OES11 SP1: Modifying File or Folder ownership removes all existing trustee assignments to that file or Folder.

  • 7011580
  • 07-Jan-2013
  • 07-Jan-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 1


On OES11 SP1 (not OES11 FCS) with files and/or folder(s) having additional trustee assignments, there is a problem where the owner (creator) of that file or folder is modified, after the modification all additional trustee assignments have been removed.


This has been resolved with "December 2012 NSS Hot Patch for OES11SP1 - 7162" which is publicly available in the OES11 SP1 Update catalogs, and on download.novell.com here.

Additional Information

This can easily be duplicated using the following steps :

  • Create a File and/ or Folder on an NSS volume as admin
  • Using iManager, grant a number of users some trustee assignments to the folder.
(Observe the trustee assignments are visible using for example the Novell Client)
  • in iManager, 'Files and Folders' section, browse to the File/Folder created above, check the information tab, and change the creator (owner) to be a different user.
(After refreshing, observe the 'Files and Folder' rights tab to see all trustees are missing).
  • When using the Novell client we can observe the same behavior.