CIFS shares missing files for some users

  • 7010326
  • 27-Jun-2012
  • 13-Aug-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3


When browsing CIFS shares, files do not appear as expected even if the user has rights.
Missing files on CIFS shares.
Files don't show up when browsing via CIFS.

Folder level trustees will not list files and folders if the root of the volume contains a file with special characters in its filename.


Accept the latest channel updates to receive the update that resolves the issue.  (Anything > than novell-cifs-1.2.0-0.70)


Rename any file with a non alpha-numeric filename to something more common.

Eg:   f!l3n@m3.nov -> filename.nov

Additional Information

This issue only appears with this particular build of novell-cifs.