OES 11: NSS not allowing export by NFS

  • 7010047
  • 23-Jan-2012
  • 07-Jul-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


On OES 11, NSS volumes are not successfully exporting with NFS.  Even with a proper fsid (unique, and = 1 - 255), the error still occurs.  For example, upon using an exportfs command to export an NSS path, the following error occurs:
exportfs: Warning: /media/nss/DATA1 does not support NFS export.
When a client attempts to mount the path, the NFS server side will log the message:
mountd[10888]: Cannot export /media/nss/DATA1, possibly unsupported filesystem or fsid= required
The problem exists regardless of whether the export is at the volume root level (as above) or a deeper subdirectory, such as /media/nss/DATA1/dir1. 


A fix for this issue is present in the OES 11 "May Patch Release" which was made available at the end of May 2012.  This can be obtained through normal update methods.  Alternatively, it is downloadable at: