Unable to create a clustered Linux volume

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  • 18-Jun-2012
  • 05-Jun-2013


Novell Cluster Services
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux


Unable to create a clustered Linux volume.
NSSMU - Error 23384: Device "/dev/sde" is not shared by clvm

CLVMD process does not load during cluster initialization.
Failed to get my node id.


Update the nodename file by using the following command: "echo -n "$HOSTNAME" > /etc/opt/novell/ncs/nodename"
Restart clustering services.  (rcnovell-ncs stop / start)

Important: All nodes in the cluster need to have /usr/sbin/clvmd process running. If one node in the cluster has a problem it will affect your ability to create any clustered linux volumes.

Fix:  Fixed in novell-cluster-services-kmp-default RPM.
OES11SP1 and in September 2012 OES11 Maintenance update patch (oes11-September-2012-Scheduled-Maintenance)


Found that there was a carriage return after the hostname in clustering's file /etc/opt/novell/ncs/nodename  which was causing clvmd to fail during initialization.

Using (/usr/bin/vi) VI editor to edit this file will add a carriage return after the $HOSTNAME which will cause this problem.

Additional Information

Check to see if the /usr/sbin/clvmd process is running.  This process is started by Novell Clustering Services. 
Example: ps -eaf | grep clvmd

/var/log/messages shows this after novell-ncs startup script has run.
clvmd[2470]: CLVMD started
clvmd[2470]: Entering _init_cluster.
clvmd[2470]: _init_cluster: ncs_fd = 7.
clvmd[2470]: _init_cluster: Failed to get my node id.
clvmd[2470]: Can't initialise cluster interface

Turn on debug mode for clvmd. 
Run the following command "/usr/sbin/clvmd -d" and then check output in /var/log/messages.
May increase the verbosity level if needed. "/usr/sbin/clvmd -d2"

Novell Documentation - Requirements for Creating LVM Cluster Resources