Patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11).

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  • 29-May-2012
  • 21-Jan-2015


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11)


This is an overview of the patches that have been released for Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES11).
Note 1:
See TID 7010867 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 SP1 (OES11 SP1).
See TID 7014420 for a list of patches released for Open Enterprise Server 11 SP2 (OES11 SP2).

Note 2:
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 is out of general support since 28 Aug 2013. See the Product Support Lifecycle page.

Disclaimer : The list above does not pretend to be a full list of down-loadable software as has been released for the OES11 platform. For that detail, please consult the official Novell download site.

Additional software may have been released, but not be listed here once it is considered to be beyond the scope of what this document tries to provide, being an overview of the bugs fixed with the various patch releases that have been released for OES11.


For the readers convenience, below each released patch, you will find an overview of the bugs that are fixed in that patch for OES11, and if it is known, a link to the TID that belongs to that bug as well

I tried to be as complete as possible by also adding the same list of patches and bug fixes for other the released iPrint and eDir patches, and have verified accurateness of the same with the respective team members.

  • SUSE_SLES-release - 5917

750091 - Avoid online migration of SLES 11 SP1 to SLES 11 SP2 on an OES11 server

  • April 2012 OES11 Hot Patch - 5809

737677 - Migration gui hangs on ldapsearch login when post shipping OES11 channel patches are consumed. TID 7009912
738666 - The assign rights task failure is handled when DSfW related ACL's are already present on the mapped container. TID 7009930
742515 - 'localhost' changed to as 'localhost' was not working on latest SLES11 patches in the DSfW installation scripts. TID 7010075
752108 - Fixed an issue where the RAID1 driver did not copy the data above 2TB.

  • April 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6109

410243 - Renaming a Volume Mount point with an existing Mount point, does not remove the old mount point.
517837 - Unable to create users with MMC due to the Top superclass on Person. TID 7003431
604852 - Adminfsdrv hangs while unloading during a reboot.
681363 - Samify Objects fails on NetWare License Object. TID 7008305
692807 - OES's metamig to be compatible with NetWare's TRUSTEE.NLM.
699465 - setspn -l dsfw\admin Failed to bind to DC of domain DSFW, Access is denied. TID 7008790
702772 - VLDB fails to respond to a client authentication request.
707745 - Ravsui rebuild hangs at 12.99%.
708116 - Vlog seg fault.
709687 - YaST should not create cluster if SBD creation fails.
713102 - The child domain installation have a invalid TDO if you retried at ndsdcinit stage during child domain installation.
716512 - NSSMU should support '-1' to use the whole capacity of a device.
716675 - KDC crashes in xad_kdc__update_auth_data ().
717253 - oes2sp2 NULL pointer dereference RIP {:nsszlss:asyncFindBlkInFmap+40}.
719442 - Pool object name is incorrect when creating a cluster enabled pool using nlvm cli.
719503 - NLVM create RAID command does not translate error 23317.
719511 - NLVM create pool fails to create a pool consuming the whole capacity of a shared device.
719520 - NLVM create raid fails to create a raid 1 device consuming the whole capacity of two shared devices.
719762 - NSSMU pool segment view should be enhanced to display segment sizes.
719787 - issues with output of the NLVM list move command.
719908 - ravsui verify is extremely slow when there are a lot of cross-linked blocks in the pool.
720582 - NLVM create volume gives misleading errors if a cluster enabled pool is not active.
720736 - NLVM cli should support device sizes in TB.
720760 - NLVM delete move command should handle only delete, not complete.
721979 - domaincntrl --samify fails when user description has value XXXX.
722003 - NSSMU displays incorrect size for nssraid 5 device while creating pool.
724863 - GPO->NMAS synchronization failed- No such attribute.
725423 - DSFW AD Domain Admin group permissions not recognized for users in non default Domain Partition.
726111 - RDP authentication fails with DUP_SKEY not allowed when using DNS Name. TID 7010189
726507 - SLES10SP3 server crashing with EIP in _stext+0x3feffd40.
726767 - Linux Volumes created via NSSMU does not have corresponding NCP volumes.
730297 - Servers become unresponsive, ndpapp in uninterruptible sleep.
730378 - CTRL-C in NSSCON while doing 'nss /?' leaves console unusable.
731001 - VLDBs are out of sync.
731056 - Modified Resource Preferred Nodes configuration during cluster pool resource does not get set on the resource.
732477 - NSSMU - Failure when creating Linux Volume Group or Clustered Linux Volume Group.
732735 - OES2 Cluster OS controlled SBD mirror doesn't work anymore after losing and getting back the LUN-paths of one SBD.
733085 - POSIX volume types should be sorted alphabetically.
733246 - gpo2nmas give error no such file or directory till GPO is not edited in GPO editor.
733287 - Cluster online vetoed by RME is not logged anywhere.
733440 - NLVM cli is lacking a command to rename volumes.
733691 - NCP server objects for cluster enabled Linux volumes are lacking the attribute NCS:Volumes.
741010 - NSSMU is not synchronizing the RAID 1 mirror segments after you bring back the device.
741574 - Expanded devices which are initialized with GTP can't be used for NSS partitions / pools.
741855 - Server crashing while using VIGIL_FILE_Stat call on OES11.
742480 - OES11 FP0 with Xen Desktop 5.5 - Unable to create virtual desktop; 'Quick Deployment' option is disabled.

  • April 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 for eDirectory 8.8 SP6 Patch5 - 6108

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x
TID 7010166 - History of Issues Resolved for Novell iManager 2.7

  • 30 Apr 2012 - April 2012 iPrint Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES11 - 6110

498911 - iprint_nss_relocate script fails to with errors if dn's have space in them.
623014 - iprntman allows invalid profile assignments.
653310 - iPrint database becomes out of sync.
669598 - Managing redirected printers after migration throws iPrintLib error.
675001 - Driver Info output not transparent w.r.t old iprntman.
675024 - driver upload through ppd file fails with (CLIENT_ERROR) - bad status code (0x442) @ IPPAttributeSet.readAttributes.
675802 - IPP attributes like version, size, DocumentFormat, DateTimeAdAdd do not exist in current IPP stack.
684018 - iprntman ids list does give name in typed format.
691128 - Driver version information should be displayed when listing the drivers.
697763 - French iManager breaks ability to select PDP. TID 7008692
700160 - Jobs held on PA creates enumerate printer delays. TID 7009731
704037 - Customer suggested that it is nice to have 'profile --list' as well for iprntman.
706604 - iprintman - Size of the driver is shown as zero, while listing drivers in the repository.
706895 - iprintman takes more than 127 characters for Location field of a PA(iManager takes only 127).
707246 - psm status shows DOWN when psm does not exist also.
707561 - iprintman driver -h mismatch in commands w.r.t oes2sp3.
707562 - iprintman printer -h mismatch in commands w.r.t oes2sp3.
710260 - rcnovell-idsd start on a running ids causes the ids to go into a bad state.
710574 - iprintman psm -i displaying the description as blank, even though it is set to some value.
710945 - iprintman printer -i not displaying the correct value of 'Admin Message'.
715343 - OES11 iprntman authentication messaging: Warning/Invalid.
715620 - The conversion to FDN fails for normal users.
719551 - The ipsmd man page does now have the -u and -p option listed.
719553 - Getting Error: Error - Operation failed, general error when using iprintman psm -i.
719627 - The error message on when using the wrong syntax on iprintman is too vague.
719876 - Modifying the /opt/novell/iprintmgmt/lib/ cause iprintman to fail.
719892 - IPrintManLogger0.log does not follow iPrint name conventions.
721546 - When doing an xml import and the PSM is not created, no error is displayed.
721904 - OES11: WARNING: GetDriverInfoFromXML.
723567 - Side effect of the Bug 673748 - Deletion of printer fails.
727042 - iprntman does not allow the creation of an iPrint Driver Store on a DSFW DC.
727604 - ZDI-CAN-1354: Novell iPrint Server attributes-natural-language RCE Vulnerability. TID 7010084
727653 - Getting Error: line 0: syntax error near unexpected token `)' at the end of an iPrint migrationl
734381 - Upgrade of OES2SP3 iprint plugin's to OES11 fails.
737176 - After patch update from the channel the iprint.ini on the server is overwritten. TID 7003814
737210 - OES11--iprintman driver win764 --l displays error iPrint Lib Error: 0xD00002l.
738753 - Unable to create DriverStore through iManager.

  • Security Update for Novell OES Samba in OES11 - 6143

Bug 756810 - Updating novell-oes-samba 3.4.3 with patches from SuSE samba repository.

  • May 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6147

496114 - FIRST_WATCHDOG_PACKET Parameter Incorrect.
520981 - Disable Login does not work if the source server is OES Linux.
632850 - NCP is causing ndsd segfault.
635460 - Printer Agent name contains %20 in it after installing the printer on the client.
637743 - NCPCON NSS VERIFY shows trustee differences after moving a volume from NetWare to Linux.
647600 - OES2SP2 ncpcon log level ALL.
668859 - Directory quotas incorrectly displayed.
679327 - Core in loadProxy_miCASA.
685243 - ndsd core stack in GetVolInfo().
687449 - Copying files across mounted volumes fails with a -50 error on Mac Clients.
692761 - CIFS quits working and service needs to be restarted.
695076 - ndsd cores while adding trustees.
696439 - Delete and Rename Inhibit flags causing access denied to folders via AFP. TID 7009354
697387 - OES2 SP3 NCP created file handles are not cleaned up.
700451 - pam_sm_authenticate: User [root] is reserved and not supported via NAM. TID 7008834
701209 - ldapsearch fails to find NSS volumes present on a DSfW Server.
701677 - NDSD coring in strcpy.
701924 - Printing to a Xerox printer using Xerox's secure printing option fails.
706395 - OES2SP3: crash in GetVolumeFlags(int, unsigned int*) ().
712883 - Inconsistent access to the _admin ncp volume.
713123 - DHCP logs are not getting rotated automatically.
713206 - NetStorage: Cannot open odt, ott with internet explorer etc.. by double clicking.
716552 - OES2 SP3 - 'ncpcon connection list' can show negative numbers for Reads/Writes/Requests.
718394 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
718397 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
719539 - File rename (case only) from a Windows client is not completed on NSS volume.
719744 - The NCP man page needs to be updated for missing and defunct parameters.
719853 - AFP Server is not allowing users to authenticate even when it is in running state. TID 7008744
720078 - namconfig get does not show if LUM is using the common proxy as LDAP proxy user.
722191 - Memory leak observed for every successful DFS referral translation.
726401 - file does not update the lum2_sp3 file.
727228 - Retrieval of trusted root cert failed. Make sure you have LDAP server certificate in /var/lib/novell-lum directory. TID 7009694
731053 - CIFS server name not correct in nfapCIFSServerName after cluster resource creation.
728378 - ifolder client connection is not happening in WIN7 64 bit and 32 bit platform with OES11 GMC4 build.
729324 - CIFS segfaults if DST shadow volume's directory is not in /media/nss. TID 7009716
729711 - Error: /usr/sbin/namcd[8543]: Error [80] in LDAP search for user object under the domain with base=. TID 7009739
729739 - LUM Enabled Services in iManager is empty. Causes owcimomd to segfault.
730171 - resources go comatose after upgrade to GMC5 because ndsd becomes unresponsive.
731671 - ndsd cores while changing Inherited rights masks (IRM) from iManager.
732298 - NWIntMoveDirEntry does not support UTF-8 format.
732636 - ncpcon volumes command should list VolIDs. TID 7008689
736776 - cifsd is eating up a lot of memory.
737936 - Cannot save PDF files with DST enabled.
738488 - NCP defect in function MapGUIDToRemoteDN(). It sets the size of the GUID to 128 in the search filter.
738911 - man, documentation and command usage for novcifs is missing the -t option.
739247 - ERROR: ENTRY: CIFSNDSGetCIFSServerInfo: isVirtualServer = FALSE, uServerVersion = %U, aServerVersion = N, expected = %U.
739314 - The archive bit is erroneously changed on files after access via smbclient.
740925 - OES 11 NSS volumes cannot be exported via NFS. TID 7010047
743803 - OES11 Kernel panic: kernel BUG at /usr/src/packages/BUILD/nss/modules-build/library/stackAlloc.c:493!.
748623 - Slow NRM inventory on OES2SP3 with Nov 2011 maint installed.
757981 - Encrypted volume creation is logging password information into nlvm_debug.log file.
758185 - Folder level trustee will not list the files and folders if the root of the volume contains a 'file' which has special characters in file name.
759031 - CIFS fails to resolve the junction from XP & Win7 Clients.

  • June 2012 OES11 Hot Patch for NCP - 6385

612452 - Restore of NSS metadata fails via xattr when there are no local replica on the server.
745847 - AFP core for MapGUIDToID function call. TID 7005336
747903 - NSSMU throws error 23388 during volume creation. TID 7005336
748802 - Viewing user quotas from iManager give CIMOM error after deleting the user having quota. TID 7005336
749428 - SMS Backup Performance degradation after OES2 SP2 to SP3 upgrade. TID 7005336
755875 - zERR_USER_ABORTED when trying to update eDirectory for pool object. TID 7005336
756027 - Segfault in adminusd. TID 7005336

  • July 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP6 patch 6 - 6518

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • July 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6497

583261 - httpstkd randomly stops.
658145 - NSS volume with Di and RI flags, incorrectly blocks root user from normal file system actions.
668750 - NSS hangs during data migration with OES 2 migration tools.
674416 - Free space reported incorrectly if purge size is larger then free space on OES2.
681985 - --overwrite-profiles switch is not honored during iPrint migration.
687137 - Updating extensions and sections for all iPrint manpages.
692807 - OES's metamig to be compatible with NetWare's TRUSTEE.NLM.
697618 - CIFS on Cluster node fails, to restore service cluster node needs to be rebooted.
702633 - General file inventory graphs are unreadable in NRM.
703655 - SYSVOL DFS referral link points to ADC and interrupts GPO Administrator operations. TID 7005685.
704090 - Afp cores during cluster migration.
705568 - SLES10SP3 hangs on reboot if NSS volumes reside on iSCSI targets.
706613 - OES: Need a functional default logrotate schema for NCP logs. TID 7008702.
715454 - NCP server incorrectly returns 0x9C (ERR\EA\NOT\_FOUND) in ErrorCode field of ""Enhanced Enumerate Extended Attribute"" NCP response when return value to istxattr' system call is a positive value.
715681 - NCP server still references the previous name of a subdirectory in 'listxattr' system call when processing a NCP 'Enumerate Extended Attribute' call for a renamed subdirectory.
715704 - namcd cores when log-level=5.
716103 - vldb returns rc=0 even if it cannot find the DFS Management Context.
716281 - namcd cores in ldap_alloc_ber_with_options.
718276 - namcd quits responding.
718908 - AFP Server crash on eDirectory stop/crash.
719345 - Getting Error - ""WARNING : ParseXML : Failed to parse XML file output.xml."" when attempting an import of XML file.
720253 - Prompting auto driver profile update.
720648 - checkproc: cannot stat /usr/sbin/smbd: No such file or directory when starting novell-cifs service.
721546 - When doing an xml import and the PSM is not created, no error is displayed.
721614 - Getting -603 errors from eDirectory half way through the XML import.
721906 - WARNING: GetPrinterObjectFromXML.
722269 - namcd -- unable to login to ssh as the root user, restarting namcd resolves the problem.
723169 - /opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintmig_ldap_ops script error during xml-import.
725305 - ipsmd -x screen output too busy and lacks progress indicator.
727191 - DNS / DHCP management console doesn't allow you to login to a server by CNAME record.
728192 - Max-lease-time causes 32 bit machines to wrap their date resulting in expirations in 1943.
729724 - Unable to manage iPrint after assigning iPrint role to Help Desk user.
732444 - CIFS.CONF is updated incorrectly. TID 7009794
732735 - OES2 Cluster OS controlled SBD mirror doesn't work anymore after losing and getting back the LUN-paths of one SBD.
734536 - DHCP fails to load after patching with Aug 2011 maintenance patch for OES 2.
734665 - Filesystem rights calculated on alias object as opposed to the real user object.
734848 - OES2 and OES11 'man tsafs' misses a mandatory 'enablegw' section.
735012 - With 2 mac Clients, File locking doesn't work once mac client 2 acquires RDWR after the file is closed from client1.
735151 - The page count is not displayed when using auditing on some Okidata printers.
736955 - Segmentation fault occurs when attempting to import ""ipsm04"" database from XML file.
737100 - After OES 2 SP3 Oct 2011 updates, users cannot save files.
737483 - Incorrect or blank page count shown in PSMSTATUS | Audit report.
737750 - novell client begins to fail until novfsd is restarted.
738214 - DSfW - All xadsd threads stuck in pthread_cond_wait/lock wait, causing xadsd to be unresponsive.
738758 - Metadata time not getting updated when IRF are changed.
739909 - With CIFS does not change case in the name for a file or folder.
740017 - CIFS Cluster resources go to comatose if nfapCIFSWorkGroup attribute is set.
740334 - DSServer2 attribute does not work in the ipsmd.conf file.
741606 - transfer-ID does not rename the nss proxy user.
742090 - CIFS cored in LookupFileHandle due to possible corruption of the fileHandleHashTable entries.
742831 - nssmu is core'ing when we initialize iSCSI devices which had pools/sbd partition created in earlier setups.
742834 - afp segfaults continously when tried to start the service on oes2sp3-jan patched server.
742997 - novell-named coring during startup. TID 7006015.
744238 - default setting for SMB signing not correct ?
744334 - OES11 CIFS shares are not accessable for Win 7 users.
744450 - OES's Novell Remote Manager (NRM) hangs after using view of process information.
744785 - Using CIFS, when Multiple users access MS Access Database the ldb file gets deleted.
745364 - Description for enabling VNC Console in NRM has a typographical error.
745748 - Driver store creation fails with CLIENT_ERROR.
747046 - Memory allocated by apache API, apr_palloc, needs to be initialized.
747860 - cifsd does not remove the ""hidden"" file attribute when a client requests to unset it pet SMB_COM_TRANS2_SET_FILE_INFORMATION request.
747992 - The number of Drivers always display as zero in Driver Store Control page.
748125 - 'unable to register thread with auditing' vigil error while running DST policy.
748299 - server doesn't have idsd.log file.
748610 - Trying to create any office file to CIFS share fails recursively with high CPU utilization and hogging entire memory/disk space.
749079 - OES11SP1: Kernel (3.0.13-0.27-default) crashed while running 'supportconfig' command.
749291 - Unable to delete a RAID 0 device where clustered Pool was created.
749556 - Improve the error message when secure connection fails to iPrint Server.
749760 - OES:Untranslated message when try to save httpstkd config file without permission.
749771 - NSS rpms are getting installed inspite of NSS pattern not been selected.
749823 - FTP frequently fails to map the ""DefaultHomeDirectory"" on cluster volume due to nwlogin failure.
750088 - Mac 10.7.3 OS X- Firefox is not able to invoke ipp page after installing PA associated with HP driver.
750191 - NCP Server stops accepting connections from Kanaka service. TID 7000140.
750839 - AFP Logins fail roughly 1/6 times when using Diffie-Hellman auth method.
752108 - nlvm pool move does not move blocks above 2 TB.
752266 - VIGIL_NSS_ZIDHASH_Zid2UnicodeFilePathString() returns EINVAL instead of (-EINVAL).
752785 - SIGCHLD needs to be ignored during print manager shutdown.
753106 - CIFS related Core - Please Analyze.
754892 - CIFS with Auditing: Netbench test fails on enabling the auditing for cifs server.
754920 - One instance of /usr/sbin/cifsd does not terminate when running '# rcnovell-cifs stop'.
755119 - Huge Files and folder not getting copied in same volume.
755267 - nssAdminUser is not getting updates during Transfer-ID.
756065 - NRM volume inventory report shows missing extension names.
756619 - Need support for creating KMS records in the DNSDHCP Management Console.
756736 - Migration of PrinterAgents fails from OES11SP1 to OES11SP1 server with message "" Printer information 'dn/name' is missing in the input XML file"".
756741 - Copying a file which had 'Hidden' attribute set within a CIFS share does not retain the 'HIDDEN' attribute on the file copy unlike WINDOWS behavior.
756763 - OES2 SP3 to OES11 Migration: Files which are in opened state (source volume files) are getting migrated to target volume.
756888 - AFP is not prompting to change expired password. TID 7004751.
757243 - syslog logs ""[XTCOM]: Password is already available to the NCL PAM module. So reprompting for password"".
757287 - Changing the LMCompatibility settings for the server using iManager followed by CIFS service restart wipes out the LM settings saved previously and resets it back to the default value.
757496 - IManager- CIFS Plug-In: Trying to edit an existing CIFS share by modifying it with invalid volume & path inputs results in a storage error but with an 'Unknown error with error code: -1'.
758185 - Folder level trustee will not list the files and folders if the root of the volume contains a 'file' which has special characters in file name. TID 7010326.
758255 - Deleted NSS Volume and Pool listed as Active Share in NRM Manage Shares.
758346 - logrotate does not restart the ipsmd and idsd causing problems.
758572 - DSFW: Windows 7 remote assistance is not working. TID 7006090.
758616 - ndsd grows in virtual and resident memory while accessing clustered volume resource.
758757 - NSS-Vlog: vlog -b option not working.
758992 - DSFW: Polycom SSO configuration fails with error ""Access Denied"" while changing password.
759031 - CIFS fails to resolve the junction from XP & Win7 Clients.
759601 - NRM: There is NO 'help' files available for the 'View Inventory Reports' and 'View Trustee Reports' menu items on the 'Manage NCP Services' section.
759759 - Get properties on a specific file from NRM - httpstkd dies on the server and NRM stops working.
759850 - CIFS cored while performing cluster resource migration with File I/O from few clients.
759870 - Problem with German DNSDHCP Management Console.
760341 - AFP Logins fail roughly 1/6 times when using Diffie-Hellman 2 auth method.
760880 - When migrating iprint from Netware to OES not taking back up of iprint.ini file.
760884 - Firefox crashes if we try to install an already installed secure printer (Random Issue).
761359 - Printers not listed on ipp Page as soon as we click on the printer to be installed.
761449 - Can not Create Groups or OUs with MMC. TID 7003431.
762257 - Renaming a file[name with accentuated characters] hosted on DST shadow volume fails with a CRITICAL error[rename failure].
762520 - nwlogin time out displayed default error message.
762524 - ipsmd xml import gives ""Segmentation fault"" message, if xml file is not found.
762697 - ICM does not push printers after migration on OES 11.
762862 - DST Options page in NRM: Help refers to OES 2 (should not mention version number).
763854 - Managing GPOs fail due to SYSVOL DFS referral link pointing to wrong path. TID 7009466.
764345 - Meta data Modified time extension not supported on OES11.
764996 - NSS Pool Deactivates While Mirroring a Small Partition.
765078 - subdirectory level restriction does not work if given directory not preceded by /.
765418 - nam.conf setting one-exclude-deny-service description needs to be modified.
765641 - Oes11FP0 novell-oes-samba must be patched with recent SuSE samba patch release.
765850 - Error 23391 - Error Getting NDS Name.
766239 - Stack fault browsing 'view file system listing' with long dir names on NSS volume.
766382 - NRM: Manage NCP Services -> NCP Trustee Report, Locate the NSS volume and 'Create' the NCP Trustee Report. Clicking on the 'Volume Trustee Report' graph does not work or display any graph.
766409 - 'Manage NCP Services' -> 'View Inventory Reports' and 'View Trustee Reports' lists the 'SHADOW' volumes as well.
766772 - failed during PDC role transfer.
767030 - user is not able to change password password for UAM DHX2.
767047 - Observing a 'httpstkd' crash every time we switch between 'View Package Information' and 'View process information' and try to get back to 'Process information' page.
767824 - The new 'NCP Trustee Reports' does not report trustees assigned at the 'root' of the NSS volume.
769085 - File delete in NRM fails when spaces exist in the name.
771737 - MMC can not create a User.
771980 - Man page update is not available for the new parameter introduced in nam.conf.

  • August 2012 Enable update to Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 1 - 6488

748276 - Channel Upgrade from OES 11 to OES 11 SP1 feature is not available.

  • August 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6663

706895 - iprintman takes more than 127 characters for Location field of a PA(iManager takes only 127).
707562 - iprintman printer -h mismatch in commands w.r.t oes2sp3.
715343 - OES11 iPrntman authentication messaging - Warning/Invalid.
715623 - list of psm/ids should only list the local PSMs/IDSs.
719553 - Getting Error - ""Error - Operation failed, general error"" when using iprintman psm -i.
734879 - Installing SSL printer from OES11 to Mac 10.7 Lion fails. TID 7009918, TID 7010576
743385 - Driver upload fails when long/full os type names are used. Ex driver_windows-nt-5_x86-32_en instead of winxp.
743388 - iprintman - Grammatical error in ""iprintman ids --help"" information
744003 - iprintman - iprintman version should be changed for OES11SP1
748759 - iprintman psm info command displays wrong DsServerPort number (0)
750081 - Profile list using iprintman command fails
750653 - iPrintman - Appropriate error message is not displayed when trying to create PrinterAgent which already exists
752989 - Iprint Server rejects IPP v2.x requests from Mac 10.8 platform
755430 - Need to add Mac 10.8 iprint client installer link in ipp page from the mod_ipp module
760672 - iPrintman - No message displayed while creating the printer
761296 - On Mac 10.6, firefox browser picks up the iPrint client from MAC directory.
762067 - Need to add link uniquely in the welcome page for the clients Mac 10.6 & below versions and Mac10.7& above versions
763411 - Find/Install printers option is not invoking the same URL given in configuration Menu link URL
767591 - Report Installation error while installing Mac client 5.07 in 10.6 and lower platforms
768989 - On a Mac 10.8 client, after installing a printer and trying to print a file using the same gives an error message and does'nt print the file
770160 - While installing a printer whose printer name has the substring of a previously installed printer then only the printer with long printer name is getting listed in printers tab
770166 - After a Succesful iprint client installation if logged out and Logged in to the client machine , iprint client listener and iprint client GUI were not launched automatically
770623 - Untranslated ""iPrint_iPrint_Client_for_Mac10x"" strings on Welcome page
774590 - iprntcmd -r command is not running the iprint listener

  • August 2012 NSS Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6669

549682 - Rebuild can causes security holes
592365 - Error code -5 when creating cluster resource.
666625 - Error 16 re-scanning cluster partitions
683056 - mkfifo does not work against NSS volumes
689997 - Potential security vulnerability in apache
709633 - NSS does not update mtime upon ""ftruncate""
711560 - Pool move should not be allowed for deactivated pools
716128 - sbdutil -c -d SBD_D1 -d SBD_D2 does not mark the devices as shareable
737090 - Changing namespace of a cluster volume { from LONG to UNIX } is not working well when volume is being used on the server while name space is changed
741014 - cluster pool and its partition are disappearing from the server immediately after pool is being created
743069 - Volume rename option should be added in 'nlvm --help'
743122 - 'nlvm list move ' is not listing size properly
743838 - NSS rebuild gave a ""Fatal rebuild error""
744096 - nssmu cored while we exit from device selection screen during creation of NCP enabled cluster volumes
744476 - Observing a core while performing some operations using 'NSSMU' utility.
745394 - 'man nlvm' for 'create partition' should be updated with type=83 instead of 82 for Linux partition type
745405 - nlvm cli is not validating strip sizes during creation of RAID devices
745411 - 'nssmu is coring' while creating snapshot
745414 - nssmu is coring after displaying 'Error committing new partition to the OS' while creating snapshots
745860 - What is the correct syntax to exclude multiple devices from being managed by nlvm?
748551 - OES nsscon /InitialUnixRights functionality tracker bug
748753 - deleting LINUX volume from nlvm does not work as updated in man pages
748847 - Not able to create volume from NSSMU
749526 - Copying files during expansion of RAID 5 device generate corrupted files and halt re-striping to 100%
749746 - Fixing Coverity reported coding errors in libnlvm/nssmu
749780 - smdrd cored while tsatest was run approximately for an hour
751511 - OES nlvm command does not prompt before deleting NSS volume, pool, other destructive things
753094 - NSS - Metamig -w option missing in man page
753101 - NSS - Metamig utility cores while restoring metadata information
753274 - Delete Inhibit is not being obeyed if we have hardlink for a file
755364 - metamig is unable to process empty trustee assignments.
756807 - NSS - NSSMU not displaying 2.5TB+ device with DOS partition initialization for posix volume creation
759674 - Incorrect message while creating a partition on unintialized device using nlvm cli.
762228 - nssmu seg faults when an expanded nss pool was migrated from NetWare 5.x
762514 - Deletion of local LVM2 volume is not deleting its partition
763852 - 'nlvm list volume' displays name space as 'Long' for all volumes
764066 - nlvmcli is acquiring lock during NSS volume creation
764069 - Deletion of a invalid volume using NLVMCli is not reporting any error
764470 - Invalid information is logging in nlvm_debug.log during cluster volume deletion
764517 - NSS - nlvm  - nlvm volume unmount fails for a volume created from NetWare
764729 - NSS - nssmu - nssmu core while selecting device and checking for partition info for cluster sbd partition
765047 - NSS - Renaming of NSS RAID1 device and migrating to other cluster nodes, doesn't update changes
769549 - Pool creation on an Expanded RAID5 device is failing
774723 - Master Boot Record Corrupted when expanding pool

  • iPrint Client for Macintosh 5.72

iPrint Client for Macintosh 5.72 to be installed to Mac 10.7 and 10.8.
Please refer to TID 7010579 for more detail regarding iPrint support on Mac 10.8, Mountain Lion.

  • September 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 6789

Bug 583261 - httpstkd randomly stops.
Bug 667829 - On Win2K8 R2 client joined to DSfW domain fails to create xen Desktop image from xendesktop studio.
Bug 696616 - Trustees Migration Tool not compliant with DSFW target.
Bug 706758 - Nautilus webdav cannot open text, pdf and some other filetypes.
Bug 709477 - LUM Repair Fails during Transfer ID.
Bug 710806 - ndsd coring in AllocateConnectionSlot.
Bug 713714 - deleter Id is not available for the files deleted by non-lum enabled users in DST volume with shadowfs. TID 7010751
Bug 723878 - Normal Domain Users have all filesystem rights to new GPOs with Oes2Sp3. TID 7009567
Bug 736413 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: memberOf query returns incorrect groupmembership results.
Bug 736414 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: ObjectSid queries return incorrect results.
Bug 737877 - CIFS - Support for CIFS invalid user name/password presented multiple times.
Bug 738031 - DSFW: Configuration of Windows 2008R2 Remote Desktop Licensing fails.
Bug 739110 - nsscon help lists RA of 2 for NSS volumes as default.
Bug 739366 - Overwriting file on shadow volume creates 0 byte file on primary.
Bug 741183 - Add a new Sync option for 'Don't Copy trustees'.
Bug 741184 - Add a new Sync option for 'Copy trustees at directory level, only'.
Bug 741209 - CRM module cored the system with "CRM:CRMSetResource: conflicting resource name". TID 7010731
Bug 741597 - Transfer-ID does LUM enablement for users and groups that are already LUM enabled or not required to be LUM enabled.
Bug 741600 - Novell-cifs does not work after transfer-ID.
Bug 741606 - Transfer-ID does not rename the nss proxy user.
Bug 742493 - OES11 FP0 with Xen Desktop 5.5 - Unable to login win7 with domain credentials after installing VDA.
Bug 742807 - Volrepair.rb does not prompt for password, segfault and other problems.
Bug 743372 - Datasets getting copied multiple times.
Bug 743381 - Source Path is not converted in case of OES Source.
Bug 749084 - Miggui changes to support CP changes.
Bug 749251 - Warning message "Latest SMS patches are not applied" turns out and file systerm migration is failed.
Bug 751402 - Unable to sync Meta data changes of the files and folders.
Bug 751449 - Copy trustees only at directory level feature is not working.
Bug 753173 - Smdrd hangs/segfaults during restore.
Bug 754046 - Source volumes are not getting listed for the cluster resources.
Bug 754231 - CIFS is coring when enabling CIFS for cluster resources creation.
Bug 754366 - ncp trustee database will not sync. TID 7010684
Bug 755553 - Problems creating temp files on cifs share with Danish extended characters.
Bug 755583 - mpvguid segfaults with empty file.
Bug 757319 - sed command in should ignore the case sensitive host name.
Bug 757737 - File level trustees are not syncing (Netware to OES11 SP1 sync performance testing).
Bug 757883 - Typo in error message " ERROR: RPC: SetInheritedRightsMaskToCahceEntry".
Bug 758511 - AFP Service crashes, when a user saves a Photoshop file on the server.
Bug 758573 - Renaming directories on DST enabled volumes result in errors.
Bug 760305 - Migration Tools saying "smstool fails in listing the extensions".
Bug 760520 - miggui creates 0Kb files during migration.
Bug 760700 - iprint manager cuts user name after 32 characters.
Bug 765721 - DSfW - Apple OSX Compatibility: OSX 10.6.x mobile account login issues when attribute loginintruderaddress is populated for users.
Bug 766814 - iPrint server sends an extra character on user name.
Bug 767561 - clvmd doesn't load on a cluster because of nodename problem. TID 7009516
Bug 768348 - DSFW Migration:Other service repair is failing in miggui tool from oes2sp2 and oes11fp0 to oes11sp1 migration.
Bug 769208 - LUM Migration: LUM transfer-id migration is not setting /etc/nam.conf values of source server.
Bug 771476 - 'EVENT: RPC: Recieved Mount' should be 'EVENT: RPC: Received Mount'.
Bug 771816 - Attributes for Universal PW Policies are not maintained correct.
Bug 772017 - After a gposync some "password policy settings" are present but not diplayed.
Bug 772233 - Migration: memory build up during the data migration (ncp2nss).
Bug 772702 - Error: "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" appears when managing a printer agent.
Bug 772791 - File name with space are not able to delete successfully from NRM.
Bug 773064 - Nlvm cli is lacking a command to rename raid devices.
Bug 773197 - OES11 - ncpcon nss resync logs bogus GUID's to ncpserv.log.
Bug 773566 - Cannot create a pool on a RAID0 device if it has a linux partition on it.
Bug 773638 - Cluster Nodes kill each other with Poison Pills.
Bug 773984 - Trustee with empty rights not getting resynced in NCP
Bug 773986 - Trustee rights for user [Root] (with format .TREENAME.) not getting resynced.
Bug 774000 - NSSMU cores when RAID{0,1,5} devices tried to expand without specifying any size.
Bug 774174 - Cluster nodes get poison pilled when they should not.
Bug 774582 - Segments name are not proper when mirror sbd gets created with default size 8MB.
Bug 776876 - Miggui fails to list source volumes.
Bug 777194 - novell-iprint-server-6.4.20120627-5.23 breaks duplicate named printer driver profiles. TID 7010677
Bug 778010 - OES11 - man smsconfig misses tsaMode section.
Bug 778852 - SA49792 - Novell Remote Manager Off-by-One Vulnerability.
Bug 780394 - DSFW support for resolving a Well Known GUID, AD distinguishedName format.
Bug 780758 - Localization and other Miscellaneous fixes for novell-iprint-management.
Bug 780901 - Man page documentation for changes from bug 737877 [ bad user name cache].
Bug 782152 - NRM faults when you login.
Bug 781658 - Issues in error handling for invalid user caching options through novcifs.
Bug 781664 - novcifs help for Invalid user cache options needs some modification.

  • November 2012 OES11 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP6 patch 7 - 7056

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

  • November 2012 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 6996

583261 - httpstkd randomly stops.
699759 - Migration of trustee with time and network restriction had failed.
718394 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
724290 - Ability to delete dynamic leases from DHCP console.
728608 - YAST error "Add Method - 693 - ERROR - -16024" on novell-afp during upgrade.
736416 - Apple OSX Compatibility - Login to DSfW without ID mapping doesn't work. TID 7011505.
739450 - W32Time auth provider for ntp does not work in a cross partition setup. TID 7011506.
749315 - OES2 Ravsui rebuild including rezid on volumes with hard links causes data corruption.
749526 - Copying files during expansion of RAID 5 device generate corrupted files and halt re-striping to 100%.
751740 - tsafs mode=Dual display resources in NetWare notation as "VOL1:" instead of "/media/nss/VOL1".
752331 - DNS assertion failure during DDNS process with NetWare.
755959 - AFP Cores with 1.2.0-0.35.1.
759377 - Potential Security Vulnerability on NetStorage on NetWare.
760632 - Reduce casa reads from LUM.
761903 - NSS_CIM informational message in messages file.
762696 - Memory leak in cifsd.
763207 - FTP fails to locate the remote server nclmnt point with error- "Failed to locate home/default directory """.
763243 - NLVM is not managing cciss, with MSDOS type, devices well once no. of partitions on them reached to 15.
764470 - Invalid information is logging in nlvm_debug.log during cluster volume deletion.
765850 - Error 23391 - Error Getting NDS Name.
765871 - NWScanOpenFilesByConn2 is not returning utf-8 name.
765872 - NWIntMoveDirEntry does not support UTF-8 format.
767012 - NWGetPathFromDirectoryBase is not returning UTF-8 path name.
767883 - JClient call scanTrusteePathsCB is not terminating.
768113 - xadsd crashes in dcerpc library. TID 7011507.
769379 - LUM authentication does more ldap searches as necessary.
769945 - Assignment of users to authorise RDP Access to Windows Workstation. TID 7011508
770416 - DNS/DHCP management console can not configure update policy option as DSfW requires. TID 7011509.
770472 - NLVM fails to mirror from a DOS partitioned device to a GPT partitioned device of the same size.
771993 - gposync runs in a loop. TID 7011510.
772016 - nmas method addition error during cifs rpm install\upgrade\patching using zypper.
772561 - Attributes for Universal PW Policies need a repair.
772990 - DNS/DHCP Management console hanging after creating DNS key.
773069 - DNS/DHCP Management console throws NULL pointer exception Error.
774802 - xadsd crashes in rpc__list_element_alloc (). TID 7011511.
776681 - ncpcon nss verify shows irm differences between NCP and NSS.
777005 - Linux based utility will start running and then fail to restore trustees.
777109 - nssmu cores when we try to access the "Linux volume" page.
777180 - Servers hanging and coring frequently.
777729 - Core in namcd getUserFDN_fromCache.
777829 - NWSMTSScanDataSetBegin returned 0xfffdffb1. TID 7011581.
778235 - gposync tool reports success even if nsimAssignments is not updated. TID 7011512.
778564 - Open files limit is 64k per CIFS server. TID 7011319.
779665 - Server panic in vigil.
781388 - When mirroring an SBD partition, you have to specify type=sbd to make it work.
781817 - CIFS service goes unresponsive and must be restarted.
782136 - DNS/DHCP Management Console Times out with many objects in the base container.
782599 - novell-httpstkd will not start properly with options.
783463 - Missing capability to set/clear namedPipe via manage/attrib.
783939 - No results for LDAP Query when OID is used instead of attribute name in the search filter. TID 7011513
784228 - AFP crashed due to infinite recursive loop in InternalRenameDirCacheEntry function.
784232 - AFP crash due to infinite loop in recursive ConstructCacheStructure Function.
784366 - xadsd crashes in rpc__cn_binding_inq_addr () due to failed NTLMSSP authentication requests. TID 7011514
784575 - Updating novell-oes-samba 3.4 on OES11FP0 with August 2012 patch update for SLES11SP1.
784838 - CIFS crashed in transact password change request for null user.
787751 - When using the DaemonDebugFlags option causes stack fault.
789916 - Logging in to a CIFS share with a GUEST login results in the CIFS service going to 'DEAD' status.[CIFS cores Without performing any operations from the FTU code - monitoring commands etc.,].
790473 - Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" while mapping users across the eDir Tree.

  • December 2012 iPrint Server Scheduled Maintenance Release for OES11 - 7057

756970 - iprint direct much slower than tcpip printer.
759845 - iPrint Client 5.82 - Copyright need to be updated
768311 - Authentication failure using ssl printer if user name has a dot.
772124 - Unable to generate Audit Report from French IE
773890 - Request iprntman --grant-access and --grant-operator options
785813 - icm install printers to user with no rights
787146 - Welcome page - Need to add welcome page link for windows 8 iprint clients
787230 - Print Manager crashes with 3rd party accounting software - TID 7011335
788545 - After successful installation of Printer, Printer not seen in printer folder and not able to print
788928 - Winclient - Win 7 - User Printers failed to print due to Win 8 client changes
789574 - Documents failing to print via direct printer with banner associated.
789738 - Failed to reload ipp page after starting installation of printer.
789751 - While installing a printer from IPP page,as soon as we click on printer it goes back to home page (MSN)
790627 - Drivers in the repositories gets deleted after restarting driver store
790651 - Unable to install printers on windows 2012 server
792854 - Unable to install HP UPD printer

  • January 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 7170

638966 - CIFSD does not remove auto-generated share from nfapCIFSShares attribute when volume is dismounted.
661201 - NCP server to log volume (dis)mounts by default.
713719 - Deleted users from Primary volume is still seen as trustee of secondary volumes even after reboot of the server.
718873 - Password Restrictions displayed incorrectly on XP client.
730845 - Error: "Invalid File Handle" when copying files to mapped drive location.
733114 - NCP trustees do not sync with NSS trustees when DST is involved.
749384 - NCP2NSS high utilization -- app core obtained.
750064 - CIFS dircache keeps growing when files/folders are created continuously without deleting.
757936 - Not able to delete, salvage, and purge, getNSSShadowVolumeMountPointInfo is giving error.
760512 - Kernel core running command NSS Security Eq.
763197 - NSSMU and iManager gets unresponsive for listing the volumes.
767888 - Moving a file from a location on the Shadow volume to another file path on the Primary volume fails with a 'CRITICAL' error [rename failure].
778746 - AFP Fails to start after July Maintenance Build.
779516 - Subfolder move when the files are in shadow volume is not moving files correctly through cifs client - TID 7011250.
780240 - NCS roles do not work after updating to 2.7.5.
783666 - Invalid user caching - Valid user with incorrect password gets cached as invalid, if multiple contexts exist in CIFS context file.
783903 - CIFS crash when processing a close file request which has "markfordeletion" bit set.
785300 - DHCP Import Stripping out Config Options.
786645 - Files existing on Shadow Volume cannot be moved to a newly-created directory on the Primary Volume.
787330 - Can't install ADC to DSfW domain that is updated to Sept 2012 patch level.
788789 - iSCSI log-out with NSS causes server hang in OES 11 SP1.
788982 - NDSD process got crashed (cored).
789681 - Trailing blanks invalidate nlvm filters.
789916 - Logging in to a CIFS share with a GUEST login results in the CIFS service going to 'DEAD' status.
790712 - Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x500) IPP Error: 0X500 when saving iprint manager configuration.
790828 - DSfW Assign rights fails in XAD_RETAIN_POLICIES=no case and if there are containers with nspm... attr set.
791419 - CIFS log is flooded with warning messages saying "WARNING: CODIR: RemoveFromOpenFilesList: (Background, handle 0) - entry not found! (null)" when cluster resource is migrated & 'novcifs -Cl' is done on the original node hosting the resource.
791436 - Observing a CIFS crash indicated in call stack on "RemoveFromOpenFilesList()" [Activity: Cluster resource migration followed by 'novcifs -Cl' listing on original node].
791701 - Unable to delete tmp files via cifs
792131 - DSFW - behavior for isdeleted attribute doesn't match with Active Directory - TID 7011500.
792146 - DSFW FTU1: "Enable Kerberos" task fails while provisioning for CDC in case of FRD is updated with FTU1 build.
792192 - DSFW - "unavailableCriticalExtension" being returned when LDAP_SERVER_NOTIFICATION_OID is being used during ldapsearch - TID 7011499.
792284 - Named Pipe Attribute (plus many others) getting set somehow.
792473 - Debug screen options in iManager are not getting activated.
792554 - Migration of Some of the existing Users across eDir tree is failing with error "ldap_add: Constraint violation (19)....".
792894 - Server with SMDR debugging enabled, interprets SMDR debug log as NSS volume if the source is a cluster resource.
793110 - NTP daemon dies in a multiple system partition environment when NTP signed request comes from a Windows XP SP3 client - TID 7011476
793390 - Fresh install & configuration of OES11 SP1 DSfW Server along with November 2012 patch is failing.
793828 - Establish Trust task failing during provisoning with latest FTU.
794058 - Please remove all version specific OES instances from iManager help files.
796008 - Observed a CIFS core during cluster resource migration.[Trying to access 'novcifs ..' shows CIFS as 'DEAD'].

  • OES-build-key update for OES11 - 7400

805208 - Extend Novell Bangalore BuildService key expiration date.

  • April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch3 - 7310

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x

Note: When applying eDirectory upgrades on servers that have ConsoleOne installed in order to be able and manage GroupWise, it is to be expected that dependency conflicts will be returned. The reason for this as that ConsoleOne shares a number of base-modules with the eDirectory patches.

Please have a look at TID 7010864 for information on how to resolve these issues. (Note that although the specified eDirectory patch in the TID may differ, the same solution should remain applicable).

  • April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 7426

This April 2013 Scheduled Maintenance release was initially targeted to be released as the March 2013 Scheduled Maintenance release.
Due to the dependency of this patch on eDir 887 patch3, and the additional QA effort involved, the patch release was postponed by a month.

Bug 539940 - Not able to Open a File in NetStorage if the File is already open through a Novell client on a different server.
Bug 657918 - no message/error (only blank frame) when file locked via other protocol.
Bug 674084 - Vague iPrint error messages appear in the error_log.
Bug 725146 - Unknown error returned from NWCCOpenConnByName.
Bug 727740 - OES11 GM4 - man NLVM remarks.
Bug 740035 - In the Transfer ID section of the OES migration the NICI files fail to copy with a 35323 error.
Bug 751874 - NCP trustees not staying deleted; ncpserv.audit.log showing a double add on a trustee.
Bug 756123 - DNS DHCP Java Console-> DHCP (OES Linux) Tab -> Server status does not show server running.
Bug 758888 - Getting error during backup, "WARNING Error (FFFFFFFF) occurred while saving a backup of the iPrint Manager database file in eDirectory".
Bug 766503 - Uidnumber attribute lookups for NON-LUM-ENABLED users causing high utilization and thousands of invalid requests made to eDirectory when filesystem trustee rights are assigned on nss volumes. TID 7011961.
Bug 775061 - CIFS crashed in login thread while cifs was shutdown.
Bug 779515 - CIFS: Trustee assigned only to a subfolder under root of volume and when tried to rename (subfolder) from CIFS client is failing.
Bug 779516 - CIFS: subfolder move when the files are in shadow volume is not moving files correctly through cifs client. TID 7011250.
Bug 780686 - CIFS: Trustee info is getting lost when user tried to move a folder on which he was assigned as a trustee.
Bug 780939 - OES11 nlvm produces a kernel core when encountering local MD raid devices.
Bug 782052 - OES11 SP1 'yast2 oes-install' quits to prompt. TID 7011540.
Bug 785932 - MacOS SMB client fails to traverse DFS junctions on OES11.
Bug 787110 - Transfer ID needs to be re-executed only the failed sub step but not all.
Bug 788809 - IPP ERROR 0x1007 attempting Printer Agent Redirection. TID 7011333.
Bug 791419 - CIFS log is flooded with warning messages saying "WARNING: CODIR: RemoveFromOpenFilesList: (Background, handle 0) - entry not found! (null)" when cluster resource is migrated & 'novcifs -Cl' is done on the original node hosting the resource.
Bug 791436 - Observing a CIFS crash indicated in call stack on "RemoveFromOpenFilesList()"
Bug 791640 - DSfW FTU1:During ADC Provosioning PreCheck, the provisioning logs reports "Successfully health checked the [frd]" instead of ADC.
Bug 791701 - Unable to delete tmp files via cifs.
Bug 793110 - NTP daemon dies in a multiple system partition environment when NTP signed request comes from a Windows XP SP3 client. TID 7011476.
Bug 794305 - Observing a CIFS core following CIFS server restart.
Bug 795241 - CIFS trustee resync and rights command needed for quick workaround and also for troubleshooting.
Bug 795984 - DSfW Authentication with keytab file fails when HTTP/ principal only is used.
Bug 796008 - Observed a CIFS core during cluster resource migration.[Trying to access 'novcifs ..' shows CIFS as 'DEAD'].
Bug 796740 - DSfW ldapsearch doesn't return any results when objectGUID;binary= is used as filter. TID 7012151.
Bug 798024 - EMC CLARiiON (CIFS share) NAS box fails to join DSfW Domain. TID 7012152.
Bug 799793 - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 799876 - NTPD service crashes 2-3 times every hour with NTPD_RUN_CHROOTED="yes" set in /etc/sysconfig/ntp file. TID 7012153.
Bug 800093 - Restart DSfW services task fails in cross partition setup with Jan 2013 (from test patch channel) patch update.
Bug 800887 - pid leak - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 802161 - DSfW provisioning wizard should restart NTP service.
Bug 802595 - The script ignores network setting in smdrd.conf.
Bug 803010 - novcifs throws improper error message when it fails to enable "audit" option.
Bug 803151 - Migldap.rb breaks in identifying the '-W' option. TID 7011870.
Bug 803299 - Renaming and Moving a folder on DST volume is not happening successfully from CIFS client when VIGIL is running.
Bug 804854 - DSfW specific NTP changes for the upgrade path.
Bug 798008 - novell-cifs stops working and gets unresponsive on clusternode.
Bug 806998 - AFP crashed while migrating a cluster resource on OES11 SP1 patched server.
Bug 778586 - DNS - JC allows to create RR under forward zone.

  • May 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 7712

Bug 613670 - bindery.novell slp registration for cluster resource does not renew any quicker than 30 min regardless of advertise-life-time setting - TID 7007018.
Bug 622890 - NCP - rpc_handler and serverIPCListener report to run 40.5 years in the future.
Bug 639707 - DHCP Migration from NetWare to OES Linux does not set option 15.
Bug 692764 - OES2 DNS Server combines txt fields when responding to a TXT record query.
Bug 699873 - CIFSD does not add shares from nfapCIFSShares attribute of a virtual server object.
Bug 712450 - NRM - ShadowFS configuration option is misleading.
Bug 749237 - There are some unlocalized fields in perform inventory page.
Bug 758285 - Corrections required on NRM page.
Bug 768746 - XSRVD crashing with NetStorage on OES2SP3.
Bug 768926 - iPrint process resets connection, states print job succeeded, when printer TCP window full.
Bug 771092 - Untranslated "NCP Trustee Reports" and "NCP Inventory Reports" helps in NRM.
Bug 771171 - The psmstatus page shows a couple of printers in a Red Idle state.
Bug 777653 - Modified date changes intermittently on files.
Bug 782353 - CIFSD replies incorrectly with ERRDOS/ERRbadfid (Invalid File Handle) to SMB_COM_TRANS2_QUERY_FILE_INFORMATION request.
Bug 785769 - SMDRD cores during file sync using SyncCenter.
Bug 790688 - fails to determine server context.
Bug 791965 - NRM to support log files related to CIFS and AFP.
Bug 795384 - Checking the Information of the Driver Store using iprintman command is not working.
Bug 796343 - Incorrect Error Message displayed from CIFS Client when a CIFS user tries to copy files to a folder more than the quota size assigned.
Bug 798008 - Novell-cifs stops working and gets unresponsive on a cluster node.
Bug 799140 - Ricoh Printer drivers disappear from iManager Driver Store list.
Bug 800417 - Citrix XenApp issue with OES11 SP1 CIFS.
Bug 800593 - ZDI-CAN-1715 - Novell iPrint Client Stack Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability.
Bug 804281 - Add the field "description" to the generate report settings in Health Monitor.
Bug 804282 - CIFS user is not able to delete folder in a DST volume when folder has files present only in primary volume and no files are present for that folder in shadow volume.
Bug 804504 - OES 11 Remote Manager process vulnerable to DoS.
Bug 806982 - CN of CommonProxy is not cleaned up during transfer-id migration - TID 7011993.
Bug 807216 - CISCO Identity Service Engine is not joined to DSfW Server - TID 7012045.
Bug 807227 - DSFW Scale - Observing significant memory build up in NDSD when workstations log in.
Bug 807423 - Multiple typo's in the nsscon help section.
Bug 807577 - Need iPrint OES2SP3 core files analyzed
Bug 807755 - Segmentation fault when nssquota is tried with in-approriate options.
Bug 808038 - Files located on shadow volumes are not visible.
Bug 808300 - Xadsd crashes in rpc_ss_ndr_marsh_struct () in frequently.
Bug 808912 - Unable to to add [Public] as a trustee to a DFS junction using iManager.
Bug 808927 - Iprintman will not install through autoyast.
Bug 809953 - During restore using Commvault smdrd segfaults with Error 4.
Bug 811682 - Man page changes required for resync and other new options in novcifs.
Bug 813323 - Pre-OES11Sp2 servers must support NTLM capability once OES11SP2 server is brought in the eDir ring.
Bug 814616 - In the 5.90 iprint client ,CopyRight needs to be updated to 2013.
Bug 815397 - "Novell iprint plug-in may be busy, or it may have stopped responding" message seen while installing a Secure printer - TID 7012335.
Bug 815914 - Random:FAMT is going to Unused state with X-Tier core.
Bug 816273 - Production Server Issues with xtier coring.
Bug 819316 - Unsupported commands('novcifs -Cl' and 'novcifs -Cn') are shown in 'novcifs' manual page.
Bug 819766 - CIFDS cored and stopped, while accessing the PDF file through CIFS protocol from OES11 P2 client

  • July 2013 OES11 Scheduled Maintenance for eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 4 - 7878

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :

TID 3426981 - History of Issues Resolved in eDirectory 8.8.x
TID 7010166 - History of Issues Resolved for Novell iManager 2.7

  • July 2013 Scheduled Maintenance for OES11 - 7879

Bug 353667 - request for ncps to be implemented in oes 1 and oes2.
Bug 514132 - Oplock level 1 and 2 are giving invalid file handle after lock is cleared.
Bug 633202 - Roaming profile policy fails synchronizaion of ntuser.pol.
Bug 682186 - File Inherited rights [IRF] for Files and Directory are not restored to NCP volumes.
Bug 697714 - OES NSS iManager plugins do not show high/low water mark values correctly.
Bug 716884 - Help files should be updated to reflect supported char set for cluster pools.
Bug 720047 - ncpcon irm view is not giving consistant o/p.
Bug 737196 - NCP Server - Segmentation fault in strcpy( ) called by GetFullPathForSamba( ).
Bug 738911 - man, documantation and command usage for novcifs is missing the -t option.
Bug 753494 - DSFW Scale - observing memory leak over 200 mb by xadsd.
Bug 762624 - Files that QF thinks are duplicates are not indexed.
Bug 773566 - Cannot create a pool on a RAID0 device if it has a linux partition on it.
Bug 775312 - NSS Pools hang deactivating.
Bug 779152 - File names are changed to uppercase characters in cache.
Bug 779632 - "Connection expired" message is broadcasted when eDir DB is closed.
Bug 785285 - Fresh creation of DHCP server on OES11 SP1 per novell-dhcp YaST module creates dhcpServer object with value "client-updates ignore" (incorrect syntax) instead of "ignore client-updates" (correct syntax) in dhcpStatements attribute.
Bug 791325 - Archiving files using Storage Managment fills ndsd.log.
Bug 794058 - Please remove all version specific OES instances from iManager help files.
Bug 794470 - OES11SP1-FTU - Novcifs C & Cl options shows different number of client connections.
Bug 800887 - pid leak - Server becomes unresponsive, high sunreclaim, constant swap increase.
Bug 807803 - Mapping between Directory ID and subdirectory path breaks with afptcpd after renaming a subdirectory at the Linux shell.
Bug 809729 - NSS does not handle error returned from copy_to_user.
Bug 813290 - Quickfinder Server manager is slow to bring up the initial page.
Bug 813386 - CIFSD is cored when cifs service is restarted.
Bug 814262 - Unable to access PST file (Outlook) through CIFS.
Bug 816241 - Cluster resource pool is hanged in unloading state forever when we performed offline on one of cluster resource pool.
Bug 816741 - DSFW - ldapsearch fails when the entryDN specified in search filter contains spaces before or after comma.
Bug 817661 - [Public] trustee added through rights utility is not appearing in iManager.
Bug 818078 - Volumes starting with SYS aren't exported via AFP.
Bug 818366 - xadsd crashes in rpc__naf_addr_free ().
Bug 818699 - iManager help for BCC Manager tab stills shows the peer cluster connections can be modified.
Bug 819316 - Unsupported commands('novcifs -Cl' and 'novcifs -Cn') are shown in 'novcifs' manual page.
Bug 819547 - DSFW - No results for ldapsearch with filter - '(&(objectcategory=organizationalunit)(Name=*))'.
Bug 819766 - oes2sp3 May'13 patch - cifsd cored and stopped, while accessing the PDF file through CIFS protocol from SLES11SP2 client.
Bug 821178 - NCPCON SET parameters are scattered across the Admin Guide and manpage.
Bug 823173 - vlog - invalid option -m.
Bug 824366 - winbind opens too many sockets under high load, later stops responding to requests.
Bug 827571 - Printer cannot be installed through firefox 22.

  •  September 2013 OES11 eDirectory 8.8 SP7 Patch 4 Hot Patch - 8260

Bug 832813 - Synchronization is struck in eDir 887 patch4
Bug 834429 - After upgrade to, OES2SP3 server is crashing hourly

  • October 2013 OES11 Hot Patch for imanager - 8271

For an overview of the bugs released with this patch, kindly refer to the documentation as maintained by the eDirectory team :
Bug 505804 - iMgr config option for logout URL doesn't work.
Bug 726260 - iManager tomcat vulnerable to XSS Request Forgery.
Bug 769509 - iManager change password message for -215 error is vague.
Bug 785999 - iManager Changing languages messes up configuration file.
Bug 786435 - After changing the syntax of an attribute, editing it in the "other" tab still shows old syntax.
Bug 789981 - Plugins with special characters in the id does not work after upgrade to iManager 2.7.5.
Bug 791172 - Unable to uninstall iprint linux management plug in from imanager.
Bug 795849 - LOC:NSS:IT:Extra full stop appears in success message after clicking Apply button in "Rights to Files and Folders" page.
Bug 800490 - Manager session logs out on IE 10 compatibility mode when we click on tree view -> browse with 2.7.6 patch1 build.
Bug 806930 - iManager copyright year needs to be changed from 2012 to 2013.
Bug 807429 - iManager imanuasess token related issues.
Bug 815627 - Error with extended characters and object selector.
Bug 823343 - Plugin - LinuxUserManagement does not work with iManager on Windows.
Bug 825833 - Custom Plugin import is not working on "safari 6" browser on iManager Server 2.7 SP7.
Bug 826578 - Unable to access the cluster from cluster plug-in in iManager.
Bug 827209 - Issues with the "new" iManager PlugIn for NCS.
Bug 827706 - Openssl no longer likes format of exported certificates after applying 2.7.6 patch 1.
Bug 828129 - Invalid DER file after exporting CA object certificate using iManager 2.7.6.
Bug 829174 - 'HTML Area' attribute's Control Properties are not working on iManager 2.7.6 Patch1 (on OES2SP3).
Bug 829176 - Readme on iManager 2.7.6 patch1 on OES2SP3 giving Error "HTTP 404 The Page Cannot Be Found".
Bug 831940 - The logged in user is prematurely logged out of iManager when performing iFolder and DNS tasks.
Bug 834675 - [PKI Plugin] Create new Server Certificate task logs user off the iManager.
Bug 835108 - Downloading of recent issued certificate is getting corrupted.
Bug 838435 - Standalone iManager Test against OES - Error Loading data while clicking the "My cluster" pluggin.
Bug 838902 - While trying to copy drivers from Driverstore "Error saving driver store information" message seen.
Bug 818699 - iManager help for BCC Manager tab stills shows the peer cluster connections can be modified.
Bug 794058 - Please remove all version specific OES instances from iManager help files.
Bug 845898 - iManager logs out when trying to launch iFolder admin console page from iManager.
Bug 821840 - Unable to add / del a printer with iprintman as a non root user.

iPrint Client for Macintosh 5.06

- During an install of an iPrint printer on Mac, the install window appears behind the Safari browser window (KB 7003862)
- When a color printer is installed, all printers on the MAC workstation go to a paused state (KB 7003438)
- iPrint Mac client does not update version information in Firefox add-on Window. (Bug 604464)
- "Find/Install printer" tray icon option launches browser to blank page (Bug 519064)
- x-client GUI appears behind other open windows. (Bug 541401)
- Location field from Mac printer interface does not reflect server side Location entry (Bug 643737)
- The word "none" is not translated to non-English languages (Bug 695935)