Salvageable files on DST volumes show up as "Deleter ID not available"

  • 7010751
  • 07-Sep-2012
  • 07-Sep-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux
Novell Dynamic Storage Technology (DST)


For details on Dynamic Storage Technology, please read the 'Overview of Dynamic Storage Technology" section of the OES documentation.

In a customer deployment that consists of Dynamic Storage Technology (DST), and where end-users (non-LUM enabled users) access their home-directories using various access protocols such as being Novell PureFTP, SSH, a customer may configure the 'ShadowFS' functionality from DST to provide end-users with a 'merged' view of the storage.

The Shadow File System (ShadowFS) in this case works with Novell Samba and FUSE (File Systems in Userspace) to provide a merged view for such CIFS/Samba/SSH/PureFTP users.

The problem that was observed in this case was specifically with non-LUM enabled users that were deleting data from DST volumes, and found this deleted data to show up in the salvage list with a deleter ID of "Not Available".


The problem was in the NCP code path traversing the FUSE file system in this scenario.


The problem is very specific in the combination of non-LUM enabled users, and ShadowFS being enabled to provide the merged view on the storage as described in  section here "1.5.3 ShadowFS" of the DST components here.

Additional Information

A solution to this problem is scheduled to be released in an upcoming OES Scheduled Maintenance Patch