options shows different number of client connections.
Bug 800887 - pid leak - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 803438 - Several warnings generated by the cifs build.
Bug 805681 - Folder gets created in wrong case when volume mounted in long name space.
Bug 806538 - MS cluster support in DSfW. TID 7012756.
Bug 807803 - Mapping between Directory ID and subdirectory path breaks with afptcpd after renaming a subdirectory at the Linux shell.
Bug 809729 - NSS does not handle error returned from copy_to_user.
Bug 810537 - OES11 SP1 - eDirectory pre-check fails to get a response from the preferred server.
Bug 811580 - Nlvm is not cleaning BtrFS Volume's metadata when its deleting or device is initialized using nssmu/iManager/NLVM.
Bug 812017 - iPrintman does not work with shortname.
Bug 813290 - Quickfinder Server manager is slow to bring up the initial page.
Bug 813386 - CIFSD cores when cifs service is restarted.
Bug 814262 - Unable to access PST file (Outlook) through CIFS.
Bug 816241 - Cluster resource pool is hanged in unloading state forever when we performed offline on one of cluster resource pool.
Bug 816741 - DSFW - ldapsearch fails when the entryDN specified in search filter contains spaces before or after comma. TID 7012759.
Bug 817661 - [Public] trustee added through rights utility is not appearing in iManager.
Bug 818078 - Volumes starting with SYS aren't exported via AFP.
Bug 818366 - xadsd crashes in rpc__naf_addr_free (). TID 7013055.
Bug 819312 - nlvm delete move not possible if target device is not available.
Bug 819316 - Unsupported commands('novcifs -Cl' and 'novcifs -Cn') are shown in 'novcifs' manual page.
Bug 819547 - DSFW - No results for ldapsearch with filter: '(&(objectcategory=organizationalunit)(Name=*))'. TID 7013056.
Bug 819766 - cifsd cored and stopped, while accessing the PDF file through CIFS protocol from SLES11SP2 client.
Bug 820264 - Utility "csmport" Doesn't Work on New Kernels.
Bug 821178 - NCPCON SET parameters are scattered across the Admin Guide and manpage.
Bug 822673 - unable to modify Printer with iprintman if driver store is on different server.
Bug 823858 - NLVM Label prevents nodes from seeing SBD.
Bug 823933 - Migfiles from posix volume to NSS volume doesn't translate proper rights. TID 7013203.
Bug 824050 - Starting NSSMU silently finishes any completed NSS pool moves.
Bug 824550 - Updating needed by novell-xad-dcerpc. TID 7012755.
Bug 827571 - Printer cannot be installed through firefox 22.

  • July 2013 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 4 - 7886

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

Note: When applying eDirectory upgrades on servers that have ConsoleOne installed in order to be able and manage GroupWise, it is to be expected that dependency conflicts will be returned. The reason for this as that ConsoleOne shares a number of base-modules with the eDirectory patches.

Please have a look at TID 7010864 for information on how to resolve these issues. (Note that although the specified eDirectory patch in the TID may differ, the same solution should remain applicable).

  • September 2013 OES11SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 4 Hot Patch - 8262

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

Note: When applying eDirectory upgrades on servers that have ConsoleOne installed in order to be able and manage GroupWise, it is to be expected that dependency conflicts will be returned. The reason for this as that ConsoleOne shares a number of base-modules with the eDirectory patches.

Please have a look at TID 7010864 for information on how to resolve these issues. (Note that although the specified eDirectory patch in the TID may differ, the same solution should remain applicable).

  • September 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11SP1 - 8284

Bug 497003 - Cluster resource goes comatose unless sleep of 60-120 seconds is added before novcifs executes.
Bug 536335 - GetLinuxConnectionNSS(Exit - Not found) message fills /var/log/messages. TID 7009467.
Bug 574955 - iprntcmd -v: Doesn't report the newer server versions.
Bug 626194 - Too many connections being used by a workstation for iPrint - Apache. TID 7012473.
Bug 680362 - ncpserv.log shows removal of trustee event failed even its successful.
Bug 696581 - OES2 SP2 NCP server for Linux encodes Pcomponent PathName strings in NCP function 89/subfunction 28-responses in ASCII instead of UTF-8.
Bug 720415 - Following the May update to nestorage and the ftf that fixes bad date, Netstorage cannot connect to CIFS / SMB shares.
Bug 738911 - man, documentation and command usage for novcifs is missing the -t option.
Bug 755367 - Need to handle the invalid PSM IP error message properly for better user experience.
Bug 756249 - iprntcfg should also show icm option.
Bug 783465 - Missing registry key cause installation of iPrint Client to fail.
Bug 788711 - NCP server to send SEV notification for the correct ID and only if user has an UID. TID 7009467.
Bug 789947 - Password Tab in iPrint settings holds invalid realm details.
Bug 793113 - iprntcmd -i shows wrong information for direct printer.
Bug 794470 - novcifs -C & -Cl options shows different number of client connections.
Bug 794664 - Cannot UNSHARE a device that where the pool was created as shared-but-not-cluster-enabled for DST secondary volume.
Bug 800346 - OES 11 SP 1 DNS server stops responding to queries: Allows DDNS still.
Bug 808470 - CIFS(with oplock enabled) cored when same file was accessed by multiple clients.
Bug 808631 - Fixes discovered by the coverity tool.
Bug 810802 - ComVault restore does not restore all data, though the CommVault log does not indicate errors.
Bug 811038 - iprint.js returns browser to ipp page when installing printer from custom map page. TID 7012023.
Bug 815810 - Getting error 503 occasionally when clustered linux volumes.
Bug 816488 - DSfW - Migration does not retain sysvol facls.
Bug 816501 - NCP Server returns incorrect message when target file in request for NCP function 89, subfunction 8 (Delete a File or Subdirectory) is in use by another workstation.
Bug 816724 - Removing a shared multipath device does not always work.
Bug 816975 - general protection fault in cifsd when CIFS-enabled volume resource goes offline.
Bug 817667 - Deleting trustees has 2 entries in ncp audit log.
Bug 818602 - Pool created on RAID5 and expanded to another RAID5 is not loading correctly.
Bug 821840 - Unable to add / del a printer with iprintman as a non root user.
Bug 822391 - Cannot configure "ddns-rev-domainname" statement in the "Settings" configuration page of OES for Linux DHCP objects in the DNS/DHCP Management Console.
Bug 822892 - iCM not working with imported users in appliance.
Bug 824886 - CIFS configuration fails if context file is to large.
Bug 825691 - cifsd hanging in pthread_rwlock_wrlock () from /lib64/
Bug 826010 - NCS adding node failed: 'nCSGIPCNodeNumber'.
Bug 826213 - Cluster unload script can't delete secondary ip address for vlan.
Bug 826799 - Memory usage high in slabtop for size-1024 causes ndsd page allocation failures.
Bug 827766 - Printer driver profile option not getting updated with 5.92 client(hp upd).
Bug 828484 - OES11 SP2: eDirectory cored in FRD. TID 7013334.
Bug 829264 - CIFS connection leak: new NCP connection created with local eDirectory server each time a CIFS user traverses a DFS junction.
Bug 829960 - Multiple cores on multiple servers.
Bug 829967 - cifsd crashes in AUTHFreeInfo() due to a malformed authentication packet.
Bug 829972 - cifsd assertion failure in ntCreateAndX() as heap memory is corrupted due to a malformed "Transact2" request.
Bug 829990 - Can not create new NSS pool on my HD that has 2 Linux Partitions.
Bug 830166 - default values of "Maximum Cached Subdirectories Per Volume" and "Maximum Cached Files Per Subdirectory" have been swapped.
Bug 831092 - Winclient: Failed to submit print job when using client with XPS enabled printer drivers.
Bug 831885 - iPrintWin_LOC:20130724_592:ALL:Untranslated item "iPrint Client Settings" appears in Start menu.
Bug 833048 - Kernel core for COMMAND: "ndp_idBroker_me" in GetLinuxConnectionNSS.
Bug 833480 - client v5.92 -Banner settings not getting printed with xps drivers for direct printers.
Bug 833560 - Management of Shared Storage in OES11 Clusters without SBD.
Bug 834900 - XML import does not import accounting string.
Bug 836025 - idsd and psm does not come up on cluster resource after upgrade to OES11SP2.
Bug 836626 - DSFW - xadsd and rpcd hang when a cthread is canceled.

  • OES11SP1 Hot Patch for iManager - 8393

Bug 505804 - iManager config option for logout URL doesn't work.
Bug 726260 - iManager - tomcat vulnerable to XSS Request Forgery.
Bug 769509 - iManager change password message for -215 error is vague.
Bug 785999 - iManager - Changing languages messes up configuration file.
Bug 786435 - After changing the syntax of an attribute, editing it in the "other" tab still shows old syntax.
Bug 789981 - Plugins with special characters in the id does not work after upgrade to iManager 2.7.5.
Bug 791172 - Unable to uninstall iprint linux management plug in from iManager.
Bug 795849 - Extra full stop appears in success message after clicking Apply button in "Rights to Files and Folders" page.
Bug 800490 - Manager session logs out on IE 10 compatibility mode when we click on tree view -> browse with 2.7.6 patch1 build.
Bug 806930 - iManager copyright year needs to be changed from 2012 to 2013.
Bug 807429 - iManager imanuasess token related issues.
Bug 815627 - Error with extended characters and object selector.
Bug 821840 - Unable to add / del a printer with iprintman as a non root user.
Bug 823343 - Plugin LinuxUserManagement does not work with iManager on Windows - TID 7012655.
Bug 825833 - Custom Plugin import is not working on "safari 6" browser on iManager Server 2.7 SP7.
Bug 826578 - Unable to access the cluster from cluster plug-in in iManager - TID 7012959.
Bug 827209 - OES11SP1 - Issues with the "new" iManager PlugIn for NCS.
Bug 827706 - Openssl no longer likes format of exported certificates after applying 2.7.6 patch 1.
Bug 828129 - Invalid DER file after exporting CA object certificate using iManager 2.7.6.
Bug 829174 - 'HTML Area' attribute's Control Properties are not working on iManager 2.7.6 Patch1 (on OES2SP3).
Bug 829176 - Readme on iManager 2.7.6 patch1 on OES2SP3 giving Error "HTTP 404 The Page Cannot Be Found".
Bug 831940 - The logged in user is prematurely logged out of iManager when performing iFolder and DNS tasks.
Bug 834675 - [PKI Plugin] Create new Server Certificate task logs user off the iManager.
Bug 835108 - Downloading of recent issued certificate is getting corrupted.
Bug 838435 - Standalone iManager Test against OES - Error Loading data while clicking the "My cluster" plugin.
Bug 838902 - While trying to copy drivers from Driverstore "Error saving driver store information" message seen.
Bug 845898 - iManager logs out when trying to launch iFolder admin console page from iManager.
Bug 845901 - iManager hot patch - New iFolder plugin update not visible in iManager available plugins.
Bug 845932 - Tracker Bug - NCS NPM version in OES 11 and OES 11 SP1 is lower than OES 2.

  • November 2013 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 8483

Bug 551355 - "kernel - Unable to find .USER.context to get the GUID" error filling up /var/log/messages file - TID 7007392.
Bug 648598 - DSFW - Modify windows COMPUTER NAME (which was already joined to dsfw domain) do not reflect the changed/modified name in iManager or MMC Snap-in.
Bug 741818 - eDirectory objectname with "." character will not allow successful authentication.
Bug 769239 - Missing attribute "linuxNCPMountPoint" on NSS Volumes after migrating from NetWare to OES11.
Bug 772431 - iManager is unable to delete single segmented RAID1 device if its part of multiple segment pool.
Bug 774290 - Rename mount point path for LVM volume inadvertently renames the volume, disables NCP, and does not sync the path change with the NCP volume.
Bug 786918 - NSS-EMC  - Incremental Backup failure for changes in User quota and Directory quota using NSS Xattr from Networker 8.0.
Bug 800650 - Multiple file copy fails with cifs on Mac OS X 10.6 and later.
Bug 801160 - Pools in RAID1 Devices are not displayed in Software RAID page in iManager.
Bug 804677 - IRM events are not coming to CIFS.
Bug 821947 - Delay while login to NetStorage, caused by crashing novell-xsrvd.
Bug 823403 - NCP Server processes "Search for File or Subdirectory Set" (NCP function 89, subfunction 20) very slowly when SearchPattern is a string with wild cards that does not match any file in the given subdirectory.
Bug 824514 - Server crashes when a segment was removed from a RAID5 device which is a part of RAID 51 device with IO from NCP volume.
Bug 825592 - there is crash and significant memory build up in xadsd in scale environment.
Bug 828044 - NCP/NDSD becomes unresponsive.
Bug 828581 - DSfW - Enhancement for proper intruder lockout message.
Bug 830890 - namcd crashes during cache refresh when persistent-cache-refresh-flag is set to 'accessed'.
Bug 836721 - Creation of cluster pool on local device through nlvm command happens without throwing any error.
Bug 836970 - DSFW - operatingSystemVersion attribute not populated when a workstation is joined to a DSfW domain - TID 7013205.
Bug 837527 - DSFW - Unable to Change User Password using net user command.
Bug 839217 - Unable to dereference address at CmaUtcToYearMonthDayHourMinuteSecond+94.
Bug 840287 - DSfW - Though provisioning successful, smb.conf will not get updated properly while deploying ADC on cross partition server (/var in separate partition) - TID 7014217.
Bug 840968 - ndsd coring in ber_put_seqorset on DSFW server.
Bug 841023 - Wrong user quota is set on target volume if source is OES11.
Bug 841970 - merging sles11sp3 / sles11sp2 samba security patch to novell-oes-samba in oes11sp2 / oes11sp1.
Bug 842280 - OES11 SP1 XTier Spelling error in the word "obntained".
Bug 842701 - Can't install DSFW if SLES is not updated with latest patches.
Bug 843701 - OID_AddEntryIfNotThere messages filling up /var/log/messages.
Bug 844855 - getxattr/setxattr/removexattr of netware.metadata doesn't validate rights properly.
Bug 845508 - Wrong domain spelling is coming on console while executing
Bug 846160 - getxattr of netware.metadata doesn't validate rights properly.
Bug 847045 - DST - not able to move files from primary to shadow using DST Policy.
Bug 849984 - 'novcifs' manual page is not having help content for "Pass-through Information Level capability" option.
Bug 851832 - User creation from MMC fails when the option "User must change the password at next logon" is selected.

  • Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 iPrint Server Updates for Windows 8.1 Support

For Installation Instructions in, refer to TID 7014111.

  • December 2013 iPrint Maintenance Update for OES11 SP1 - 8595

Bug 763366 - Mac 10.7.3 OS X- Delay observed in iPrint Tray Icon response when the server is down.
Bug 763428 - iPrint Client window hangs as soon as we click on refresh buttton in printers tab.
Bug 818718 - Printer gets installed even after deselecting the driver association with the printer.
Bug 819553 - Printers disappear from /ipp page.
Bug 820119 - In legacy desktop iprint -Iprint direct as well as auditing will get enabled (when selecting all printers).
Bug 820909 - iprintman give no error when entering wrong password.
Bug 821100 - Mac client doesn't report the proper version - it is either v1.0 or empty.
Bug 824273 - After showing "run as administrator error" create driver profile page goes to save driver profile page.
Bug 824685 - Proper error message is not displayed while uploading driver from iprntcmd -U command.
Bug 827198 - Mac client: Secure Printing and driver upload failed in Mac 10.9 (Mavericks Developer Preview).
Bug 828983 - 5.92 client-Not able to upload linux and mac drivers from windows imanager - TID 7000038.
Bug 831592 - Installing printer using ipp page in https mode moves back to http mode in MAC.
Bug 832693 - iprntcmd -w (trusted website for internet explorer) shows invalid message when trusted site is already added.
Bug 834171 - iprintWin_LOC:20130806_592:JA,RU,CS,HU,NL,CA,DE:Overlapped strings appears in "iCapture" tab of "iPrint client Setting" dialog.
Bug 834863 - High utilization in the latest iPrintGW from novell-iprint-server-
Bug 835422 - Unable to associate/modify drivers using iPrintman for print configured a cluster resource.
Bug 835686 - Home directories for each user are created in the iPrintman log folder even if the %h parameter is not included in the
Bug 835766 - XML import fails to assign Win8 64bit drivers.
Bug 836251 - iprintman ids -l results in an error when no driver store is configured.
Bug 836252 - Modifying the fix for bug #829550 after the fix for bug #821840, since the location of the keystore file has been changed.
Bug 836279 - iprintman driver upload command on cluster is failing if PSM is not configured.
Bug 836744 - iprintman profile association isn't working with unusual printer driver names.
Bug 837179 - iprintman psm -l command results in internal server error when wrong organization name is provided with admin context.
Bug 837190 - Redirection of ipp page is not proper , when you launch ipp page through Novell welcome page.
Bug 837192 - iprintman psm -i command fails with IPP Error: 0x500 when no PSM is configured.
Bug 838568 - iprintman-Unable to list psm for iPrint configured in a cluster resource.
Bug 838571 - iprintman psm --info command in a iPrint configured in Cluster resource gives error
Bug 838583 - PSM status page can not be accessed if user provides only canonical name.
Bug 839412 - iprintman driver upload is failing on the cluster setup.
Bug 839609 - iPrintman command for listing ids fails in a cluster.
Bug 840549 - iPrintman driver commands need to use -sfirst and then can fallback to psm data.
Bug 840992 - iPrint MAC Client 5.74: Copyright need to be updated.
Bug 842296 - iPrint mac client:Auto driver update is not working for ipp direct printers.
Bug 842414 - iPrint Mac client:Printer redirection is not working for ipp direct printers.
Bug 843432 - iPrint Mac client:Job status shows invalid/wrong information when printed via direct printers.
Bug 843554 - Windows 8.1 returns errors when trying to install the iPrint Client.
Bug 844004 - iPrint Mac client:Direct printers will not print any jobs when the server is down or unreachable.
Bug 845198 - Windows 8.1 changes required in iPrintman.
Bug 845423 - When running printer modify iPrintman command,Certificate mismatch results in empty keystore file.
Bug 845679 - iPrint needs to support Internet Explorer 11.
Bug 846139 - win 8.1 changes for server.
Bug 846161 - iPrint Direct printer should be enabled for accounting.
Bug 846167 - In driver option's in the miggui "windows 8 " entry is not present.
Bug 847466 - windows 8.1:Client pops up for printer Authentication while installing secure printer,though windows user account is same as edirectory user name.
Bug 847486 - Winclient: iPrint client_5.94 in win 7 64bit platform uploads driver to the win-8 32bit driver repository.
Bug 847594 - iprint client 5.94:clientless icm is not working in windows 8.1.
Bug 848143 - iPrint fails to install to Mac with Dell 2360 Laser driver.
Bug 848424 - iPrint windows Client : Auto client update functionality will not work for 5.92 client - TID 7014321.
Bug 848735 - iPrint Client DoS vulnerability in id1.GetPrinterURLList(arg1,arg2)-  TID 7014184.
Bug 849554 - Papercut:iPrint Mac client - Need to reconfigure paper cut for ipp direct printers, after auto driver update and printer redirection.
Bug 850020 - iPrint Mac client 5.74:Printers tab not listing direct printers when the server is down.
Bug 850044 - iPrint Mac client 5.74:Printer's status is not proper when the print manager is shutdown.
Bug 852114 - iprintman processes with password in clear text && iprintmgmt has password in clear text.
Bug 854431 - Secure printer installation popsup authetication windows when a e-dir user logs in using novell client.

  • January 2014 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 8685

Bug 697889 - CIFS not able to read volume info if the sleep is 5 sec in cluster load script.
Bug 713929 - Cifs gets cored and did not start during server reboot.
Bug 725447 - CIFS crash in nbns while shutting down.
Bug 733261 - DST - Shadow volume name comes empty while receiving data for different Volume events.
Bug 772525 - NRM Health Monitor - Info pop-up page for services not showing any information about the service.
Bug 778014 - CIFS - Virtual Server "online" in a cluster resource takes 38 seconds.
Bug 800541 - Files deleted via NCP client do not stay deleted.
Bug 808997 - Undesired addition of CIFS Proxy User to ACL list of container objects in cifsctxs.conf by
Bug 810264 - OES11SP1 performing "rcnovell-htpstkd reload" twice killls the deamon.
Bug 812095 - NCP Client Fails to Delete Files Mounted via CIFS on NSS.
Bug 815993 - CIFS - zAPI Calls - Bypass Antivirus solutions on Linux.
Bug 817962 - Server crashed when resource is migrated from one node to other while Restripe is in progress.
Bug 821202 - Nssraid status is stuck and nlvm is locked when we are trying to see remirror status in multipathed setup.
Bug 826603 - CIFS aborts because of an assertion failure during FIDOpen.
Bug 829130 - VIGIL_Write_Conn_Audit_Logs - rcode=114 unable to register thread with auditing.
Bug 832369 - OES-PTF - Sporadically, when ran via cron the eDirectory password is not updated, but the CASA credentials are.
Bug 833400 - CIFS attempts to bind to VPN peer address.
Bug 835485 - Link to Novell Developer Support goes to Tech Support instead of the Developer site.
Bug 835503 - NRM Group Monitor Help page mentions NetWare in a couple of places.
Bug 835820 - Unable to delete a top level directory successfully from iManager.
Bug 835846 - OES11 SP2 - NCP server is not aware of the "ImmediatePurgeOfDeletedFiles" bit set in NSS.
Bug 838244 - novcifs -sl is reporting duplicate share names for single volumes.
Bug 838246 - novcifs -sl shows 2 similar share names for the same share.
Bug 839218 - AFP Cores on OES 11 SP1.
Bug 841042 - User quota was not migrated after 1TB data migration.
Bug 841999 - Source server authentication is failing for NCP (over posix) clustered resource.
Bug 842106 - UID_UPDATE_ENABLED not returning to previous value after being set to 2. Need messaging to help understand why.
Bug 844464 - copy performance is very slow in case NSS volume is hosted on RAID5 device.
Bug 845945 - Migration (NSS to NCP over Posix) copies all files during sync - TID 7014343.
Bug 847157 - Install - Unable to configure NCS on XEN Dom0 and KVM Dom0 Host servers.
Bug 847955 - AFP wont allow large file names ending in # to be uploaded.
Bug 848460 - Pool in RAID5 device gets deactivated when segment 0 of a RAID device is replaced with a new segment.
Bug 850906 - FTF for 697889 - share names created for volumes are not shown through "novcifs -sl" when novcifs is executed before the volume mount.
Bug 852502 - CIFS trying to set deleter id for the deleted files from the volume that are already purged.
Bug 853315 - OES11 SP1 - ravsui --rezid option mentions 'rfsbuild' instead of 'rebuild'.
Bug 854680 - Description for MASK > all options is wrong in rights.8 man page.
Bug 859224 - Cifs fails to fetch details of second and subsequent cluster pool after cifs restart.

  • Enable update to Novell Open Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2 - 8304

Bug 817586 - Channel Upgrade is not upgrading the server OES11 SP1 to OES11 SP2.

  • eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 5 - 8910

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • March 2014 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 8935

Bug 736267 - "WARNING: Unable to check the duplicate server context" during eDirectory installation.
Bug 778580 - Service blocked because of connection table problem.
Bug 779108 - iManager 2.75 shows Security Vulnerability: iManager eDirectory Plugin Remote Code Execution- TID 7004985.
Bug 815762 - ice cores trying to compare schema in an LDIF file.
Bug 823735 - Generate Password Noun does not follow password policy setting for disallowing Extended characters - TID 7014667.
Bug 826509 - queQc2 to end of domain name in UPNs - TID 7013332.
Bug 827142 - iMonitor Max Ring Deltas, Send Deltas Receive Deltas do not exclude In-Active replica numbers in TV'S.
Bug 827143 - NDSD 6 month time difference when calculating sync window vectors need to exclude In-Active replicas from 6 month check.
Bug 827373 - CIFS crashed in NMAS_ClientLoginExV2.
Bug 827754 - Secret Store call is taking more memory in ndsd and system runs out of memory everyday.
Bug 828292 - "rcndsd status" command takes more time to return - TID 7012793.
Bug 828370 - Two instances of ndsd could end up running on a server.
Bug 831961 - Error -1403 from NPKICreateDefaultCertificates.
Bug 832813 - Data loss during replication when an error occurs(-625).
Bug 834288 - Dynamic Group evaluation sometimes returns incomplete results.
Bug 838351 - DSfW: VAMT Fails.
Bug 840725 - DSFW: RIDnextRID and the RIDPreviousAllocationPool attributes have the per replica flag.
Bug 843238 - eDirectory instrumentation doesn't report on certain attributes on account creation.
Bug 845998 - SPM client does expose interface to get universal password.
Bug 850841 - Dynamic Group evaluation sometimes returns no members with larger memberQueryURL.
Bug 852034 - "Create Account" of "Account Management Events" is not generating respective events in XDAS log.
Bug 852143 - Admin passwords length and number of "*" in the ICE command plugin are same.
Bug 852786 - eDir admin password is saved clear text in "catalina.out" File.
Bug 854883 - Password saved in clear text.
Bug 855289 - NDSD crash while using complex filter with GUID attribute.
Bug 856014 - NDSD is crashing with multiple ldap searches.
Bug 857494 - Some utilities shows older version.
Bug 864542 - After upgrade to OES11 SP2, server crashes often in LDAP.

  • May 2014 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 6 - 9149

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • May 2014 OES11SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 9151

Please familiarize yourself with some very important information about this patch by reading through TID 7015157.
Not doing so may affect FTP dependent services on your OES11 SP1 server.

Bug 778627 - Empty IRM Rights not getting populated for root directory on the volume.
Bug 823951 - Trustee assignments are constantly getting out of sync.
Bug 837232 - Running 'df -i' on OES servers returns 100% inodes in use for NSS volumes.
Bug 842213 - Clicking the IP/Cluster_name of the mapped CIFS server on MAC 10.9 would fail to access the mapped volume - TID 7005113.
Bug 843854 - For DST configured volumes, opening new directory is causing error.
Bug 845142 - Linux workstations/servers error out while trying to join a DSfW domain.
Bug 850529 - CIFS NMAS Authentication Method for Linux fails authentication when user password has expired, but user still has remaining grace logins.
Bug 852321 - bad status code (0x400) from iprintman when creating printer.
Bug 853391 - Old NetBIOS Name (nfapCIFSServerName) remains in NODE STATUS RESPONSE (NBSTAT) after having renamed the CIFS Server Name in iManager.
Bug 857120 - OES11SP1 Jan'14 Patch -  novfsd goes to UNUSED state after installing Jan 2014 OES patch - TID 7015157.
Bug 857388 - ndsd core GetVolumeFlags.
Bug 857568 - miggui filesystem migration fails if case of directory changes on OES source server.
Bug 858886 - Can not specify full context in the apple login for user lookup and authentication.
Bug 859412 - fails when ran via cron, "NDS error failed authentication -669".
Bug 860485 - Folder gets created in wrong case when volume mounted in long name space.
Bug 861618 - pure-ftpd processes LIST command with absolute path in pathname argument incorrectly when "ChrootEveryone" is "no".
Bug 862261 - CIFS core on startup 1.3.1- core analysis.
Bug 863188 - syslog is getting filled with XTCOM pam authentication failure every half an hour - TID 7014798.
Bug 864018 - OES11SP1 - Novell Client for Linux order 4 page allocation failures - TID 7014973.
Bug 868796 - csmport -i fails with "Cluster ID doesn't match".
Bug 872182 - Short (DOS) names are not returned when queried.
Bug 830107 - iManager 2.7.6 LUM plugin does not display all attribute fields.
Bug 833492 - iManager Modify Unix Config Object view incorrectly formatted when standalone iManager is used.
Bug 861900 - iPrint Appliance fails to write all data to padbtxt.xml.
Bug 861997 - Random crashes in print manager child process (ipsmd).
Bug 869970 - Security Vuln - iPrint Directory traversal Vulnerability.
Bug 869975 - Security Vuln - iPrint stored XSS Vulnerability.
Bug 872796 - Security Vuln - Using nwrights to set file scan rights, sets supervisor right - TID 7014932.

Security Issues resolved with this update :

Bug CVE-2014-0595
Bug CVE-2014-0598
Bug CVE-2014-0599

  • SLES: OpenSSL Security update - 9354

The oes11sp1-openssl-9354 patch containing mentioned fixes for OpenSSL on SLES 11 SP2  is released through the public OES11 SP1 patch repositories on June 23, 2014. See TID 7012564.

The following security issues were fixed with this patch (bnc#880891) :

- SSL/TLS MITM vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224)
- DTLS recursion flaw (CVE-2014-0221)
- Anonymous ECDH denial of service (CVE-2014-3470)
- Using the FLUSH+RELOAD Cache Side-channel Attack the nonces could have been recovered (CVE-2014-0076)

Other issues which are also fixed in this release :

- Ensures that the stack is marked non-executable on x86 32bit. On other processor platforms it was already marked as non-executable before (bnc#870192).
- IPv6 support was added to the openssl s_client and s_server command line tool (bnc#859228).
- The openssl command line tool now checks certificates by default against /etc/ssl/certs (this can be changed via the -CApath option) (bnc#860332).
- The Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange selector was enabled and can be selected by kECDHE, kECDH, ECDH tags in the SSL cipher string (bnc#859924).
- If an optional openssl1 command line tool is installed in parallel, c_rehash uses it to generate certificate hashes in both OpenSSL 0 and OpenSSL 1 style. This allows parallel usage of OpenSSL 0.9.8j and OpenSSL 1.x client libraries with a shared certificate store (bnc#862181).

Link to the OpenSSL advisory for the latest details :

  • SLES: GnuTLS Security update - 9429

The oes11sp1-gnutls-9429 patch containing the mentioned fixes for SLES 11 SP2 is released through the public OES11 SP1 patch repositories on 30 June 2014. See TID 7015303.
GnuTLS has been patched to ensure proper parsing of session ids during the TLS/SSL handshake. Additionally three issues inherited from libtasn1 have been fixed.

Further information is available at

These security issues have been fixed:

  • Possible memory corruption during connect (CVE-2014-3466)
  • Multiple boundary check issues could allow DoS (CVE-2014-3467)
  • asn1_get_bit_der() can return negative bit length (CVE-2014-3468)
  • Possible DoS by NULL pointer dereference (CVE-2014-3469)

Security Issues:

  • July 2014 OES11 SP1 Hot Patch for iPrint Client - 9480

Bug 845513 - Random issue:Print spooler is crashing when installing ipp direct printers through iprntcmd command - TID 7014728.
Bug 857992 - printers installed to Mac auto delete with blank database - TID 7015048.
Bug 858272 - Dell Printer install with profile crashed the windows spooler in XP - TID 7014728.
Bug 858447 - PaperCut Direct Print Accounting failed.
Bug 859473 - Windows client -papercut:Accounting not working while installing printer through iprntcmd in standard windows user account.
Bug 859685 - (Random)Windows client for papercut:Printers not getting installed through icm settings.
Bug 860065 - iPrint Client 5.95: Copyright need to be updated.
Bug 860068 - (Random)Windows client 5.95 for papercut:Accounting not working after installing direct printer in windows 8.1.
Bug 861064 - Windows client 5.95:Installation of printer fails while reconnecting to remote desktop session.
Bug 863255 - iPrint Mac client 5.74:(Macintosh 10.9)Not able to print to printers having space in its name - TID 7014704.
Bug 863561 - The TraceLevel text under About | Configuration is incorrect.
Bug 865327 - iprint client 5.94 slow updating windows printer properties page.
Bug 867351 - LdapImport_AD_Realm:Secure Printer installation asks for authentication even after connecting Desktop to same Realm.
Bug 873926 - iPrint Mac client 5.76:Copyright need to be updated.
Bug 874560 - iPrint Mac client 5.74:Updating from 5.74 client to 5.76 client removes printers which has space in its name.
Bug 875127 - MSR Multi Driver: Auto driver update is failing for MSR drivers if multple drivers (of different Windows flavours) are associated with a PA.
Bug 881998 - iPrint windows client need to rebuild with new OpenSSL library i.e OpenSSL v0.9.8za.
Bug 883514 - Installation of latest iPrint client (5.98) fails with error saying "The Program can't start because SSLEAY32.dll is missing from your computer.

Security Issues:

Bug CVE-2014-0224
Bug CVE-2014-0221
Bug CVE-2014-0195
Bug CVE-2014-3470

  • July 2014 OES11SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 6 Hot Patch - 9408

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • August 2014 OES 11 SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 9415

This 'August 2014 Scheduled Maintenance patch' release was initially the 'July 2014 Scheduled Maintenance patch', however, since there was a security update that needed to be tested and incorporated for release, the initial July 2014 Scheduled Maintenance patch was renamed to August 2014 Scheduled Maintenance patch and release a week later than expected.

As part of the fix for Bug 885791, comprehensive checks are added to ensure that users with the right privilege can access _admin volume on OES using CIFS.
This fix addresses a security issue that might get exposed through _admin volume over CIFS protocol access.

This fix ensures that only LUM-enabled users can access _admin volume. Therefore, this might cause errors while using Archive and Version services by users that are not LUM-enabled. To address this issue, ensure that the users are LUM-enabled.

Bug 792583 - Get file or directory information verb from NCP returns a long name instead of a DOS name for directories when the target name space requested is DOS - TID 7015161.
Bug 818564 - Delete driver profile error message does not reflect the printer agents associated with the driver profile.
Bug 820645 - Missing help for 'iPrint Manager Accounting Status' page.
Bug 833046 - The 'ncpcon files list v=vol-name' command results in an error and does not list any open files if volume name contains more than 14 characters.
Bug 837155 - Removal of cache entry from NCP cache and failure to remove cache from the open file list leads to a crash.
Bug 842642 - Cluster resource fails to register with SLP.
Bug 844132 - When using shadow volumes and CIFS on Windows 7, files become inaccessible.
Bug 847008 - Change in the OES 11 getfattr implementation results in backup errors while trying to access the /var/opt/novell/nclmnt/ folder - TID 7014386.
Bug 853700 - For the ncpcon commands executed, no validation is done against input data entered by the user which eventually resulted in core.
Bug 870070 - Recovered directories become invisible after salvaging, unless touched by another API - TID 7015273.
Bug 870386 - Trust between an Active Directory domain and a DSfW domain is broken every 30 days - TID 7015252.
Bug 873058 - Cleanup of the modified system objects is not successful when the pool expansion fails.
Bug 873212 - Missing ACLs on Computer objects are causing secure channel to break - TID 7013205.
Bug 874287 - While migrating data between volumes, stopping the migration fails to terminate nbackup jobs.
Bug 876738 - Modified retrive_proxy_cred to read as retrieve_proxy_cred.
Bug 878131 - Copying a file from Mac 10.9 to a volume shared using CIFS for a user without delete rights leads to a samba lock on the file that cannot be released.
Bug 879891 - Incomplete listing of sub directories on a DST shadow volume since shadow path is not generated properly if mount point is other than root volume.
Bug 884695 - NSS volumes mounted in UNIX name space losing trustee assignments - TID 7015344.
Bug 885791 - Unprivileged users get privilege access over _ADMIN volume on OES using CIFS.
Bug 887128 - Unable to manage OES using iManager after applying tomcat 6.0.41 security patch.
Bug 889783 - iManager fails to launch after 'novell-tomcat6' goes to 'DEAD' state.

Security Issues:

Bug CVE-2014-0609

  • September 2014 OES11SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 6 Hot Patch2 - 9702

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • September 2014 OES 11 SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 9651

Bug 810250 - Performance of NetStorage server gradually scales down.
Bug 813634 - The messages file displays the error "223558824 Error initializing audit message".
Bug 849216 - Remote Desktop Access to a workstation fails with lowercase characters in domain names - TID 7015592.
Bug 854834 - The NSS volume mount operation becomes very slow while processing purge log - TID 7015314.
Bug 873451 - Using NRM, when a volume inventory report is run, it crashes the httpstk process TID 7015446.
Bug 876657 - Copying a folder fails in nautilus - Linux file browser, when it is mapped via SMB.
Bug 877015 - The receive buffer becomes NULL unexpectedly causing NDSD to crash - TID 7015250.
Bug 880099 - Windows Explorer does not display a complete list of sub directories when browsing a large directory on a CIFS share.
Bug 880970 - Zero byte packets cause CIFS server to go down.
Bug 882504 - Novell Remote Manager removes packages without performing a proper dependency check.
Bug 883301 - Users not able to access their home directories after a prolonged CIFS session.
Bug 884412 - CIFS cores at random, terminates with signal 6.
Bug 886815 - Kernel OOPS in NSS cacheAllocBufferForUserData - TID 7015357.
Bug 887444 - The print job gets canceled when the accounting module changes the job size.
Bug 888796 - The NRM File System Management page stays blank.

  • SLES: Bash security update - 9808

bash has been updated to fix a critical security issue.

In some circumstances, the shell would evaluate shellcode in environment variables passed at startup time. This allowed code execution by local or remote attackers who could pass environment variables to bash scripts. (CVE-2014-6271)

Security Issues:


  • SLES: Bash security update - 9809

Additionally, two other security issues have been fixed:

    CVE-2014-7186: Nested HERE documents could lead to a crash of bash.
    CVE-2014-7187: Nesting of for loops could lead to a crash of bash.

Security Issues:


  • SLES: Mozilla Firefox security update - 9814

SLES: Mozilla Firefox security update

Mozilla Firefox was updated to the 24.8.0ESR release, fixing security issues and bugs.

Only some of the published security advisories affect the Mozilla Firefox 24ESR codestream:

    MFSA 2014-72 / CVE-2014-1567: Security researcher regenrecht reported, via TippingPoint's Zero Day Initiative, a use-after-free during text layout when interacting with the setting of text direction. This results in a use-after-free which can lead to arbitrary code execution.

    MFSA 2014-67: Mozilla developers and community identified and fixed several memory safety bugs in the browser engine used in Firefox and other Mozilla-based products. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances, and we presume that with enough effort at least some of these could be exploited to run arbitrary code.

    Jan de Mooij reported a memory safety problem that affects Firefox ESR 24.7, ESR 31 and Firefox 31. (CVE-2014-1562)

More information is referenced on:

Mozilla NSS was updated to 3.16.5 to fix a RSA certificate forgery issue.

MFSA 2014-73 / CVE-2014-1568: Antoine Delignat-Lavaud, security researcher at Inria Paris in team Prosecco, reported an issue in Network Security Services (NSS) libraries affecting all versions. He discovered that NSS is vulnerable to a variant of a signature forgery attack previously published by Daniel Bleichenbacher. This is due to lenient parsing of ASN.1 values involved in a signature and could lead to the forging of RSA certificates.

The Advanced Threat Research team at Intel Security also independently discovered and reported this issue.

Security Issues:


  • SLES-for-VMware-release - 9912

Patch for OES11 SP1 to enable SLES for VMWare migration.

Bug 857783 - After applying updates system returns The profile does not allow you to run the products on this system during boot.

  • SLES: OpenSSL Security update - 9975

The patch containing mentioned fixes for OpenSSL on SLES 11 SP2  is released through the public OES11 SP1 patch repositories on December 8, 2014. See KB 7012564.

This openssl update fixes the following issues:

  • Session Ticket Memory Leak (CVE-2014-3567)
  • Build option no-ssl3 is incomplete ((CVE-2014-3568)
  • Add support for TLS_FALLBACK_SCSV to mitigate CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE)
  • bnc#890764: Information leak in pretty printing functions (CVE-2014-3508)
  • bnc#890767: Double Free when processing DTLS packets (CVE-2014-3505)
  • bnc#890768: DTLS memory exhaustion (CVE-2014-3506)
  • bnc#890769: DTLS memory leak from zero-length fragments (CVE-2014-3507)
  • bnc#890770: DTLS anonymous EC(DH) denial of service (CVE-2014-3510)

Security Issues:

  • December 2014 OES11SP1 eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 6 Hot Patch3 - 9922

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • December 2014 OES 11 SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 9878

Bug 846006 - When migrating resources (unloading volumes), the system generates a kernel core - TID 7015685.
Bug 856749 - During a RAID operation (create/delete) using iManager, parallel access to the RAID device using NSSMU results in kernel core.
Bug 892365 - NLVM rescan of RAID devices hangs intermittently.
Bug 897237 - 'nlvm expand pool' allows a pool to expand using the partition that is used by the same pool or other pools.
Bug 899518 - Deleting an NSS volume through NSSMU changes the permissions on /etc/fstab and /etc/mtab from 644 to 600.
Bug 906293 - The java.lang.NumberFormatException :For input string - "7.3" error is printed in the catalina.out log file.
Bug 656527 - When installing a printer, you might see a message “Reading driver file failed with 0” despite the printer getting successfully installed.
Bug 819805 - Banner printing garbage with non English iprint clients.
Bug 889375 - Installing the OES 11 SP2 May 2014 patch causes high utilization of CPU when the print server handles non-English characters on audit-enabled printers - TID 7015475.
Bug 886150 - Redirection of the direct printer to any other IPP printer fails on the iPrint Mac client 5.76.
Bug 895034 - The iPrint Mac client fails to print jobs submitted to the secure printer on OS X 10.10 Yosemite.
Bug 901330 - Xclient: iPrint sends the authorization credentials in a Base64 encoded text for some non-https connection.
Bug 901412 - 5.76 iPrint Client for Mac abuses Apache.
Bug 903212 - Poodle Vulnerability , need to disable sslv3 on 631 port.
Bug 808199 - Remote file operations fail because of synchronization issue caused when the scripts use the same FTP user account to login or logout of the FTP server in a very quick succession.
Bug 838414 - Unable to add cifs share longer than 75 characters with novcifs.
Bug 848628 - pure-ftpd processes the LIST command incorrectly if the pathname argument contains a space character.
Bug 849659 - Server becomes unresponsive as the NCP threads are in busy loop.
Bug 870067 - Renaming file in a DOS only name space problem.
Bug 873552 - novcifs -sap fails with error number 2.
Bug 882418 - File operations on an .odt file fails if the share mount point is some folder inside a volume and if the file is moved to shadow volume.
Bug 882952 - Space restrictions are not reported correctly for quotas greater than 2 TB.
Bug 889387 - Novell CIFS server returns duplicate search identifier in SMB_COM_TRANS2_FIND_FIRST2 response causing the Windows Explorer to show files of another subdirectory.
Bug 893032 - NCPCON connection list shows wrong time as 12:00 AM when a user logs in at the noon hour.
Bug 895949 - When the file name does not exist, OES pure-ftpd does not handle the LIST FILENAME using ftp-tls.
Bug 899748 - CIFS service does not accept new connections after running for a while with September 2014 maintenance patch.
Bug 900400 - pure-ftpd processes the LIST command incorrectly if the pathname argument contains a space character.
Bug 897010 - Random number of items During sync of two Netfolder connected to same vol on the backend.
Bug 903956 - The POODLE vulnerability is seen in NCP with a modified libnds library (to enable SSLv3 as default) while doing Encrypted Replication sync between replicas (which can be configured from iManager).
Bug 877492 - The smdrd daemon crashes with segmentation fault - TID 7015266.
Bug 902594 - Novell Remote Manager (NRM) vulnerable to POODLE security issue.
Bug 902839 - Storage Management Services (SMS) vulnerable to POODLE security issue.
Bug 878879 - Novell Remote Manager returns HTTP error 400 when checking the properties of a file in a subdirectory with more than 2000 files.
Bug 828600 - XTier is coring in Filr server.
Bug 849216 - Remote Desktop Login from a Windows workstation to a DSfW domain fails when domain credentials are specified in lower case - TID 7015592.
Bug 886467 - Memory leak fixes in novell-named.
Bug 894284 - Domain Services for Windows Daemon crashes frequently.
Bug 895254 - VMware view 5.3.0 linked clone creation fails with error status_invalid_parameter.
Bug 903956 - Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption attack through SSLv3 (CVE-2014-3566).

  • December 2014 OES11 SP1 Hot Patch - 10085

Bug 896331 - count.txt becomes wrong after nwlogin error
Bug 904669 - XML eXternal Entity Injection (XXE) vulnerability: Authenticated administrative users can download arbitrary files from the Access Manager administration interface as the user "novlwww"
Bug 907953 - VUL-0: CVE-2014-3566: OES-pure-ftpd: FTP susceptible to SSLV3 vulnerability (POODLE)
Bug 908355 - Conflict of command line option with suse:pure-ftpd and oes:pure-ftpd
Bug 908537 - IBM java-1_6_0-ibm-1.6.0_sr16.2-0.3.1 (patch 9992) breaks SFCB SSL connections - TID 7015980.
Bug 908988 - 'ciphers' for SSL/TLS is been added by suse:ftp hence oes:ftp should present this switch during ftp upgrade.

Security Issues:


  • SLES: NTP Security Update - 10120

This ntp update fixes the following critical security issue:

A potential remote code execution problem was found inside ntpd. The functions crypto_recv() (when using autokey authentication) and ctl_putdata() where updated to avoid buffer overflows that could be exploited. (CVE-2014-9295 / VU#852879)

Security Issues:


  • January 2015 OES 11 SP1 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 10102

Bug 523289 - Hard link upgrade fails on a specific volume.
Bug 747464 - Re-import of already exported DHCP configuration renames custom named pools.
Bug 772431 - iManager is unable to delete a single segmented RAID1 device if it is part of a multiple segment pool.
Bug 788727 - Clicking Clear Password button under the iPrint Settings does not remove the saved passwords.
Bug 818535 - Clicking the Clear History button under the iPrint Document Status does not remove the history.
Bug 828646 - The Passwords tab under iPrint Settings incorrectly displays the LDAP User Name.
Bug 842077 - Volume properties of a cluster pool fails to display in Workstation iManager running on SLED 11 SP2.
Bug 845513 - Print spooler crashes when the IPP-enabled iPrint Direct printers are installed through the iprntcmd command - TID 7014728.
Bug 879896 - iPrint client on OES 11 SP2 or OES 11 SP1 sometimes displays Interactive Services Detection dialog box.
Bug 882261 - iPrint client 5.96 and Novell Client 2 SP3 IR7a are not sharing the credentials, resulting in authentication failure.
Bug 883347 - NCP server is coring as NCP engine is closing the connection by one thread while another thread is in progress to reply on the same socket.
Bug 886080 - After restarting the iPrint client, cores in iPrint gateway are reported.
Bug 887541 - With iPrint client 5.98 installed, after a print job is submitted, the values in the Handles column of iprntctl.exe increases significantly.
Bug 889080 - The OES server slows down due to memory pressure.
Bug 890147 - Transfer ID fails during preparation phase in the Migration Tool Utility.
Bug 894546 - LockCache Errors in the CIFS log while performing file I/O in the scale setup.
Bug 895572 - NCP segfaults in EnumConnectionInformation() function while a connection being enumerated and removed at the same time - TID 7015747.
Bug 897999 - Invalid Message - Failed to Delete Directory. CIFS does not log proper messages with proper log levels.
Bug 898634 - NCPCON output redirection is not working as expected.
Bug 899008 - On Mac OS X, the iPrint client fails to print to secure printers after saving the iPrint credentials to the keychain.
Bug 899520 - While responding to the NCPCON request, the NCP server will overwrite the default reply buffer size of 64k if the response size is more than the default buffer size that causes ndsd to core - TID 7015267.
Bug 900261 - cifsd does not respond with STATUS_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY when client marks a subdirectory with entries for deletion per SMB_COM_TRANS2_SET_FILE_INFORMATION2 of InformationLevel SMB_SET_FILE_DISPOSITION_INFO.
Bug 901286 - CIFS strings need to be changed for command line error and success cases.
Bug 901445 - script causes 255 error if LUM is not configured to use proxy user - TID 7015775.
Bug 904193 - The iPrint Mac client 5.78 on Yosemite 10.9 and 10.10 fails to print to SSL-enabled printers with the error message "Backend failed".
Bug 904293 - The iPrint Mac client 5.78 on Yosemite fails to print to SSL-enabled Printer Agents whose names are longer than 20 characters.
Bug 905717 - Novell Remote Manager displays incorrect message when files are listed by using the "View File System > View File System Listing" option.
Bug 906115 - After an upgrade to OES 11 SP2 or OES 11 SP1, the system is unable to allocate memory and OOM killer is invoked.
Bug 906596 - Novell Remote Manager does not display partition size correctly when the volume size is greater than 2 TB.
Bug 908316 - Common proxy scripts return 255 or -1 instead of positive values for certain services.

  • SLES - glibc security update - 10228

This update fixes the following security issue:

CVE-2015-0235 - a vulnerability was found in the GNU C Library, specifically in the function gethostbyname(), could lead to local and remote buffer overflow (bsc#913646)

Security Issues:

Bug CVE-2015-0235